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Сomcast Xfinity Home Security Review: Overview, Pricing & Features

Сomcast Xfinity Home Security Review: Overview, Pricing & Features

Security systems from this provider are reliable enough. After installing their products, users can be sure that their homes are effectively protected.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The overall score is 8.5/10





Payment Issues






  • A variety of add-ons to choose from.
  • Integration is possible
  • Offers customizable packages
  • Coverage limits

The Basic Facts

This provider offers home security solutions that make customers’ lives easier, due to user-friendly software and hardware, a good selection of customization options, as well as proper technical support.

The key features of their products and services:

  • a user-friendly application
  • a high-tech controller with a touchscreen
  • instant alerts
  • live to monitor
  • uninterrupted operation
  • easy switching and moving

The Background Info

This home security brand belongs to Comcast ― the world-famous company that offers cable TV, phone and high-speed Internet services. As of today, this corporation is the leading US Internet service provider that controls more than 40% of the national market,

When the home automation market began to rapidly grow and develop, they decided to add one more business to their corporation. As a result, the home security provider Comcast Xfinity was introduced. As of now, they are focused on working with residential clients, but they plan to add new products designed for commercial clients, for example, for offices and malls.

In addition to security systems, this provider offers a wide range of other services, including high-speed Internet (up to 1 gigabit!) with a high data cap, millions of wifi hotspots and access to VPNs; reliable and comfortable DVR services; Xfinity TV that offers an extensive channel lineup and access to Cinemax, Sling TV, Epix, as well as leaves behind all the other similar products, including PlayStation Vue.

The Selection of Available Security Features 

Let us discuss all the features and functions offered by this provider in detail:

24/7 surveillance

Installing a system from Xfinity provides a customer with the opportunity to feel safe. Such a system monitors the situation in the home around the clock and alarms local authorities in case of an emergency.

A mobile application

Thanks to the app, clients can get access to all the videos and alarms from any place, where there is a stable Internet connection. One can be sure that all the data is securely protected. The Xfinity app is compatible with any mobile device.

Customization of settings

Customers can fully adjust their security systems to meet their needs perfectly. For example, one can set the system to switch off sensors for certain periods.

Instant alerts

Thanks to real-time alarms, customers are always informed about any unusual accidents or activities, inside and outside the house.

Access to the system via TVs and voice control

In addition to mobile phones, customers can use their TV-sets to access the system and see the videos, which is much more comfortable. Besides, the company offers voice remote controls that allow controlling the system without pressing any buttons.

Integration Options

Exfinity security devices can be integrated into smart home systems and connected with equipment from other manufacturers, for example, with Nest Thermostat or Philips Hue.

Video surveillance

Depending on the bundle chosen, customers are provided with access to top-quality live video streams and video recordings. Cams can be installed both inside the house and in the adjacent territory.

A keychain remote control

Due to the wide range ― 328 feet, a customer can use it to turn on and off varied functions, send panic alerts, and perform other tasks from almost any corner of the house.

Entry sensors

Such devices inform a user every time a window or a door is opened from inside or outside, even if it is not broken.

Glass break detectors

Such sensors analyze audio waves and raise alarm without any delays if a stranger is breaking into the house through a window.

Surrounding safety

To feel safe, one needs to monitor both the house and the adjacent territory. Due to this feature, the system will send a notification in case there is an unexpected motion around the house.

Customization of alarm modes

Security needs may differ significantly, depending on the time of the day and other factors. Comcast Xfinity provides clients with the opportunity to choose from and switch between the three modes:



Arm Night

 It is a good choice for those periods when users are at home but asleep. It does not involve activating movement detectors, but the settings can be changed.

Arm Stay

 It is designed for those periods when customers are at home and awake. Motion sensors are turned off since there is a high risk of triggering them by accident.

Arm Away

This mode is intended for those times when clients leave their houses. Certainly, there is a certain waiting period before the system is turned on, so users can leave the home without triggering sensors.

Sure, when a system detects an unexpected activity, it sends notifications to both users and the central monitoring center, so that specialists can take the precautions required.

Xfinity mobile app

The brand application that allows controlling the system from a distance is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It is user-friendly and intuitive, as well as highly reliable ― to get access to the system, one needs to have login details. This app can be used to manage almost any function and to change almost any setting.

Available Security Equipment

This company offers a huge selection of smart security devices that can ensure the safety of every corner of the house:


Such pieces react when either a window or a door is opened. Depending on the settings, they either send notifications to a user’s phone or raise an alarm. They are small in size and easy to fix and connect to the system.

  • A wide range ― 50 x 50
  • can control both doors and windows
  • reliability

A controller with a touch screen

It is a high-tech device that can be used for controlling all the equipment integrated into the home security network: both devices from Xfinity and those produced by other companies. Certainly, this centralized hub is properly protected from unauthorized access. To see live videos and to control most other features, one needs to have a special code.


One of the greatest advantages of systems from this provider is the opportunity to interconnect multiple devices to get extra protection.

Here are some of the available add-ons:




This provider offers reliable and durable pieces that are resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and are complemented with a night vision function. The fees for the bundle start from $9.95 per month, which includes access to recordings for the past 10 days. For such cams to work properly, one needs to provide access to the Internet at the speed of 5MBPS as a minimum. One should also make sure that the modem or router is reliable enough.


These pieces are accurate and easy to manage.

Outlet controllers

They can transform ordinary outlets into smart ones.

Smoke sensors

When such a piece detects smoke, a user gets an alert instantly. Also, these sensors are equipped with reliable and durable batteries that can last up to 5 years.

Extra entry and motion sensors

In case a user has a large house, he is likely to need more sensors that an amount included in the package chosen. To ensure absolute safety, a homeowner needs to cover each window and door. Sensors offered by this provider are wireless, so, one does not need to lay a cable to connect them to the system.

Installation of the system

If you want to install a security system from this brand, the best choice is to call in a qualified technician. A specialist with cope with the job within the shortest reasonable term and will make sure every component operates properly. A user will also be provided with a password so that he can get access to the system in the future.

As for the DIY installation, it is a less preferable option, since that requires much time and effort, as well as special skills. And there is no guarantee that the equipment will work accurately afterward.

Speaking about installation fees, the starting price is $99.99.

Here is a short guide on how to install the security system:

  1. Get in touch with a customer service specialist and choose the most comfortable date and time. You can call in a specialist seven days a week.
  2. As a rule, a technical support specialist can arrive within 2 hours. In case of a delay, the company provides a credit of $20.
  3. A homeowner should stay at home during the installation process.
  4. Sure, the technician will set the system up to suit your needs and will answer any questions about the pieces installed.

Packages on Offer

Clients can choose between two plans:



Home Security

Using this package costs $39.95 per month. It is a basic plan, which includes access to a smart home system, 24/7 professional surveillance, instant alerts, HD live streams, a cellular line back-up (in case the Internet connection fails), a mobile app.

Home Security Plus

In addition to the features provided within the previous bundle, it includes 24/7 video recording and motion-triggered recording. As for the fees, this plan costs $49.95 a month.







Equipment Included



24/7 Professional Monitoring



Motion Detector



24/7 Recording



Live HD Video



Keep in mind that these packages do not include equipment. So, you will need to pay for devices extra. Also, Comcast Internet users can rely on a discount during the first year.

Equipment packages

Clients can choose from the following packs:




This is the cheapest option that includes the basic devices only, but it can be a suitable choice for the owner of a small house. The kit consists of a touchscreen controller, 3 door and window sensors, a 50-feet pet-friendly movement detector, a battery, a backup cellular line (that will ensure the operation of the system in case of any problems with Internet service), a yard sign that is likely to scare most intruders away. This bundle lacks some must-have pieces, like a video cam, so, a customer should be ready for additional expenses. Its price is $360, but it can be divided into 20 monthly payments of $15. The final sum will not depend on the payment scheme chosen.


This option is intended for middle-size houses. Besides the devices from the previous kit, it includes 1 camera, 2 extra door and window sensors, and a wireless keypad (to control the operation of the system). Speaking about the prices, one can make a one-time payment of $480 or opt for $20 monthly payments.


It is the most expensive variant, it costs $660 (or $25 per month), but it includes all the devices needed for ensuring the security of a home. To be more precise, in addition to items from the previous package, it includes 1 extra cam and 5 extra door and window sensors.





Price (month/one-time)




Touchscreen controlle








Door and Windows Sensors




Yard Sign




Wireless Keypad




Battery + Cellular System Backup




Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor

50 Feet

50 Feet

50 Feet


In general, the system is user-friendly and intuitive. As a rule, users face no problems with adjusting and managing it.

Customer Service

Comcast is one of the leading Internet providers in the US market. In the past, they faced several reputation problems, so their image is not so spotless. And it is one of the reasons why in 2010 they had to establish a new company, offering Internet and security services under a different name.

As for the ratings, BBB has evaluated the quality of their work with the grade B+, which is not so high. However, the majority of clients are quite satisfied with their products and services. Meanwhile, there are serious complaints about the vulnerability of their security systems; there is a significant risk of hacking.

Usage terms and warranties

To start with, a potential user should keep in mind that prices presented in this review and on the official website of this safety and Internet service provider do not include taxes. Also, there may be certain delays in processing refund applications, that may take up to 6 weeks. Also, monthly bills from this Internet provider include credit balances. And, if a client decides to cancel the plan, he is required to pay an additional fee for that.

As for their privacy policy, customers can be sure that the company will not share their data with third-party businesses.

User support

 Technical support specialists work from 9 AM to 9 PM, but they are not available on holidays.

As of now, users can get in touch with the customer service team via chat, phone, or email. But one should note that in some cases clients have to wait for some time to get connected to a specialist. Also, customers can search for the information needed on the official website.

Clients’ feedback

The majority of customers consider security systems from this provider to be reliable and effective. Also, many clients note that the opportunity to integrate a system with third-party equipment is one big advantage of allowing users to save money.


Are security systems from Xfinity worth considering?

In practice, these systems enjoy the biggest popularity in the Comcast Internet usage areas. As for the people using Internet connections from other providers, they have certain prejudices against Xfinity. Still, one should acknowledge that their systems are equipped with all the features one may need.

Do their systems include cameras?

Yes, but that depends on the bundle. The cheapest kit with one camera costs $20 per month, and the most expensive one (with 2 cameras) ― $25 per month. Sure, if needed, a customer can buy and link as many cameras as they want. The price of an additional camera is $120.

Do their cameras provide clear videos at night?

Sure. There is nothing to worry about: cams from this company provide top-quality videos around the clock, regardless of lighting conditions.

Are their cameras wireless?

Yes, so one will not have to buy and lay any cables. Certainly, that ensures the ease of installation and use. It is also noteworthy that, as a rule, there are no problems with the quality of the signal.

Is Xfinity better than ADT?

Both providers offer similar services and features, but Xfinity can boast a wider selection of equipment and a bit cheaper prices and fees. Meanwhile, ADT wins in terms of reputation. As for the terms of use, both companies require signing long-term contracts and strictly recommend using professional installation services.

Key Pros and Cons of the Provider


  • customizable packages
  • easy integration
  • a wide selection of additional devices
  • fully-featured and weather-resistant cameras
  • special discounts for Comcast clients
  • a 30-day warranty


  • coverage limits
  • lengthy contracts ― 2 years

The Summary

In general, security systems from this provider are universal, reliable, and effective. They can be easily customized and linked with third-party equipment, which significantly contributes to a positive user experience. But there is a risk that this provider will not suit your needs since there are coverage limits. Besides, they require signing long-term contracts.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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