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Vector Home Security Review 2020: Can Its Intelligent Design Woo Customers?

Vector Home Security Review 2020: Can Its Intelligent Design Woo Customers?

Kyle Hobb 
August 29, 2020

Vector is amongst well-known home security systems that offer a high level of service, neatly looking devices, and a lot of customization options. Their solutions are used by both homeowners and corporate clients. While the merits of this particular security system are apparent to many people, some aspects of it require additional scrutiny.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

Total Score 7.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • multiple customizable plans
  • pro installation
  • false alarm protocol for added convenience
  • no month-to-month payments

The company has a large network of representative offices, which means that individual experience varies greatly depending on the conscientiousness and dedication of staff members at specific locations. Despite obvious differences between the levels of quality of some aspects of service, some things are common for the company as a whole. These commonalities will be used as the ground base for this review.

The important features of the Vector home security system:

  • a variety of automation options
  • installations performed by experts
  • protection from intruders
  • both wired and wireless connections
  • pro-monitoring of the highest quality
  • mobile control features from your phone

The History of the Brand

The company is a corporate relative of one of the oldest insurance companies in the US. Initially, it was an independent contractor founded in 2974. However, it became a part of The Philadelphia Contributionship in 1986.

Currently, the company provides its services to over three hundred people in North America. The company recently expanded by acquiring ADS Security. It is now offering security products to the southern part of the US. Vector Security is one of the finest brands out there and offers very good and reliable security products.

The Key Features of the System

The wide array of products and components offered by this company is the sole reason why it is so versatile and can be used by both individual and corporate clients. In the era of IoT, it is highly important to have smart devices that make your life easier. Let us talk about gadgets and services from Vector Security.

Professional monitoring around the clock

If you want to feel safe, you will opt for monthly fees and get surveillance from professionals who will look after your household. The service is on 24/7, offering an immediate reaction to any triggers, and automatic emergency calls.

Automation options

A great surveillance system is equipped with automation devices and capable of integrating with other household’s smart appliances and gadgets. A cohesive system will work better and more effectively. You can also hook up the system to any smart home network such as Xfinity’s products or Amazon Echo. Using the Home Connected package with additional home appliances and automation options can further reduce spending on utilities.

False Alarm Protocol: added convenience

Non-emergency calls to police may create an unnecessary burden on law-enforcing authorities while making you nervous way too often. Use features such as delayed passwords to ensure that there are fewer false triggers and alarms. This feature is surprisingly rare in the industry.

Wireless and hard-wired

While you can have wired connections if you want to, the heavy emphasis of the modern smart home design philosophy on going wireless is something that you cannot ignore. Vector Security offers you an opportunity to make your house even smarter by connecting everything into a home automation ensemble that will work well as a unit.

All sorts of cameras

Having a choice when it comes to surveillance cameras is quite important. Vector Security offers a variety of cameras with flexible pricing and different technical characteristics to suit all possible requirements from clients. The lack of indoor cameras in the basic, essential kit is a downside. However, you will get a really powerful and compact indoor camera with the Home Connected bundle.

Environmental protection for your house

Many environmental threats can disturb the peace of your home or the stability of your business. If you want to deal with fires, flooding, and other issues effectively, Vector Security offers a wide range of sensors including CO2, water level, fire damage, and smoke sensors.

Advanced control options

Since we all have phones, it is important to have an option to control the security system conveniently using your trusty smart device. Install the Vector’s app and use it to manage all aspects of the system effortlessly.

Medical alerts for quick emergency response

If there is someone who requires extensive medical supervision in your household, make sure to use the Personal Emergency Response System that will make emergency responses much quicker. Panic buttons for everyone! It is a perfect feature for families with young children, elderly people who may need emergency help, and companies that want to provide better work conditions to their workers.

Choose your safe perimeter

The geographical service allows you to outline the exact shape and area of the perimeter that will be subject to surveillance. After you define the borders of the secured area, the system will be ready to alert you whenever something suspicious is happening within the defined zone. It is also a good feature for corporate clients, who often want to create a very well protected perimeter that will have as few vulnerabilities as possible.

Mobile phone alerts: stay vigilant

Even when you are away, you can keep an eye on your properties. The system will send you alerts right on your phone to warn you about any suspicious activities that occur on the protected territory. If something unexpected happens, you will receive a more detailed SMS. It is hard to imagine that there are companies that do not offer such services to their customers. Nonetheless, there are security systems that do not have an option to control them with your mobile phone.

Installation Process

A good security system should be installed by a professional. Such systems are easier to use and manage properly. All gadgets will be sufficiently powered and work like a Swiss clock. The installation team will also answer your questions about any aspects of the product. For example, they will teach you how the doorbell works or how door and window sensors trigger responses from the monitoring team.

Companies like Vector Security, ADT, or Vivint offer professional installation to make sure that their gadgets are utilized to their fullest potential. What you should be considered with is the upfront payment and how much you will pay for custom additions to the home security system. Also, inquire about the warranty on hardware solutions provided by Vector’s representatives in your region.

Vector’s Bundles and Prices

To use services and equipment offered by this provider, one is required to sign a 3-year contract, which can be automatically renewed in the case of some plans. As for the prices, they are relatively high, compared to other companies, but the good news is that there are no upfront payments.

Comparing the available safety kits

In general, there are three plans offered by the company. You can add more stuff to your plans and make it a bit more personal. However, these packages are usually sufficient for specific tasks they are assembled to execute. Their basic kit is quite good in most scenarios. The Home Automation bundle is complemented with handy integration options, which contributes to the ease of use. But the Home Connected package is something that you will most likely choose if you want to live in a smart home; it includes a full range of innovative gadgets and features.

Now, let us discuss their plans in detail.

The Essential Security Package

This basic bundle is the perfect choice for those who just want a little more security. The installation team will arrive at your household to put all components of the system in place. The bundle includes several sensors, a motion detection gadget, and a stylish touchscreen control panel. The monthly fee is $39.99. In most cases, you will not pay for the first month of service. The system is great as a burglar alarm and a good home alarm system in general.


  • the professional installation is free
  • professional monitoring is included
  • the package features 3 separate sensors


  • the price is quite high for a basic kit
  • you will need to sign a 3-year contract

Home Automation Package

This package is great for those who want to integrate the home security system into their small corner of the Internet of Things. If you want to have control over lights, door locks, and other appliances, this particular bundle will work wonderfully. It is often the package of choice for corporate clients who want to furnish their offices with more hi-tech stuff. The monthly fee is $49.95, which is a lot for a single household but not much of an issue for a business.


  • there are no upfront payments
  • the package comes with a smart module
  • you can record and save videos


  • add-ons will make the final price higher
  • $50 is a high price for a home security system

Connected Home Package

If you consider yourself a technically savvy person, you will love the convenience and versatility offered by this kit. You will have to dish out $99 as an upfront payment for the kit, and the monthly fee is $69.95. However, it comes with all possible gadgets, such as automated door locks, a smart thermostat, and a high-definition indoor surveillance camera. It is the most advanced bundle with a lot of cool gadgets that not only look neatly but also offer more flexibility to users.


  • the door lock module is quite handy
  • the indoor camera is quite good
  • it is one of the best smart security systems out there


  • the word expensive is enough to describe this kit
  • the warranty is limited

Is It Easy to Use?

If you need a security system that just works, can talk to Alexa, and offers a variety of security alarm triggers (several sensors), choosing a Vector is a good idea. It is one of the best security systems out there with many great gadgets included in their bundles. The touchscreen has a simple, intuitive interface, and you can effortlessly switch between cameras when monitoring the video feed from your phone.

All in all, a very easy-to-use product that will most certainly satisfy an owner of a smart home. At the same time, it offers a bunch of convenient automation options to corporate clients who want to make their office one more contemporary.

Usage Experience

The customer experience varies greatly: it depends on the representative subsidiary of the company in the region, which means some offices are just better than the others.

Still, some strong points and weaknesses are typical of the overwhelming majority of service areas. So, many customers note that they have experienced problems with contacting the support team. Also, some clients complain that getting a quote can be quite complicated. On the other hand, in most cases, this company does not require any upfront payments and even provides a special warranty.

What about Guarantees?

One of the worst things about this particular product is that you will have to pay high cancellation fees in case you want to terminate the contract prematurely. You will be forced to pay for whatever expenses are related to your account. Another annoying thing is that the contract is renewed automatically if you did not terminate it manually at the end of the term.

While such policies are certainly far from being user-friendly, the price of the kits and outstanding service may be enough to convince you to choose this company. Their bundles are very good.

Customer Support Team

Again, the quality of help provided by the customer support team, as well as the speed of reaction to inquiries from customers, depend entirely on the region. In some states, you will think that their customer service is unmatched. In others, you will feel that you wait way too long for an answer from a specialist.

We tested their customer support personally and were mostly satisfied with the level of professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by their staff. However, this experience may be the opposite for someone on the East Coast.

Trust Scores

The company certainly relies greatly on giving you the highest value in terms of hardware and services within the bundle. However, some local dealers may negatively affect your judgment. You can always go to the official website of Vector Security and contact someone from the head office if you think that the level of service you received is subpar.

BBB.org gave this company an excellent A+ rating while average reviews are anywhere between 3 and 4 stars out of 5. Most users of the service do not give the product a 5 out of 5 ratings. However, it is quite normal across the industry. Vector Security systems have been praised by some of the organizations working in the industry. For example, the SDM magazine gave it an award for the best installation.


Is Vector Security a good security system?

One of the selling points of this particular home security system is that it offers great bundles with reliable hardware. On the other hand, high prices and long contracts that cannot be terminated without paying fees make it a hard pass for some homeowners. It is certainly one of the best companies in terms of gadgets and their quality but it lacks in many critical areas including customer support.

Who will benefit from using the Vector security system?

The basic kit is good for a family that wants to have some added security. However, their headlining products are aimed at the corporate audience. Businesses that want to make their offices smarter will most likely enjoy the offerings from Vector.

Can you cancel the contract with the Vector security system?

If you want to terminate the contract, you must be ready to pay for the rest of the contract period anyway. To start the termination process, call the company on 844-800-4625 or write a ticket on the official website. While you can send a physical letter, it may take a couple of weeks for the company to receive it and process the termination request.

Is Vector better than its competitors?

The competition in the market is fierce because of many up-and-coming firms saturating the market. With many DIY home security systems flooding in, traditional security systems have to stay relevant, update their technology, and stay a step ahead of newcomers. Vector is certainly moving in the right direction. Nevertheless, it needs to do something with its limiting policies. Lowering prices could also be beneficial for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Vector Security

This is not the most expensive security system. It is a good choice for those who want to have a reliable security system that will allow you to give a password to some importance in your life or make your house even more resilient to burglars. The professional installation is also a welcome inclusion in every single package.

On the other hand, the lengthy contractual period that makes switching to a competitor nearly impossible without losing money is quite a big downside. While other smaller issues with the system (occasional glitches and some compatibility problems when connecting Vector to things like Amazon Echo) exist, they can be ignored. However, the financial aspect is much more important to consider.


  • multiple customizable plans
  • pro installation
  • false alarm protocol for added convenience
  • home security protocols and the IoT integration
  • voice control available


  • no month-to-month payments
  • costs too much to terminate a contract

Should You Buy It?

As always, it depends on what you need from a home security system. If you crave for something stylish, reliable, and versatile while the price is one of the bottom priorities, Vector Security will be a perfect choice. However, if you want to save money and have some flexibility of the provider, this company is certainly something that you want to avoid. All in all, this is a very average provider.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 7.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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