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Slomins Shield Home Security System Review

Slomins Shield Home Security System Review

For many people, Slomins is a brand that immediately rings a bell since it has been an HVAC and video surveillance company for at least a century. It is just as old as another respectable company ADT that has been around for over a century as well. After they started providing a new package of services, many loyal customers were quite interested. In this review, we will try to talk about this home security system in detail.


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  • the security system is automated
  • the customer support team is just amazing
  • the installation is conducted by experienced pros
  • the service range covers only the East Coast area

Review of the Slomins Home Security System

The flexibility of their offering is what makes this product quite good for an average household. The starter kit provides automation, high-quality gear, and environmental protection. Note that the company also offers a variety of services related to heating and air conditioning.

Here are some of the key features of the system:

  • professional monitoring around the clock
  • a bunch of automation options
  • added environmental protection
  • unique mobile apps and remote alerts
  • real-time video feed that can be streamed

The History of the Brand

The brand was established in 1942. However, the company itself was started in 1923, and the founder was working as a renowned handyman even before that. The history of the brand counts for more than a hundred years. In 1981, the company started providing some home security services, such as the installation of security cameras and more. By 2020, it was known for offering a versatile service with automation, third-party integration, and advanced equipment.

The company still proudly bears its name and is managed by a family dedicated to its loyal customers. It is probably one of the biggest service providers on the East Coast. If you live in New York, you have heard about it.

The lack of representative offices in all states is what may prevent many people from working with the brand.

The Key Features

If you need a home security system that has a great selection of high-quality gadgets and also offers a variety of ways to automate not only cameras and sensors but also elements of the HVAC system.

Pro-monitoring that works

Slomins Shield home security system is operated by a team of dedicated professionals who will monitor your properties 24/7 without days off. The central hub receives information from gadgets, and any alerts are immediately sent to the owner. Slomins guarantees that your household will be under vigilant surveillance whenever you need it.

Installed by professionals

While DIY home security systems have become quite popular, the work of a professional is still more convenient and reliable. The installation is free if you are purchasing one of the bundles. Some of their products are quite hard to install, so professional help is something that you should consider when contemplating the installation of the Slomins security system.

Various automation options

If you are interested in building a smart home, install packages that can be personalized and offer you a multitude of options to automate various processes related to security. Depending on your requirements, you will be able to get an automation system that solves your problems.

Remote video streaming

Having an opportunity to take a look at what is happening in your household while you are away is certainly a bit part of any home security service. Users of iPhones will be happy to learn that there is an app for iOS called myeloma. This is a very neat little app for your i-phone that will make it easier to control home security gadgets remotely. Using this app, you can also watch the cameras. Mobile software is not something that is offered by any provider of security systems.

Simultaneous video feed

The bundle comes with several cameras that you can effectively control from a single device. The tech is advanced, allowing you to watch the feed from all the cameras installed in your household. This is a great solution for people who have homes with several rooms and a spacious backyard.

A great advantage of the service is that everything can be controlled remotely. Again, the integration of mobile tech is exactly what the modern home security industry needs.

Enhanced camera controls

While many companies do not pay attention to controlling cameras, Slomins wants to give its customers as much freedom and control as possible. You can use pan, tilt, and zoom functions to get a better view of whatever is happening in your house.

Compatibility with security protocols

Many smart homes are using home security protocols such as Z-Wave and IFTTT. Z-Wave devices can be seamlessly connected to the central hub of the Slomins hub. If you want to control locks, various detectors, lights in the house, and other devices, you can do it without any hassles or breaking your habits.

The advanced functionality of cameras

Due to pan and tilt features, cameras provide users with an opportunity to monitor the home from any angle. Also, cams are equipped with a zoom function, which allows examining every detail of the image.

The Contents of the Bundle

Slomins Shield is a great package for those who want to get a flexible home security solution. The installation will not take much time. The variety of gadgets will surely impress you (the touchscreen control panel is neat and compact). All gadgets come with a warranty (1 year) but you can expect maintenance and help throughout the whole 5-year service plan.

Touchscreen panel

Since modern home security systems have so many features, it is quite important to have a convenient and intuitive control panel that eases the process of interacting with various gadgets integrated into the system. The control panel of Slomins Shield has two large buttons: a touchscreen keypad and a speaker.

Motions detectors

Detectors that trigger burglar alarm are working in the infrared lighting spectrum. You can install them pretty much anywhere you like depending on the layout of your property and the most vulnerable areas of the household.

Door or window sensors

Three magnet sensors that can be installed on doors, windows, drawers, and enclosures for children are compact and responsive. If you want to be noticed whenever something is opened in your house, these sensors will be very useful.

Backup battery

Blackouts may happen due to environmental hazards or even in case of heavy rain. These are often quite dangerous times to leave your house without any surveillance. Landlords will be also more interested in robust systems that continue working in all circumstances. Slomins Shield is equipped with a backup battery that automatically starts powering the system if the main source of power is cut off.

Signs and warnings

The statistics say that homes that are equipped with an alarm are targeted by burglars way less often compared to unprotected households. Having window decals and warning signs is a great way to inform potential criminals that your household is under the reliable protection of a respectable firm.

Additional Equipment

Real-time video feed from cameras

The bundle includes both indoor and outdoor cameras that you can use to check what is happening in your household. While you cannot use voice commands to control these cams, they are equipped with microphones and speakers to allow for about two-way communication between people inside and outside the house.

If you want to record the video from your cameras, you will need to get the advanced bundle.

Keychain fob

You can give out passcodes and try to place the control panel in the most convenient place in the house and still find yourself in inconvenient situations when you need to let someone in without having immediate access to the panel. In such cases, using a compact keychain unit with several buttons is a great solution.

Protection from the elements

While intruders and criminals are certainly very dangerous, in many areas, the biggest danger is Mother Nature herself. Freezing colds and rain can bring harm to your house as well. Slomins Shield comes with several environmental sensors that detect the changes in humidity, water levels, CO2 concentration, and smoke.

Installation of the System

As is mentioned previously, the team of professionals will conduct all the installation operations without your assistance. If you get the home security bundle, you will not have to do a thing. There are several security plans to choose from. Monthly fees and upfront payments vary greatly.

Slomins Shield Home Security Pricing

There are two main plans that you can opt for: basic and advanced. The basic plan costs only $33.95 and limits you only in terms of such superficial things as automation and video recording. The advanced plan offers you cloud storage, constant video recording, and a plethora of automation options. However, the price of the advanced bundle is $42.95 which can be quite expensive for some households. Note that both bundles come with three contact sensors and one motion sensor.

Comparing the available plans

The table below will help you get a clear idea of the contents of the packages on offer:



Monthly fee



24/7 surveillance



Professional setting-up






Video recording






Motion Detectors



Contact Sensors



Basic plan

This offer is usually priced at $33.95. The currently ongoing promotion cuts this price tag by $4, placing it just under $30. You pay your monthly fees for constant professional monitoring and all other whistles and bells included in the package. Since there are no automation features, you also won’t be able to use mySlomin’s app to its fullest potential.


  • comes with a battery backup
  • there are four sensors
  • you can personalize the kit


  • the video recording is not included
  • the control and automation options are limited

Advanced plan

The advanced kit costs $42.95 per month and comes with everything included in the basic kit, yet it also offers a variety of automation options on top and cloud storage for video recordings. While it seems like a big expansion, you may need to pay for extra gadgets and suffer from large upfront payments.


  • the base price is competitive
  • video surveillance footage is saved
  • automation


  • the contents of the kit are virtually the same
  • you will pay the same price upfront

Is It Easy to Use?

For the vast majority of home-owners, having a home security system that works on its own without your constant efforts to maintain its effectiveness is quite important. Slomins Shield home security system will be installed by professionals. It means that you do not have doubts whether you installed everything correctly. The pros will do everything for you. If you have questions about the features of the system, you can direct them to the customer support team.

All gadgets are quite simple (at least, on the surface) and do not need you to be technically savvy to immediately understand how everything operates. In terms of customer experience, this brand is one of the finest on the East Coast with a century-long history and thousands of loyal customers. All in all, the service is user-friendly.

User Experience

This company has been working in this sphere for about 40 years. Over such a significant period, they have managed to establish a reputation of a reliable provider and have become well-known all around the USA.

What about Guarantees?

While you cannot say that there are any problems with the level of service or the quality of products included in the bundle, the long-term contract (5 years) may turn some people off. Other companies will not force you to sign a contract for 5 years with fees for early termination of the service. All the gadgets come with a one-year warranty.

One of the good things is that the service is not interrupted by moving to another place (as long as it is within their service range). The installation team will arrive to remove the system and move to the place of your choosing.

Customer Support Team

Like many other family-owned companies, Slomins takes pride in taking good care of their customers. Yes, you may be not able to connect your central hub to Alexa as you can with Vivint’s solution. Yes, the lack of Android apps is a problem for some people. However, the customer support from Slomins is simply stellar. Even their phone number is neat (it’s 1-800-ALARM-ME). On the other hand, those who like to receive assistance online may be disappointed with the range of options presented to them in terms of communication with the support team.

Trust Scores

The BBB.com gives the company an A+ rating, which is excellent. Trustpilot shows that the company receives 4 out of 5 stars on average (based on over 1400 reviews). Read the reviews yourself before making any judgments. For example, their customer reviews are often rated 1 out of 5. If you read them, you realize that most people are referring to their HVAC and home maintenance services.


Is Slomins a good home security company?

We can say that it is not a bad one. The perfect company for your household is often characterized by your particular needs. For example, some households are situated in densely populated urban areas where having just a little security is enough. Other people want to have automation options to control everything remotely and need improved environmental protection. Slomins is certainly a respected company with a hundred years of experience, high-grade equipment, and outstanding hotline customer support. Whether you believe that their pricing is fair is a completely different question.

How much is Slomins Shield per month?

The standard prices for their basic and advanced kits are $33.95 and $42.95 respectively. However, these prices can be changed based on currently active discounts and promotions. You can get the basic plan for as low as $29.95.

Which is better: Slomins, ADT, or Vivint?

All of these companies are great at what they are offering: ADT is the oldest of them, while it is also quite expensive; Vivint is a relatively young brand that is still trying to build its loyal customer base; Slomins is certainly right up there in terms of service quality. Generally, the choice comes down to which is cheaper and more convenient.

Can you cancel Slomins?

Yes, you can terminate the contract prematurely. You will need to contact the representative of the company to start the termination process. Beware of high early termination fees that can amount to hundreds of dollars.

Pros and Cons of Slomins Shield

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people know the Slomins brand. It has been around for a century offering various home maintenance and security services all across the East Coast. It is trustworthy and dependable.

On the other hand, signing up for 5 years is a bit too much for many people. We live in a world that encourages economic and geographic mobility. People quite often move from coast to coast, which means that they might need to terminate the contract earlier than expected.


  • the security system is automated
  • the customer support team is just amazing
  • the installation is conducted by experienced pros
  • pro-monitoring 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • the bundle includes 4 sensors and can be expanded with cameras


  • the service range covers only the East Coast area
  • you have to sign up for a lengthy 5-year contract

The Main Takeaway: Slomins Is a Risk

There is no doubt that the company is respected and has a rich history. However, their current offerings are heavily bogged down by the lengthy 5-year contract. It is simply too long for modern standards, especially when you cannot take the product with you to a state on another coast. Yes, it is good that the company will install gadgets for free, but it is not helpful when you consider how much you have to pay to just end the contract prematurely.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 7.1/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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