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Simplisafe Cameras Review: Simple Protection for Demanding Clients

Simplisafe Cameras Review: Simple Protection for Demanding Clients

A security camera is a must-have for every owner of a house, regardless of its size or location. But, if you want to feel and to be safe, you will need to spend much time and effort in choosing a suitable device. Certainly, when searching for a perfect model, one should focus on the technical characteristics and functions in the first place. However, a brand is also a crucial choice factor. Below, you will find a detailed review of cameras from the well-known US brand SimpliSafe. The chances are high that products from this manufacturer will attract your attention at a store. So read the article to get a clear idea of the quality and effectiveness of the products and services offered by them.


Total Score 8.0/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • the long service life of products
  • a smart doorbell with a bunch of handy features
  • comprehensive packages for attractive prices
  • security devices can be installed on flat surfaces only

Simplisafe Cameras Review: the Basic Info

Customers’ opinions about the video security systems from this producer vary. Some users are perfectly satisfied with the performance of products. And others complain about the high pricing or the narrowness of choice. Certainly, customers’ reviews are a handy source of information, but to get a clear idea of the quality of products, you will need more information. So, keep on reading.

Main characteristics:

  • audio included
  • a microphone provided
  • a 120° vision field
  • wireless connection over the air
  • HD videos
  • accurate and clear night vision
  • privacy options

About the History of the Company

It was established by Chad Laurans and Eleanor Laurans. When studying at Harvard, they realized that the state Massachusetts needed an effective solution to the problem of burglary. They had known about dozens of cases when criminals tried or succeeded in breaking into houses. As a result, they decided to establish a company offering reliable security systems and related services. To create their own devices ― smart cameras and doorbells, they made use of the best achievements of the Internet of Things (IoT). Operating on the market for more than 10 years, the company has already managed to establish a trustworthy reputation among the providers of home security systems.

The Key Features of Home Security Solutions from SimpliSafe

First off, one should note that the company produces all the security devices they produce themselves. So, they have the opportunity to revise the quality of products at any stage: from choosing materials and working out a design to assembling and packing. Consequently, they are capable of ensuring absolute security for users and their property.

Here are the main features offered by the company.

An extensive field of vision

The company`s cameras provide a 120° field of vision allowing one to see every corner of the premises under surveillance and notice all the suspicious details.

A user-friendly mobile application

Customers are already used to controlling most home appliances with the help of an app; a keypad is considered already outdated. The application provided by SimpliSafe makes using a security system much more comfortable. You can control its operation and watch video recordings from anywhere, given access to wi-fi. The brand application can be installed on both  Android phones and iOs systems, as well as an iPad or an Android tablet.

Reliable data encryption

Criminals getting access to people's private videos and information by hacking the Internet of Things devices are not a novelty. The team of SimpliSafe takes every effort to secure users from such risks. So, they provide the 265th level of data security to their clients. If you use the services of this provider, there is no need to worry about informational leakages. 

A privacy shutter

Cameras from this brand are equipped with a removable stainless steel shutter. In some situations, users may need to have some private time without being recorded. In such cases, they can just cover the lenses of cameras with the shutters. This minute detail makes a big difference to the comfort of the users.

High-definition videos

To identify who is entering the territory under surveillance, one needs to see a high-resolution detailed picture; there is no sense in blurry recordings. By the way, in case of an accident, the police will also require an HD video.

Smart detection algorithms

The team of SimpliSafe knows that home security systems may send false security alarms from time to time. Such alerts can be triggered by animals, birds, or even nonliving objects. That is why the cameras from this brand are complemented with special algorithms and heat sensors to minimize the risk of a mistake. By the way, their devices are customizable and you can fully adjust the settings. For example, you can make sensors detect both adults and kids and use the security system for childproofing the front door.

A night vision function

That is a crucial feature for any home security system. The point is that most criminals choose dark hours to break into houses and to commit other crimes since it is much more difficult to identify or catch a person in such conditions. So, even if you are searching for a home security camera indoor use or an illuminated yard, it is better off to buy a device with a night vision function.

Optional functions

After installing the equipment from this home security brand, a customer can pick from among additional services: for example, getting access to the footage is an advantage; but if a user is not ready to pay more, the basic package is an option that will contribute greatly to the security of his home.

A microphone

Each camera has an internal microphone with a range of 10 feet, so recorded videos are accompanied by audio; however, there is a risk of delayed audio.

SimpliSafe Home Security Equipment Options

As it has been mentioned above, this provider of home security services produces its equipment. The two key options offered are cameras and doorbells.

SimpliCam ― a Security Camera that is Super Easy to Install and Use

User-friendliness was the key priority of the company while developing the design of their product. First of all, it is super easy to set up. The entire process takes about 5 minutes. Everything you need to do is to open the box and to plug the device in, and that is all. Afterward, you can install an app on your phone. It can run both on a Microsoft phone and on Apple iOS devices, which is available for any user. However, in case of any problems or difficulties, one can count on the comprehensive assistance of a customer service specialist. Also, the device itself is very light ― only 0.33 pounds.

Keep in mind that the camera is intended for indoor use only.

The key features:

  • super easy and quick setup
  • resistance to extreme temperatures (from 14° to 104°)
  • an application, which is easy to download, install and manage
  • ultimate customer service

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro ― a Security System that Will Make Your Life Safer and Much More Comfortable

This unique product is intended to ensure the security of a home in the first place. But it can be used for a wide range of other purposes, such as monitoring pets spending time outside or checking whether any packages are waiting for you at the front door. Do you want to learn more? Then keep on reading.

Here are the key features of the product.

Suitable for any household

Such a system can be installed in any house, regardless of its size or age. It will operate properly in any case.

Two sensors

One sensor measures heat; another identifies shapes. That minimizes false alerts. A user gets a security alarm only when a person is breaking into the house. The siren is not triggered by insects, birds, or pets.

A microphone

It can be used to communicate with people standing at the front door. First of all, it saves time and effort, since one does not have to go to the door right away to pick up a letter or a package. Secondly, one chose to open the door from a safe distance. As for the cons, some users note that the mic is a bit small. Others complain that the quality of the audio is not so perfect since the mic picks up outside noises as well.

Security alarms about strangers idling around

Depending on the plan chosen, a user can receive text messages or photo alerts when someone unwanted is roaming around the house. As soon as one gets in the field of vision of a security camera, it detects them. As a rule, criminals tend to spend some time studying the house before breaking into it or committing some other offense, so such alerts make a significant contribution to the security of a user`s property and life.

Pan and zoom functions

No doubt, to ensure the absolute security of a territory, a static camera is not enough. One needs a device that can pan and zoom, to see the details. For example, if one gets a burglar alarm, one can use a camera to see the face of a person approaching and to check whether he is carrying any weapon.

Easy and quick DIY installation

There is no need to pay for installation services as you will deal with everything on your own. The first step is to plug a device in. Secondly, download an app to your iOS device. There are easy-to-understand and clear instructions on how to connect this smart doorbell via wi-fi.

Simplisafe Home Security Camera Packages

To start with, this company offers two home security plans ― Standard and Interactive. In general, the main difference between them lies in the number of available features and functions.


With a basic plan, a user is provided with 24/7 monitoring for break-ins and other offenses. In case of an accident, a security alarm is sent to a user, as well as to the police. Environmental monitoring is provided as well. This plan includes basic security services that are sufficient for any user to feel safe.




Price per month



Type of setup





24/7+ Alerts



No limits

Compatible with Alexa




  • an affordable price ― $14.99 per month
  • 24/7 surveillance by professionals
  • phone connection with police
  • live videos
  • compatibility with Alexa
  • security alarms that are sent to an app


  • no integration with a smart home ― a home automation system
  • no access to recorded videos (live streams available only)


It is a premium package that involves more attention and care from the team of the security service provider. Namely, their specialists verify every burglar alarm, which means that a user is never left in danger.

Certainly, this plan includes all the features from the basic package, but there are also additional perks offered.


  • integration with a smart home system
  • compatibility with Alexa
  • access to past recordings
  • sending alerts to a phone
  • alarm messages include videos
  • secret alerts
  • unlimited video recordings
  • no contracts for a period specified
  • a top-quality alarm siren


  • a higher price ― $24.99
  • some users are not satisfied with customer support services
  • no images in alerts

SimpliSafe Home Security Equipment Prices

When it comes to installing a security system, equipment costs are a significant expenditure item. Hopefully, these are one-time expenditures.

As has been noted before, customers of this provider can choose between two options: a smart camera or a smart video doorbell.



Video Doorbell







Field of View



Two-way Audio



Night vision



Compatible with

Alexa, Google Assistance


1. SimpliCam

The key characteristic of this camera is simplicity; hence, the name. It is easy both to install and to manage. But since there are no batteries, it requires connecting to an electrical supply network.


  • voice control
  • clear night vision
  • 720p resolution
  • compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • a convenient plug
  • a 30-day refund
  • DIY installation and setup


  • a high price ― $99
  • no audio
  • a bit limited field of view ― 120° only

2. SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

This device is used together with a camera as a single system. It provides a user with additional functions that enhance the security of a home. By the way, in addition to high-tech features, it offers a stylish design.


  • high-resolution HD videos
  • a night video function
  • wireless connection to a camera over the air
  • an ultimate indoor zoom function
  • a wide field of view ― 162°
  • no contracts
  • small size and a lightweight
  • two-way audio connection


  • a price is not so affordable ― $169
  • a wired system

Usability of SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

Simplicity is one of the top priorities of the company. That is why they have decided to stick to simple DIY installation, which does not require calling in a professional and paying for his services. As for managing the equipment, the situation is identical. A user can fully control the operation of brand cameras and doorbells with the help of apps, which can be installed on any IoT devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops. No keypad is needed.

The Usage Experience

All the products from this brand are easy to install, setup, and manage. However, if a user has any questions or doubts,  comprehensive expert assistance is provided by the company. Their working schedule is adjusted so that they are capable of processing all the customers’ requests within the short term.

The Terms of Use and Guarantees

Simplisafe terms of use are transparent and easy-to-understand. Speaking about the disadvantages, one should note that there are no warranties for any of their products. There is a 30-day refund in case there are any defects. But if the quality of the product is OK, there is no opportunity to return it. So, a potential user should thoroughly study all the functions and characteristics of the device before making a purchase. As for their privacy policy, they strictly follow the laws in force and provide the reliable protection of the personal information of their users, including those cases when it comes to collaborating with partners and using third-party apps.

The Customer Service

As is noted above, users can always rely on support specialists to provide informative answers to their questions and clear instructions within a short period in case of necessity. The support team works from 9 AM to 12 PM both on workdays and weekends. One can contact them via an online chat or by phone.

The Customers’ Feedback

Naturally, reviews differ: in general, users are satisfied with the quality of products and services; however, there are some complaints about the monitoring policy, the speed of the service, as well as the billing issues. Anyway, their equipment lasts for years and the services are reliable. Besides, one can adjust the settings to avoid false security alarms.

Speaking about the ratings, at BBB.org this company has A+, which is the highest grade. At trustpilot.com there are 1116 reviews, the average grade is 4.5 stars out of 5, which is also a great achievement. So, one should say that Simplisafe products and services are worth trying.


Are cameras from this brand reliable?

Sure, it is a well-known manufacturer with a spotless reputation that has been working on the market for many years. There are no clients’ complaints concerning the quality of the devices or the security of personal information. Cameras are even provided with shutters so that a customer can make sure that a device does not record any videos when it is not needed.

Are there outdoor cameras in their assortment?

No. The only available model of a camera intended for indoor use is SimpliCam. Since it is resistant to extreme temperatures, some clients install it outdoors, but one should keep in mind that it is not resistant to rain and snow.

Is SimpliSafe home security system worth trying?

 Yes. The plans offered by the company include all the basic features one may need. There are no premium services available, as the goal of this company is to provide customers with simple security solutions. And their prices are quite reasonable.

Are security systems from this provider easy to hack?

No. Two key facts prove that. First, they use special complex algorithms that prevent criminals from getting unauthorized access to systems. Secondly, all the personal data, including images, is encrypted using the latest technologies. SimpliSafe cameras are very similar to the devices used in banks in terms of data protection.

The Generalized SimpliSafe Cameras Review: Pros & Cons


  • a wide field of view and high resolution for an affordable price
  • a company with vast experience and an impeccable reputation
  • the long service life of products
  • a smart doorbell with a bunch of handy features
  • comprehensive packages for attractive prices


  • a wireless shutter may turn out to be not so convenient to use
  • security devices can be installed on flat surfaces only

Impressive Achievements of the Home Security Industry

In 2020, homeowners can choose from a huge assortment of security systems. Devices and services provided by SimpliSafe are a good choice although their cameras cannot be used outdoors. But before making the final decision, it is advisable to learn about other providers as well. On our website, you can find reviews about Slomins Shield, Vivint, Vector Security, and other companies.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.0/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

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