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Samsung Security System Review: Are These Gadgets & Services Best?

Samsung Security System Review: Are These Gadgets & Services Best?

Samsung Galaxy phone owners can be amazed that their favorite brand is also a player on the residential safety market and offers a great variety of smart home devices: sensors, security cameras, and more.


Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Feature-heavy ecosystem
  • Indoor & outdoor cams
  • Glitchy app

Samsung Residential Security Devices: Detailed Info

About the brand: Samsung Galaxy made a revolution on the phone market.

The brand produced several flagship models, changing the Android market and increasing the Google Play Store’s popularity. The brand creates smartphones, tablets, and phablets, including most popular models, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy A series, Galaxy s8, Galaxy s20, Galaxy s20 ultra, Samsung galaxy note 8, Samsung galaxy s10+, Samsung galaxy s10 or Samsung galaxy s10e

On the market of residential video surveillance devices and security systems, Samsung is a master of using integration and driving the system to the new level. Let us consider the relevant prices and zoom into details.

Main Features

Samsung combined the experience of two brands to build easy-to-use and flexible solutions for the customers. They include:

  • Personalized automation settings
  • Outdoor and indoor sensors for environment control
  • Security of residents and property
  • Reliable surveillance system
  • Integration with devices from other manufacturers
  • Wireless connection (like Z-Wave), battery-operated devices

About the Brand

Samsung Company has appeared in the field of electronics with its SmartThings app for managing security cameras, IP cameras, SSDs and HD security systems. Not so long ago, after the striking success of its smartphones, it entered into cooperation with ADT Inc. to bring new projects and products into life. The two companies worked out an automated smart hub, having replaced nanny cams with 1080p HD professional cameras and security devices.

Outstanding Opportunities and Functionality

Samsung felt it so easy to make a furor, entering the market of multi-bit 720p and 1080-p security devices as a result of decades of vast expertise. The ecosystem has strong potential.

Pro Home Monitoring: Making CCTV Affordable

Samsung monthly packages are reasonably priced, depending on the number of monitors and cameras to be served.

Add-Ons: It’s Up to You Whether to Take or to Leave

The experts behind the cameras and products are available to clients 24/7. That said, if customers do not want to opt-in to a monitored plan, there is no need. Optional services let families choose the best solutions for their property and needs. Even so, the low monthly rates combined with short and reasonable contracts is a tempting offer.

Personalized Home Automation 

You can choose the necessary subscription plan pressure-free, depending on your needs at the moment, with the option of growing the fleet of devices and their support, consequently.

Wireless Connection: For Better Customer Experience

Both Samsung and ADT work in the field of communications, the implementation of wireless protocols makes it easy to install and use the devices, which makes the product more competitive.

Mobile Management: One-Tap Control Over the Household Safety

Samsung supports the SmartThings app to send users notifications, provide them with information in the real-time mode, and help personalize the automation of their smart home devices.

Hardware and its Installation

As the customers are more about software opportunities, they need to understand the installation process and the basic way of how to connect all the elements.

The Hub: The Core of the Performance

Imagine it all as a holistic organism. On the tiny touchscreen, you can find all the necessary info:

  • Controls info
  • Battery information
  • Data on the light and temperature inside
  • Motion sensors as well as entry sensors
  • Settings and adjustment panel

The device is multifunctional: a built-in siren, a dual-encrypted touchscreen for flawless connection of the devices with the hub without a single wire, and all the fleet of devices, like smart locks, smoke alarms, and detectors of motion.

Door and Window Protection: Take Care Of The Property 360 

It is highly important to protect the home at its perimeters, and this way contact sensors for doors and windows from Samsung enter the game: they can affect the system by sending a signal and setting off the loud siren with the touchscreen.

The system works according to Z-Wave and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, which is easy to set up and can be found in all the monitored security plans.

Motion Detector: No More False Alarms, True Safety First

An easy-to-use device is built to trigger the system when the suspicious movement inside the property is noticed. Customized settings can prevent false alarms. The device detects lights and sounds just as well as motion, it is pet-oriented and synced with the hub.

LTE Backup Module: Emergency Power for Any Situation

It is widespread concern of surveillance kit consumers: backup issues. Fortunately, you can get an LTE Backup Module, which is completely wireless, supports monitor services, and supports the access to the system and alerts.

Cameras To Any Taste and Preferences

You will get amazed looking at Samsung home security cameras: suitable for any location and case-like cams with video doorbell option, sending HD videos, h.264, supporting the entire cache system, will give the touch of ultimate security to your life. You can choose any subscription plan, pick weather-resistant cams for indoor and outdoor use, audio modes, wide-angle lenses for unprecedented view, and more.

More Equipment

You can start with a basic security package and then benefit from the flexibility and move to any other plan later on.

Home Safety Expansion Pack

Basic security from fire, as well as gas or water damages to your property.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

For larger properties, there are additional monitors of CO2 discharge. Useful for hidden locations, like attics or basements.

Door & Window Controller

If you have a spacious home, additional sensors with get it all covered: guest bedrooms or kitchen nooks require such.

Motion Detector: Compete Protection

Work against skilled burglars and can be installed in unpredictable parts of the house, like patios or spare rooms.

Pro Smoke Alarm

Spotting more places in your home will keep you safer than before. Basements and attics require more attention.

Remote Locks

Arming and disarming the system with the help of the app and locking and unlocking with no efforts is perfect. Stick the device on the car keys, purse, or backpack to save time.

Water Leak Protection

To avoid a big mess, such sensors are activated in response to leaking, excessive moisture, and other troubles.

Motion Sensor Paired with the App 

Being lightweight and auto-connected, the motion sensor is a major part of your home security system.

Dimming Outlet for Extra Comfort

Benefit from the mobile app control, customized settings, timers, and compatibility with the ZigBee system.

Seamless and Effort-Free Arrival with the Arrival Sensor

Make the system work as you want it to right after you get home: personalize your indoor temperature, system lighting, arming, and disarming the security modules.

Smart Outlet

You can turn any electrical outlet in the property to an intelligent one by using either the Wi-Fi Plug or the 2018 Outlet.

Multi-Purpose Sensors for Pets and Kids 

Get to know when the windows or the cabinet doors open, receive information about unlocked doors — this is especially valuable for busy family people willing to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere at home.

In-Wall Switch System

Use the dimming timer right inside the smartphone menu, activate lights by motion, and get full control over such an interesting device.

Remote-Controlled Lighting Instead of Conventional Light Bulbs

Take a closer look at the Sylvania Connected A19 RGBW LED light bulb model. With its help, customers can control the light with all its characteristics, like dimness, shade, or intensity. Create your ecosystem and your microclimate at home.

Soft and Durable Bulb for Cozy Time

Another captivating option for the full control over the lighting aspect is Sengled Element Classic A19 Bulb. Check it out and enjoy its great customization potential, a nice shade of the white coloring, and compatibility with Google and Amazon Alexa for ultimate control.

Use Efficient Password Protection with Yale Smart Locks

You may be asked to pay extra,  but you will be able to get remote access to the keypad, unlock the door in a swipe, and get unprecedented password protection.

Professional Detection of Smoke: Halo Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

In addition to alerts, the device offers backup system protection, voice alerts, color-changing alerts, and weather predictions.

Outdoor Use Control Power Outlet and Lighting

Get the backyard visible with the help of this transformer system: it can be turned into different light modules and offers individual automation options and complete weather protection.

Powerful Aeotec Siren 

If you want to update the siren and switch to a more powerful model, we suggest this one: super loud 105 decibels and strobe lighting in case of an emergency.

Zigbee In-Wall Switch from General Electric Can Be Paired with Alexa 

Get the gadget synced with the general hub smart home system: connection via the phone app will help to control lighting, automated answers, schedules, and enable/disable features.

Pro Monitoring Kit: Go Some Extra

By acquiring this bundle, you will receive the optional service monitored by security team experts and expanded in automation settings, along with temperature switches, sensors, and lighting modules.


The two brands acquired reputable names with their superb systems, which are easy to install. Users need just to scan the QR code on the device to get it synced with the hub panel. Even after adding new products, the DIY installation process is simple and neat.

Samsung Home Security Fees & Packages

As you compare the costs looking for the appropriate option, make sure the subscription plans for the home security systems should be considered along with the cost of the equipment. For example, novice users can begin with the ADT Security Starter Kit at the reasonable price of $499 and a wide range of devices included in the package.

Subscription Plans

No matter which monitored plan you use, it will work flawlessly with your kit of devices. If you need assistance from security officers, you can find the options starting at just $15 monthly.

Home & Life Safety

For just $14.99 per month, a household will receive complete environmental protection (smoke, water, and CO). 24/7 support and expert monitoring. No contracts imply.


  • Protection from disasters
  • Can be ceased anytime
  • 24/7 professional support


  • No protection from burglars, no add-ons

Security Monitoring

Being a bit more expensive with the price of $24.99, this plan will protect from environmental issues and is aimed at increased prevention of intruders into the private property.


  • More protection
  • Extended range of devices monitored and supported


  • Can hardly be automated

Total Monitoring

You need to pay $34.99 monthly to get the benefits of this subscription plan in full, however, it is still cheaper, in comparison to their competitors’ offers. Indoor and outdoor protection is included. Customers will receive the opportunity to manage alerts, settings, and a lot of other features right from their mobile devices.


  • 360 protection of your property
  • Mobile management
  • Competitive offer


  • No new equipment can be added to the plan


As new clients usually prefer beginning from basic kits, there is versatile expertise to learn more about. What homeowners need to know about their property safety and precaution measures.

ADT Security Hub

What does a security hub look like? It is very close to a regular tablet with a sensor 7-inch screen, which displays the vital facts about the system performance: connectivity, status, and other details. The hub device looks neutral to match almost any home design. It can be mounted in a couple of minutes with the help of the mounting stand and a little bit of adhesive tape.

Door & Window Detecting Devices

They are used for entry points to trigger alerts if the intruder opens a door or a window.

Motion Detector

The motion detector is a popular device for home security systems: it can be installed anywhere from the hall to the living room to get alerts of suspicious motion right to the hub control panel or the mobile application.

Backup Module

With its help, you can be sure the system will keep working even after a power outage.

Costs of Additional Equipment 

You can adjust the fleet of devices to your family needs and make sure your home is safe and sound.

Ease of Use 

In general Samsung Home Security devices and performance is nicely structured and offer decent quality at a reasonable price. The products have an intuitive interface and simple connection guidelines. The only drawback as to the synchronization issues:  some brands may be incompatible.

Advice and Support

The support team is there to give feedback, recommendation, or help to fix the system.

Conditions & Guarantees

According to the legal statements of the brands, the product purchase can be followed by a refund within 30 days. All the packs are included on the 1-year warranty. Free shipping and other lucrative deals are also included.


Samsung review assistance offers a great deal of support with lots of convenient ways to get in touch: online and offline.

Trust Score

Customer reviews about Samsung are positive for the most part. Some complaints may appear due to misunderstanding with the support team, but, in general, the brand has an A+ rating for stable performance, durable and functional equipment, and more. On the other hand, on Trustpilot the reviews are not that good: clients complain about high expenses or cameras that contain only basic functionality.

FAQ Section

Does the SmartThings App Comply With ADT?

In general, yes, but their synced work may look complicated.

Can All Cameras Integrate With The SmartThings from Samsung?

The range of cameras that comply with it is impressive: in addition to ADT cameras, other residential surveillance brands provide their products with the in-built compatibility with Samsung, such as D-Link or Arlo.

Does the Home Security System Provide Moisture Sensors?

Sure, There are battery-powered water sensors and flood detectors that sync with the SmartThings app.

Why Does Samsung Hub Have a Great Potential?

It can help users make a dream security system for their homes and families, which are synchronized with most of Alexa, Z-Wave, or Zigbee devices. You can prevent environmental damages and stay calm about safety.

The Pros and Cons of Samsung Security Ecosystems


  • A great number of integration options
  • Flexibility and personalization
  • Functionality
  • Indoor and Outdoor device user
  • Wireless connection


  • Equipment comes extra to a monthly fee
  • The app is not flawless

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth Buying?

We consider the cooperation of the two brands promising and exciting. Customers are highly likely to enjoy all the pros it has.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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