Ooma Home Security Review

Ooma Home Security Review

Ooma home security system is equally convenient for businesses and homes. It offers a wide range of opportunities and suitable tools that you can control via the phone. The hardware includes surveillance cameras, smart sensors, portable elements, and additional accessories.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The overall score is 8.5/10





Payment Issues






  • Free trial version
  • Effortless installation
  • Portable solution
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • Many pre-paid features

Ooma Home Security Review 2020: In-Depth Overview

It is a complex and straightforward security system operating via the internet in most American cities. All tools are controlled via Ooma Telo — a unique service designed to configure devices integrated into the system. It offers self-monitored video surveillance, VoIP, and anything a customer might want.

 Customers can enjoy smart home surveillance with reasonable fees and variable VoIP packages. Most clients of the company agree that the smart sensors are among the greatest highlights of the system. There’s no fee for the phone app.

Basic Specs

  • VoIP
  • Remote Emergency Call
  • Smart Home Surveillance
  • Call Forwarding
  • Mobile App
  • No Contract Obligations
  • Mobile Hotspots and Prompt Notifications

Ooma Security System: Background Facts

The company has an A+ rating, according to the Better Business Bureau. It is a trustworthy system, though it is a pioneer in smart home protection services. It is a DIY solution one can afford without any fuss and enjoy a flexible fee range and a cloud-based technology.

It is not the youngest company on the market. Andrew Frame, its founder, established the company back in 2004 after long and successful work at Cisco Systems. One of the greatest features that helped the company develop the business is a trustworthy VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) package.

Essential Security Features

Most home security systems are conventional, and the set of essential functions is always the same. These are primary home surveillance cameras and motion sensors operated via the central hub and a control panel. Businesses can benefit from such things as Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and IP telephony built in the system. Ooma also tends to be versatile to fit the needs of all potential clients. 

Smart Home Surveillance

It is a relatively new feature, initially tried and tested in 2017. It offers emergency calls, prompt remote notifications, and a convenient mobile app. If you are a Premium plan user, you get a Smart Home Monitoring option free of charge. Unfortunately, this function is unavailable for the Basic plan users. Nevertheless, if you pay an additional monthly fee, which is $5.99, you can add this option to your basic plan.

Tamper Protection

Ooma will protect you from the robbers trying to break into your home, thanks to the motion sensor monitoring. You will also be protected from the scammers and hackers trying to toy with the internal network and Private Branch Exchange through the router.

Flexibility for Renters & Homeowners

It is convenient both for a family and for a renter. It is a DIY portable system that will not take much time to install and tune-up.

Phone Service

Ooma obligatorily comes with Ooma Telo service. It means that you will have to purchase the Ooma Telo plan. Nevertheless, it is a top-notch system coming with unlimited voice calls, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and more.

Ooma Home Security Cell Phone Application

Whether you are an iOS, Android, or Windows phone owner, a mobile app will help you keep an eye on everything happening at home remotely.

Remote 911

The system is constantly connected to the mobile app that you can use to call the emergency if you are notified about something dangerous happening at home. You can count on professional monitoring operators that will always help you out. Pay attention that this service is not available in some states yet.


It is like setting an invisible sensitive perimeter around your household to help the system react to all suspicious activities inside and outside the living space. This function will help you control your kids, elderly relatives, and pets when you are away. It is also backed with an opportunity to automate the arm/disarm function.

Installation & Hardware

The system is almost entirely customizable. Every customer can get access to the specific services one needs. The obligatory purchase is the basic Ooma Telo plan, as nothing will work properly without it. Ooma offers both wired and wireless connectivity providing clear, landline quality of calling and a stable Internet connection.

Depending on the requirements and budget, there is always a chance to find a reasonable and convenient set of tools for home protection.


Butterfleye cameras were released in 2017, and now they are among the most popular among the homeowners.

The cameras can be integrated into the system and work together with such products as Amazon Echo, Google Voice, Alexa, and more. The cameras keep up to seven days of recording. This hardware can be improved through additional software and attributes. Audio connection and geofencing are a must for the watchful parents and reasonable homeowners. There are several types of Ooma surveillance cameras available.


It is an essential and popular model, with 1080p video resolution, spacious internal storage, battery backup, sound and motion detection, and a facial recognition function. The camera has no wires and is suitable for outdoor surveillance as well as for the indoor.


It has got an auto-adaptive white-and-black balance, 1080p full HD video quality, 120-degree field of view with noise reduction, and high sensitivity in dark premises. Customers say that Nero cam does not have any significant difference from the previous one.

Ooma Smart Cam

This is a new product of 2019, with better characteristics, more powerful battery, infrared night vision, and more.


The range of sensors is wide so that a customer could find a reasonable price solution combined with the required functionality. You can install them anywhere, and their battery life is up to a year and a half long.

Window & Door Motion Sensor

Nothing will go unnoticed, and all entrances to your living space will be protected against burglars. Smart sensors help users avoid false alarms.

Water Sensor

If there is a risk of flooding, the sensors will notify you so that you could wake up the kids and call the emergency and save your pets and protect your property asap. The system can even control the humidity and make sure you water your plants appropriately.

Motion Sensor

Motions sensors are customizable. They can work following the pre-installed schedule. They have an 85-degree field of view, which is sufficient for any household.

Garage Door Sensor

Even if you have already left home, you can still check whether your garage door is locked or not. When someone opens the door, you get a notification.


A 105db siren will scare away robbers and notify you about the illegal intrusion.


In addition to the essential Ooma highlights, a user also gets a smart device that helps you save on phone bills and taxes. Its most enjoyable features are encrypted calls, free US calls, HD voice, and advanced voice compression.

Ooma Telo

It will cost you $99.99. It is a primary wired option to set up in the proximity of the Internet router.

Ooma Telo Air

The price is $129.99, and it is a more convenient option, wireless, portable, and connected through Wi-Fi.

Ooma Telo 4G

It is the most expensive option that will cost you $149.99, including taxes. It goes with wireless connectivity and supports 4G Internet technology.

Smart smoke detector

The name of the function speaks for itself: it detects smoke from anything burning in the area of the household. The greatest thing is the battery lasting for up to 10 years.


The DIY setup of such an innovative home security system is a dream-come-true for many customers. The official website offers comprehensive video tutorials and guides for the newbies in home security. Online customer service specialists will help you with specific issues and personal solutions.

Ooma Security System Fees & Bundles

Ooma is one of the most reasonable solutions in the market for homeowners with a tight budget.

Comparing The Ooma Home Protection Plans in 2020

 The following table will help you figure out more about the plans the company offers:


Protect Basic

Protect Plus

Monthly Fee



Annual Fee






Monitor Plan

This plan comes free of charge, offering only the essential features, including prompt notifications, siren, convenient mobile application, a dashboard, push alerts, and as many smart sensors as you need. There is also a sort of diary where the system saves and keeps all activities up to 90 days.

Ooma Smart Security Starter Pack

This bundle offers an Ooma Telo, two sensors for the doors and windows, and a motion sensor. The shipping is free.

Ooma Smart Security Starter Pack with Ooma Water Sensor

The bundle offers an Ooma Telo, a water sensor, two sensors for the doors and windows, and a motion sensor. It is one of the universal solutions for your home, and there is no additional fee for the shipping.

Door & Window Sensor

Purchase this add-on for only $24.99 and get hold of any activities happening with the entrances into your living space. You’ll be promptly notified about the open windows and doors if you’re away or sleeping.

Motion Sensor

For a $34.99 fee, the clients get access to warnings or remote notifications about illicit and unpredictable motions in the covered zone. It is a customizable tool.

Garage Door Sensor

Pay $29.99 and get regular notifications about the opening and closure of the garage door.


It is a very loud alarm that will scare away the robbers for only $39.99.

Water Sensor

Invest $29.99 more and get reliable leak detection. It is effective in case of plumbing problems and natural disasters like storms and floods.


It will cost you $59.99 and help you control the gates or the front door. It will only open if you know the code.


It is one of the most straightforward home security systems on the market, stably working through the current landline or a broadband internet connection. The system is popular among business locations in the United States. The manufacturer entrusts the control of the system entirely to the user. Whether you are interested in a direct inward dialing option or a secure PBX system, Ooma will offer a reasonable solution not to drain your budget.

Customers’ Experience

Judging by the reviews, it truly is a beneficial and trustworthy solution to secure living space. The customer support is flawless, and personal data, as well as credit card information, is protected.

Terms and Guarantees

The system and the online platform of the company are safe for anyone to use. The staff members have no right to share the clients’ data with the other companies.

There are thirty days of trial, and you can get your money back if you understand that the Ooma security system is not suitable for your needs. Keep in mind that if you purchase Ooma from one of the third-party sellers, you may have different terms and obligations. There is no need to sign a long-term contract.

Clients’ Support

A business client can get in touch with Ooma online personnel 24/7 to discuss everything, including VoIP functionality, operation with Tracfone's Net10, integration with the Amazon Echo, and Google home security products.

Residential customer support is provided from 5 am to 5 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 5 pm on weekends.

Customer Support is among the greatest highlights of Ooma. You can get in touch with the technicians through Skype, any type of video chat, email, and phone.

Positive & Negative Testimonials

Low prices and prompt customer support create a positive reputation for Ooma. Customer review platforms prove that Ooma is about impeccable performance and flawless technical equipment with long battery life.

There is only one thing that may seem inconvenient: if you buy the Ooma security system from third-parties, you might have different terms and conditions.

The mobile app is among the greatest perks. Besides, the system is portable, so you will not have trouble positioning it in different corners of your living space. The tutorials on the website are very comprehensive. All types of mobile phones are compatible with the system, and multiple packages plus additional options make it flexible and adaptable.


Can I trust Ooma equipment?

It is a highly-securing platform. The personal data is protected from identity theft since no one can break into the system without you getting a notification about the violation. The smart motion sensors and cameras are as effective for the homes as for the busy offices.

How does it sync with the alarm systems?

Yes, Ooma comes with one alarm by default, but you can purchase more if you own spacious living space. The sirens are loud enough to scare away the intruders.

Is Ooma Premier worth an investment?

This package will add-up functionality to the existing home phone. In addition to several phones integrated into one or several BPXes, Ooma offers a backup number function, caller ID, conferencing, and more.

What about the monthly payments for the Ooma security system?

There is no monthly fee, but you will have to pay the taxes, which are generally insignificant and normal for a DIY home surveillance solution. You can purchase certain plans and add exclusive functions.

Is Ooma better than Vonage?

These are two different brands having a lot of things in common. Such companies as AT&T, Vonage, and Ooma offer a basic range of similar options; the difference lies in the performance, pricing, and customer support. Ooma offers more services free of charge in addition to the seamless integration and hands-free usage through Amazon Alexa. Ooma also allows adding a toll-free 800 number.Vonage is pretty much the same, but it also offers such perks as ring lists and calls block. In comparison to Ooma, Vonage does not work with many popular alarm systems available in the market.

Does Ooma develop?

Of course! It is a profitable organization trying hard to develop supported by numerous companies in Silicon Valley. It was once through hard times in 2015, but now it is a home-and-office surveillance company developing at a great speed.

Ooma Home Security System: Pros & Cons

Here is a short and comprehensive list of advantages and drawbacks to consider before buying Ooma.


  • Straightforward control tools
  • Many free functions
  • Optional contracts
  • Multiple bundles
  • Wide price range
  • Very sensitive humidity sensors


  • Slow customer service
  • Some features should be additionally paid for

Is Ooma a Decent Security System Type?

The hardware performs without a blemish. It’s flawless, stylish, simple in installation, and durable. The cameras stably work in the dark, and the sensors are pet-friendly.The software is aimed to serve an inexperienced user interested in a plain DIY solution that takes only minutes to set up. You will not waste your money if you choose the Ooma home security system in 2020.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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