Northstar Alarm Review: Keep Your Family Safe

Northstar Alarm Review: Keep Your Family Safe

Joshua Hilsberg 
August 2, 2020

Whether you are planning to install a home security system at home or in one of the business premises, Northstar Alarm is a decent option with a wide range of plans.


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  • Your garage is protected
  • You won’t go bankrupt with it
  • The pricing is flexible
  • Contract obligations seem inconvenient

Northstar Alarm Home Security Review 2020: In-Depth Examination

The company has existed for more than twenty years. Over 50 thousand clients are satisfied with smart home automation and a wide range of security system packages, which is proved by the BBB ratings. There is a feature for any sophisticated customer. Northstar is one of the most flexible security systems in the market thanks to the beneficial vital features.

Basic Specs                     

  • Intruders control
  • Wireless access
  • Medical emergency notifications
  • Live surveillance
  • Integrations

Northstar Alarm Home Security In-Depth Review: A Bit of History 

Northstar Alarm home security system has been serving its customers for many years. The management and skilled technicians have come up with a perfect solution suitable for any American. Troiano and Brown launched the project in 2000 after innumerable deep discussions and analyses. The headquarters are established in Utah, offering a satisfying service and on-the-pulse surveillance technologies with minimum customer complaints registered.

Northstar Alarm security system has an official governmental permit to operate in all states of the USA.

What Are the Essential Northstar Alarm Home Security Features?

There are numerous profitable security functions for customers to enjoy. Experienced users are fond of the sturdy equipment, while the newbies appreciate the simplicity of DIY installation and simple tune-up.

Day & Night Home Security

No one can keep track of everything happening within the household 24/7. Northstar alarm will monitor suspicious activity through the smart security sensors attached to your front door, the interior doors, and windows. The security system will send the alarms to your phone app regardless of where you are.


The security system offers top-notch video surveillance with the cameras able to record everything even at nighttime. You will get a colored picture even in the pitch dark.

Smart Automation

Smart home automation is among the highly demanded options in the market of security systems. Northstar offers convenient automation through a mobile phone app to make sure everything is fine even when you are already out of your living space.

Remote Control

You will be able to not only observe but almost physically control everything within your living space. When the Northstar Home security system is tuned up correctly, the owner can do anything from the alert settings and up to control the oven if it is integrated into a smart home security system. And your landlord will be satisfied.

Medical Emergency

An adequately arranged security system is not solely about a prompt burglar alarm and smart sensors for the pets. Medical support can be an issue for those who have to take care of the sick and partially disabled relatives. The water-resistant, multi-functional cameras will detect emergency cases. A special pendant, which a person can wear on the neck or a wristband, will provide you with a feel of safety and calmness for the security of your nearest and dearest.

Voice Control

Voice control is very convenient. The "Turn On" command will activate the system. Northstar Alarm can be synced with smart home devices, such as Alexa, for more convenience.

Garage Protection

Remote control for the doors and a burglar alarm system will keep your car protected even if the most ingenious burglar breaks in the garage while you are away.

Lifetime Warranty

Regardless of how long you have used the Northstar Alarm home security system, you can deactivate it and make it work after several months and even years after deactivation. The lifetime warranty proves that the company is ready to take responsibility for anything caused by its malpractice.

Power Cut Protection

Northstar Alarm offers 24/7 protection that cannot be turned down by power cuts. Even if it is a severe storm, the system will keep working autonomously for a sufficient time to help you protect your living space while you turn the power back on.

Effortless Remote Access

Just like the Vivint security system, Northstar offers convenient mobile control that will be a real help for caring parents. You will always be aware of whether your kids are back from school even if you are busy working. You can also arm and disarm the whole home security system from the mobile phone app. This reliable app will also protect you from false alarms and remind you about the unwanted visitors like the annoying neighbors and debt collectors.

Prompt Online Support

If you discover a bug in the system or if anything goes wrong with the hardware and software, the online center is there for every customer. The skilled staff members will share advice on the rational battery use, installation of the home security system elements, and smart automation tune-up.

Installation & Hardware 

Northstar security system includes a wide range of tools and additional equipment, from basic cameras to emergency buttons. If you are new to modern technologies, you might find it hard to install without skilled support. Nevertheless, following the simple instructions will help.

Essential Features

There are many devices able to serve as the base of the Northstar security system. You get a touchscreen control panel (Lynx L5200), a motion sensor, three individual sensors for the windows and doors, an indoor siren + a yard sign with decals to warn the burglar, and scare him away on the spot.

Smart Home Automation

Additional home automation highlights by Northstar include smart door locks, other cameras for indoor and outdoor home surveillance, and a video doorbell, that will help you find out whether it is a debt collector or one of your neighbors standing at the door. Home security systems like these also include smart garage door control and a thermostat surveillance system.

Advanced Features

The tech-savvy customers, who know how to use smart technologies in the right way, can enjoy such functions as two-way video share, z-wave enabled door lock and more tech features.


If you do not have time for the DIY installation, there is always an installation technician ready to tune up the Northstar security system, leaving you assured that everything is working efficiently. The new and additional equipment will be tested, and all areas of installation works will be left clean. You will be instructed on how to control the system and adequately use the central control panel.

Northstar Alarm: Price & Bundles

Northstar Alarm Security System Plans & Prices

The website does not provide precise information. Nevertheless, online staff members will explain to you that there are three payment plans. These are three different bundles offering various functionality, depending on the needs of an individual customer. It is one of the most adaptive home security systems in the USA. If you do not need sophisticated options like garage door control or thermostat sensors, you will not have to pay for it, because there is a basic bundle that can be enlarged later if you need it.

Main Plans Overview

These three plans have the same functions in the base. Extra features make the Northstar security system more flexible.


This plan offers essential features only. It's affordable 24/7 professional home surveillance without automation features and smart integrations.


  • Low prices
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Prompt and skilled customer support
  • Impeccable reputation


  • Medical emergency pendant is not included
  • No garage door protection
  • Installation can be troublesome


The plan offers the same essentials + additional features. Smart automation tools are included, and you can also integrate your current smart devices for a more straightforward remote control.

Connect and Automate Northstar plans have smart home automation and integration features.


  • Low price
  • Glass break alarm
  • Temperature sensors
  • Convenience
  • Smart automation & integration


  • No emergency pendant included
  • Too many obligations for a monthly contract
  • Slow customer service


With this plan, Northstar Alarm becomes one of the most adaptive home security systems in the market. It offers smart protection of your doors and windows, including the front door, back door, and garage door. You will enjoy many highlights from the intelligent motion sensors to a video doorbell. The only thing you should remember is that it is mostly a DIY solution that should be controlled by the client. It is an elaborate plan for tech-savvy users.


  • Excessive contract time
  • Additional security tools
  • An emergency pendant
  • Garage protection
  • Smart automation and integration tools


  • More expensive than the previous options
  • Some functions can only be purchased separately
  • No tech support


The customers agree that the usage is effortless. Still, the system should be installed appropriately first. If everything is connected and tuned up correctly, you will experience no bugs, gaps, and no failures. The battery backup function keeps the system secure and safe from unpredictable power cuts.

Customers’ Experience

The company has been successfully fulfilling the needs of the customers for 20 years. Their highly reputable staff members demonstrate professionalism and care. Northstar security systems boast flawless reputation and many positive testimonials, and the Better Business Bureau proves it.

Terms & Guarantees

The terms and conditions go in line with the governmental regulations concerning the functionality and service of the security systems sold in the United States. Every client will have to sign a contract and agree to the pricing policy of a chosen plan. There is an opportunity to get your money back within thirty days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Customer Service

You can contact the representatives of the company via phone or email. You can also get to the central office if you live in the nearest area. Northstar online staff members are ready to help you from 7 am to 7 pm on all working days, except for Saturday and Sunday.


The current number of customer reviews is mostly positive. However, even insignificant issues are causing a bit of irritation. Some of the customers say that contact center servicing could have been better. Some customers also said they had experienced insignificant tech problems with the cameras. Nevertheless, skilled technicians will immediately get to your place to make things better.

Still, most reviews are positive, and Northstar is still considered a smart home protection technology leader. The bugs are rare, and all issues with the hardware will be corrected asap. Positive reviews point out the long life of the battery when environmental disasters happen.


Is Northstar a trustworthy company?

Definitely, yes. Most reviews are highly positive, and tech support is always ready to provide urgent help. Sometimes the customer service is slower than you expect. The reason is that they demonstrate more attention to urgent emergency cases. Thankfully, the team is increasing in number, which means that online support will get speedier.

What property size is suitable for Northstar Alarm Security?

The system can cover spacious areas. If you are an owner of a large household with a garden, Northstar Alarm is ready to help. The more you pay for the plan, the greater coverage you get. The more living space you are willing to cover, the more money you will have to invest in additional equipment. There are no limits here.

Is it tough to install the Northstar home security system equipment?

The company only deals with professional installation because they do not want to entrust its high-tech equipment to the customers unfamiliar with it. There is a wide range of aspects to consider: fixation of the hardware and accessories; software installation; internet connection; passwords; and more. Fortunately, clients do not have to pay an additional fee for the installation service because it is already included in the plan.

Is there a possibility to cancel the Northstar Alarm service?

It can be one of the messiest things at times. The minimum contract agreement lasts for a year. The list of rights and mutual obligations is quite long. Nevertheless, specific terms are allowing you to sign the contract with Northstar. Contact the representatives through three simple ways (phone, email, or central office) and tell them what is bothering you. The company may ask you to pay for the cancellation if it is not in line with the terms of the contract. The fee is usually insignificant if the equipment is in pristine condition.

Northstar Alarm Home Security Systems: Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of payment plans
  • Flawless reputation
  • An impressive choice of tools and accessories
  • Wide coverage
  • Trustworthy online and offline technicians
  • Secure protection of the customers' data


  • Too many contract obligations
  • Insufficient information presented on the official website of the company

Protect Your Family & Yourself with Northstar Alarm Home Security System

Northstar Alarm is one of the most reliable security systems. The company hires a competitive team of skilled technicians, offers comprehensive equipment and stable software, and helps you manage all smart elements of your home security system. It is ready for integrations and synchronization with other smart security gadgets.

Choose Northstar to protect your elderly parents and relatives who get through maintenance after surgery. Use the central hub and a convenient touchscreen panel to control the lights, locks, temperature, and more. It is always on, provides day-and-night monitoring, and has an intuitive phone app for the prompt remote control from any corner of the world. There are false alarm protection and night vision included.

The company offers regular promotions. Some customers have already managed to purchase a monthly subscription to the cheapest cellular home protection plan for only $24.95!

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.7/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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