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Nest Home Security System Review: Who Should Get the Latest by Google?

Nest Home Security System Review: Who Should Get the Latest by Google?

Jeremy Porter 
September 21, 2020

Searching for a comprehensive approach to protecting your home? There are numerous options on the market. But out of endless models, just one is officially supported by Google. Is the Nest home security framework as classy as it sounds?


Total Score 7.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • The devices work together very wel
  • They offer a good refund policy
  • It is possible to customize alerts
  • The support system is a hit and miss

Home Security Camera Review: In-Depth

This framework works perfectly together with different items by the brand. Despite being slightly pricier than other gadgets of the same kind, such as Simplisafe, at $399, the item has a great deal to offer in 2020. It incorporates a Guard, which is an alarm to put on the table. Furthermore, two sensors go in windows and can be used as movement sensors. The Nest home security also supports RFID labels.

Key Features: A Superb Device?

  • No wires are required.
  • Ensures against gatecrashers.
  • It is conceivable to set it up without anyone else.
  • Interfaces with Wi-Fi and 3G systems.
  • Compatible with Smart Home system.
  • Eco-friendly tech.

Home Security Review: Background Information 

This organization was established in 2010 by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, who used to work for Apple. Initially, they discharged a smart indoor regulator in 2011, which was the item that propelled this organization into fame. Later on, in 2013, they discharged new identifiers for the home. By 2012, Nest previously had 130 employees. In 2014, Google procured this organization. They recruited more individuals to arrive at a team of 280. Soon after, the company purchased  Dropcam. Thanks to that, they could develop their first range of home surveillance cameras.

This was discharged in 2015. That same year, the brand extended and hired 1100 new workers. This extension likewise included another office for Seattle. In 2018, this merchant was converged with Google Assistant home division. They were then rebranded in 2019.

Security Features: See All It Can Do 

The framework was structured aimed to direct individuals not to stress out over their wellbeing. This is the reason why, in 2020, they included numerous highlights that make the goal square. Along these lines, this seller stands out from its opposition. These are the most significant specs.

Planned Disarm Times: Control Who Is In 

It is conceivable to deactivate the labels on explicit occasions. Thus, for instance, if somebody is coming, one can initiate this element to give them access without turning the framework on. This additionally lets clients incapacitate a tag whenever it is lost.

Around-the-clock Recording: Keep All the Info 

The framework records what goes on at home consistently. At that point, it saves the data for 30 days in a row. Along these lines, the client can rewind to find a particular second and see if anything strange occurred. The period during which it stores information will rely upon the contract.

No Rush Arming And Disarming: Take Your Time 

Most of the different frameworks take just a couple of seconds to turn them off when one comes in. The one by this supplier permits clients to choose to what extent they need the caution to pause. It will allow users to hear how much time one has before it goes off.

More Astute Alerts: Only See What Matters 

This element is only accessible for the individuals who pay for the option. With it, the cams survey who is at home.

  • To start with, it learns the essence of the family.
  • What's more, sends a notification if there is an outsider. The sound works along these lines.
  • With Artificial Intelligence, the framework examines the circumstance and informs the client if something is going on.

Incorporated Smart Home Ecosystem: Perfect Combination 

This is one of the highlights that make the entire framework stand out. It has a lot of gadgets for a similar brand that cooperates for the best performance. Be that as it may, clients can likewise find items from different merchants that are perfect with this one.

Voice Notifications: Get Ample Data 

Most systems issue voice signals to inform their users. However, it may not always be of use. For those who prefer being always updated, the company incorporated a human voice that unequivocally informs you of what goes on in your living space.

Pathlight: See The Path 

This component illuminates the path one strolls by. It works by utilizing some movement indicators. At the point when they see that somebody is coming, they turn on the lights. This is helpful for outdoor use, as well as indoors. It is most helpful in case you are walking outside in the complete dark.

Calm Open: Let The Pet Out At Night 

This element was made to suit owners of pets. It allows clients to incapacitate sensors each in turn. In this way, the pet can go out for a stroll, without turning everything off. At that point, when the entryway is opened and shut once more, the framework will reactivate that part and return to a normal regime.

Portable Control: Keep An Eye On The Home Anywhere 

The entire framework can be controlled literally from any smartphone. The app has to be installed. Therefore, one can see what data every sensor is getting, assign names to them, and turn them on and off.

Fully Protected, Cloud-based Video Storage: Safety Is The Priority

All the accounts and information that the framework gathers are stored in the cloud, so nobody can get to that information, not even programmers. This is done through a 128-piece framework and a two-advance check to guarantee that there are no impostors.

Application: Have All The Data In One Place 

This is accessible for Android and iOS. It keeps all the data in one place. One can perceive what the cams are seeing right now. What is more, it likewise offers access to previous events. One can also set the preferred notifications.

Hardware And Installation: What Devices Can You Get? 

The full pack contains numerous things, each of them making the house a lot more secure: watch out for what is happening or keep the unwelcome away. To become familiar with what they do, read on.

Secure: Keep The Fires Away 

This current gadget's fundamental capacity is to spot smoke in the house. The same approach is applied to elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

  • For this purpose, it has numerous sensors that audit what is happening at home.
  • Additionally, it distinguishes changes in lighting.
  • Along these lines, it can see when there are fires.

Clients can decide to introduce only one of these, or tune in all of them. One only needs to have a Wi-Fi connection and a gadget with an iOS or Android system.

Hello Video Doorbell: Keep An Eye on The Outside 

This item combines all the highlights of a camera and a simple-looking doorbell. It incorporates numerous capacities, such as HDR video, the capacity to record in low-light settings, and live spilling at extremely inconvenient times, each day of the week.

It also keeps the client in touch. It sends a warning notification when somebody is at the entryway, whenever they ring the bell or not. As this gadget will be outside, it accompanies proof against the climate. Its IPX 4 declaration shows that it will oppose substantial tempests and residue with no issues at all.

Thermal Regulation: Stay Warm And Save Money 

This instrument proves to be useful to assist clients on a budget.

  • To begin with, it analyzes users’ heating preferences
  • It will likewise know at what times one uses those particular settings
  • At that point, it will remember at what time one leaves for work, and when he returns home to control heat
  • With this data, it will make a plan and will set the temperature as per whether one is available or not

This implies sparing a huge amount of energy. However, it is additionally possible to control it with the handle or the portable application.

x Yale Lock: Control The Door

Along with this rumored college, the group made this thing. It is a shrewd lock. It ties with an app that opens it.

  • One can set up times in which it will be shut regardless
  • This should be possible from wherever
  • One can likewise determine at which times visitors can go back and forth freely
  • The application likewise incorporates a rundown of who utilized the key during the most recent ten days
  • This machine is perfect with most entryways

Connect: Add Up To The Devices 

This device has three fundamental capacities:

  • The first is that it permits clients to know how far one can introduce the Google Secure alert.
  • This implies the sensors can be far and still work.
  • Another of its most significant highlights is that it lets the savvy lock to link with the web. This gadget stores all the information.
  • Along these lines, nobody can open the entryway.

Accessories Available for Nest Security System 

There are numerous choices for every gadget. Every one of them has a thing that improves how they work.

  • The indoor regulator, for instance, can be utilized with a base. Thus, it can be assembled effectively and without falling.
  • It is additionally conceivable to get a sign to caution possible hoodlums to remain away.
  • One can purchase various items for the Nest Security System.
  • Some of them are wired
  • It also links to power connectors.

Nest Security Cameras: Keep An Eye On The House 

Finding the right cam to control the home requires significant investment. One needs to find the camera that is proper for every circumstance and is of high quality This is the reason why the company foresaw various choices.

Cam Outdoor Security Camera 

This gadget comes arranged to withstand a wide range of climate conditions. It is guaranteed that it can oppose water and residue. Likewise, it has a wide field of view on 130 degrees, which allows seeing who is close by. One can also zoom in the picture to get more details.

Cam Indoor Security Camera 

This one was made to make it easy to understand home security. The arrangement procedure is direct. On top of that, controlling it very well may be effortlessly done from a telephone. It tends to be utilized with a stand that allows having numerous alternatives, such as the edge and perspective.

Cam Indoor And Outdoor IQ Cameras 

These are the top-notch models. They can screen with Artificial Intelligence help. Therefore, they can delve into the finest details and keep you informed of any developments. Their equipment is first class. Their sensor can conduct recordings in 4k quality and stream in 1080p. On account of this, clients can zoom in up to multiple times.

Luckily, the entire procedure is exceptionally quick.

  • One simply needs to introduce the application and connect to Wi-Fi. It tends to be on a telephone of any OS
  • At that point, filter the code that accompanies the gadget
  • The application will say what to do (install Nest thermostat, connect to Google Nest, etc)
  • At the point when the advanced part is done, simply set up a Wi-Fi connection, all the labels, and sensor units

This DIY procedure must be rehashed each time another item is included. If one is setting up the entire framework, the procedure, as a rule, takes somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 minutes.

Home Security Packages And Their Cost

Something this seller can boast about is the modest price for their additional items. Therefore, it is an important point to consider before you decide on a system for your home.  Peruse on to check whether it fits your spending plan.

  • Cam IQ Outdoor: $399
  • Cam Outdoor: $199
  • Cam IQ Indoor: $299
  • Cam Indoor: $199
  • Learning Thermostat: $249
  • Indoor regulator E: $169
  • Hi Video Doorbell: $229
  • Temperature Sensor: $39
  • Secure: $119
  • X Yale Lock: $279

Monthly Payments 

The best thing about these items is that one can screen them without anyone’s professional help, involving no payments to the company. However, there are a few costs included. The things should interface with the Internet sometimes, and use 3G or 4G  if there is no Wi-Fi. It can cost up to $5.

Otherwise, one may opt for a pro service team. It costs $29 every month, and one can use it for 19 months with a 3-year responsibility.

Table Of Comparison Of The Models

The Nest security framework reviews need to cover however much of the house as could be expected to ensure that it is ensured. Along these lines, they made cameras to utilize inside and outside. At that point, the same number of cams would be required, the company additionally provides alternatives for each plan. Have a look at the comparison table below.









Person Alerts




4k Sensor




Audio Quality








HD Zoom




Live Video 24/7




Mobile Alerts




Low-light recording




Phone Support




Cam IQ Indoor: Best For Indoor Use 

This gadget has all the highlights that make it stand out. They come at a cost of $299. It is perfect for putting in key spots, where one thinks something out-of-the-way could occur.

Cam Indoor: Excellent Price/Quality Ratio 

This camera has the essential highlights that will assist your watching out for the house consistently. At $199, it is possible to cover the entire house with these gadgets, and the prices are quite low.

Cam IQ Outdoor: Great Resolution Outside 

As this HVAC unit is waterproof and dust-proof, it is flawless to monitor what is happening outside, without stresses. Also, its excellent sensor catches anything. At $399, this item works very well for the individuals who can pay more to get increasingly nitty-gritty chronicles.

Cam Outdoor: Durable & Affordable 

This cam was guaranteed to show that it can withstand most climate conditions. Also, this comes at just $199. This gadget functions admirably in practically any circumstance at an entirely sensible price.


Utilizing the HVAC equipment is straightforward. When it has been set up, the entire experience is very easy to understand. The gadgets stand up boisterous when something occurs. It has three principal modes:

At the point when one is at home, he will presumably turn the gadget off to avoid alarms when something similar to an entryway opening occurs.

The other two are "Away and Guarding", and "Home and Guarding". Both models are designed to send notifications. The distinction will be that the framework will do so, dependent on whether one is available or not.

Client Experience 

This is one of the most well-known heating and cooling systems. Since Google voice assistants are introduced, it has expanded its inventory. What's more, because of this, it has become very notable among ordinary individuals. Peruse on to perceive how they work.

Terms And Guarantees 

The guarantee will rely upon the type of purchased item. The Nest Learning Thermostat has one that covers it for a long time, for instance. Concerning discount strategy, it is very extensive. If one doesn't open the container, he will have 30 days to send it back. Furthermore, he should pay for the delivery costs.

Yet, if the company delivered an inappropriate item or one that does not work, they will provide a refund. They additionally guarantee customers that all the information that the cameras get can not be passed on to third-party persons, as it is encoded. Thus, they maintain a strategic distance from programmers.

Nest Customer Support 

They offer a few ways for correspondence, including telephone, web, email, and Twitter. Their call community works from 5 am to 9 pm in the PST timezone. They additionally have a site with normal issues and questions that clients may have. This has a particular region for every gadget of the framework.


As these frameworks are powered by Google, numerous clients trust them. However, is it as good as it sounds? There are some blended reports.

While some state that the client assistance is moderate, others guarantee that in less than 10 minutes, they got a swap for a blemished unit.

They are likewise content with the assortment of cameras that the Nest brings to the table. There are explicit choices for every purpose (conditioning, hot water, etc). Thus, on the off chance that one needs to watch out for inside, there is a gadget for that. For outside, numerous alternatives suit various requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It A Worthy Alarm System?

Truly, it is among the best. This security framework is finished and simple to utilize. Individuals can pay for an extra observing membership. Be that as it may, this isn't fundamental. The organization offers some cutting edge administrations. The firm just needs to improve mechanization and combination. Yet, it is a strongly recommendable caution framework.

Which Is Better: Nest Security Or Ring?

The Ring framework offers top-notch innovation observation and cautions without extra installments. Additionally, the items are simple and quick to introduce. This is extraordinary for individuals who like putting cautions all alone.

The Nest security framework surveys also offer a total cutting-edge administration. However, it might be costlier. Clients should pay another membership to have full mechanization. Yet at the same time, it is probably the most ideal alternative to secure your living space since it is a Google-based brilliant business.

Can Nest Security Be Monitored?

Truly, it can. The entirety of the bundles accompanies proficient day in and day out checking. Additionally, the entirety of the cutting edge security items, for example, the Guard keypad, the movement sensors, and movement sensors incorporate proficient observing. Clients just need to keep their Detects and Guard in the application. Above all, the monitoring will be working constantly. It is useful, productive, and viable.

Can It Call The Police?

Property owners can access emergency contact numbers in the application. They can utilize this number at a caution from the Nest security framework. Clients will get a notice on their cell phones on the off chance that there is an issue. For instance, security items can recognize smoke or carbon monoxide and advise them.

How Durable Is The Guard Battery?

All the home security items work with batteries. These can last for as long as two years. The application will advise the property owners when to change the batteries ideally. Individuals ought to do so at the earliest opportunity, utilizing either the Panasonic CR123 or the Energizer CR123A lithium ones

How Do I Get Rid Of Secure?

This framework's primary capacity is to arm entryways and windows. To dispose of it, clients need to do the following:

  • As a matter of first importance, they need to expel the caution security framework from the organization's application.
  • At that point, they need to kill the Secure with the Guard's keypad. On the off chance that they don't do as such, the alert may sound.
  • At long last, they need to hold during the time button on Guard's keypad.
  • Along these lines, there will be a product form and check.

This way, this element will be deactivated.

Home Security System Pros And Cons 

Putting your investment into one of these heaters frameworks is not t a simple choice to take. There are numerous angles to endure as a main priority. What's more, the opposition offers some incredible arrangements as well. Thus, here are the best and most exceedingly terrible things about this smart thermostat that every potential purchaser ought to consider before making the buy in an online store.


  • The gadgets cooperate to make sure about the house.
  • The cameras audit what is happening and send cautions.
  • It is conceivable to alter cautions to be express.
  • They offer a decent discount strategy.
  • Setting it up and utilizing it is straightforward, even the doorbell.


  • The emotionally supportive network is unstable.
  • No connection to Google Chromecast.
  • They are costlier than the alternatives.

Is It A Worthy Solution? 

The Nest home security framework works incredibly for its loyal customers. The gadgets have an incredible structure and are anything but difficult to utilize. Individuals do not require a great deal of assistance. However, the cost is quite high. Also, Alexa and Siri’s assistance can get confused while one uses various smart devices at the same time. On the positive side, there is no requirement for membership. The individuals who are searching for a straightforward way to keep their home secure will most likely appreciate this framework.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 7.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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About the author 

Jeremy Porter

As a former sales manager, Jerry has extensive experience in home safety solutions. He has been working in this sphere for 12 years. He is industrious, ambitious, and accurate. As of now, he has been writing home security articles for about 6 years and has already managed to present his materials in a range of influential periodicals, including The Washington Post.

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