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Lifeshield Home Security Review: Is It the Most Complete?

Lifeshield Home Security Review: Is It the Most Complete?

This company is known for providing top-quality safety solutions at reasonable and attractive prices. Read on to learn more about their offers.


Total Score 8.4/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • Its plans are complete
  • It has varied equipment
  • Setup needs no guide
  • Some do not like the installation system

Basic Info

In 2019, one of the most complete systems appeared on the market. It provides simple settings, ease of connection, and a minimum of equipment. But is it enough? Can it compete with more expensive home security systems? Let us find out!

Featured Characteristics

  • Super low price
  • Setting up without instructions
  • The best smoke alarms of all
  • The 4 new security levels
  • Smart Home compatibility

Source Info

LifeShield is a product of the ADT brand. The company is aimed to offer good prices and simple setups as well as security systems of high quality.

The brand is 20% created by Louis Steel, which has introduced innovations, such as DIY settings. Later, Mike Hagan became an investor, and the company got its actual name.

With the headquarters situated in Langhorne, PA, it is ruled by devoted and talented people. Its purpose is to provide customers with flexible, reliable, and convenient products.

Our company is an official partner of ADT, which provides even simpler and better products.

All the Features You Need

LifeShield Smart Security system consists of such elements, services, tools that ensure the normal functioning of the system itself. Among the developments, many innovations will become the standard of home security in the nearest future.

Monitored by Pros

An important feature of the system is professional monitoring commissioned by pros or made by clients themselves. Professional services are available for an additional fee, as specialists will monitor the house on an everyday basis to immediately prevent any kind of illegal intrusion.

Four Levels of Protection — Stay Tuned

To prevent hacking of the system, it was equipped with 4 levels of protection, including the Internet, cellular and landline communications as well as the emergency backup power pack. The system is always connected and functioning regardless of the quality of communication and the possible power outages.

Stand-by Battery Lasting for 24 Hours

A power outage is one of the most popular ways around a security system. If there is a stand-by battery lasting up to a whole day it is not going to work, so the robbers will simply fail.

LifeShield App — Remain Informed Wherever You Are

The main feature of the system is its mobile app, which helps users to be informed if the sensors do not work or a problem is detected. If a project is foreseen, remote broadcasting of images from surveillance cameras is also possible. The application will also allow you to change settings from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Video Shooting

Cameras are equipped with triggers and video recording functions. The user chooses a trigger, whether it is a smoke alarm triggering or another kind of problem. The system detects a problem area and starts video recording. The manual start of the recording process is also available.

Capture Every Second

The camera not only records video but also takes photos, even when watching the footage videos. If something important is noticed, you can capture it with one click.

Night Mode

Most crimes are committed at the late hours, under the screen of night. To prevent criminals from intruding on the house, our cameras have 8 IR sensors. This option is available for both outdoor and indoor types of cameras.

Secure Information Storage

The system is equipped with a built-in memory with a limited number of gigabytes, after exceeding which the recording will be stopped. Anyway, there is a plan with cloud storage that is a little pricier, yet so much better and more reliable.

Amazon Alexa Compatibility

Amazon has designed the voice assistant called Alexa, without which it is impossible to manage smart systems. Separate orders and tasks, whether it is recording a video or viewing an image using a camera, is going to be available for the users.

Optional Equipment

There is no need to buy all the equipment that is presented in the catalog. Anyhow, before designing and buying a system, it is important to analyze the problem areas, your needs, and the potential problems of your house.

Controlling Over the System

LifeShield base is necessary to enable and disable the security system. At the same time, the database is not built into the system, so if the sensors break down, the system will still work and detect the problems. The equipment works on broadband, cellular, and landline communications.

Touch Screen Control Panel

A compact tablet to manage your security system is a great idea, as you can take it with you and place it anywhere in the house. Quick access in case of emergency is a guarantee of your protection. You can call emergency services with one click.

Smart Keyboard Is the Key to Your Security

The alarm system can be disabled by using the keyboard mounted near the entrance. The user creates a code to manage the process, and there is also a special panic button for emergency calls.

Cameras Everywhere for a 100% Safety

The cameras record video with a resolution of 720p, guaranteeing excellent image details. A 57.8-degree angular view provides wide coverage, and backlighting allows you to record in low light.

Doors & Windows Sensors

Devices determine the fact of opening thanks to a magnet and a sensor mounted to the wall and the door (or window). When the detector is separated from the magnet, an alarm is triggered and the user receives an alert on the smartphone.

Smoke and Fire Protection

The equipment comprises temperature and smoke sensors placed next to them, and it works in emergencies, alerting the monitoring center. Therefore, device compatibility is most important.

Broken Glass Alert

Sensors will be installed near windows and bay windows. They analyze the vibration that occurs when the glass is hit or broken, so they will immediately notify you of an attempt to enter the house. The system will receive a signal, the cameras will record the video in the problem area so that the right decision will be made, and the property owner will monitor what is happening online.

No More False Alarms

Motion sensors respond to heat and movement. Our system is equipped with smart sensors that are capable of distinguishing people from pets. Pets are not a problem anymore, because the system is not triggered when they are detected.

Remote Control

The compact remote is easy to carry around, and it can be used from a sufficient distance to discharge the system remotely. This is convenient when approaching the house and protects against false positives, the need to enter a code, and wait for the system to turn off.

Super Useful Extra Tools

If necessary, clients can buy any extra tools to protect their house from different types of intrusion, be it through the window, backyard door, or even basement. Sometimes you need them and sometimes you do not — it is up to you to choose the tools that fit your house and needs.

Intelligent Freeze Control

In the cold season, pipes often freeze, which is why the property owner spends a good loan of money to repair them along with plumbing equipment. For the water system to operate nonstop, install freeze sensors. They will inform you if the temperature drops below a critical level.

Flood Protection

You can protect the house from damage if you quickly respond to flooding and take the necessary actions. To do this, we recommend installing a flooding sensor, which will promptly notify of an increase in water level.


After the equipment is delivered, you need to proceed with the assembly and installation of the system. You can do this yourself or by hiring pros. If you choose the second option, the company will send specialists to your house. Anyway, professional help is not necessary, because the whole installation process is fast and easy. It is enough to place the elements of the system in pre-selected places, turn on the system, and follow the instructions in the application.

Costs & Packages

LifeShield is available in three different cost options. When you purchase a plan, products are provided free of charge. The contract is valid for 3 or 5 years, and tools do not work without a plan. Prices are from $29.99 up to $49.99 per 30 days. It is also possible to return the equipment within a week after purchase. In case of a return, compensation is guaranteed.

Types of Plans

Three plans are available to choose from, consisting of 3 components, such as cameras and smoke alarms, smash and broken glass protection as well as 4 levels of protection. All types of plans include free mobile apps to control and monitor the system.

Security Essentials

Security Advantage

Security Professional

Professional Monitoring for Intrusion




Fire and Carbon




Monoxide Monitoring




Cloud Video Storage


30 days
60 days
Door and Window Sensors



Motion Sensor




Wireless Connection








Fire Safety Sensor




Keychain Remote




Indoor cameras




Activation Fee
Devices Leasing Fee


Monthly Monitoring Cost




Basic Protection

This plan is recommended for buildings that are over 950 square feet. The price includes 24/7 professional monitoring. Intrusion protection and basic security features.


  • Minimal cost
  • All the basic functions on board
  • Affordable products and technologies


  • No personal control by the property owner
  • Quite a short-term contract that is 3 years only

Enhanced security

The plan is recommended for homes of at least 1,500 square feet. It includes surveillance cameras, records from which are delivered to the cloud storage (storage period is 1 month). Recorded videos can be watched anytime and wherever you are.


  • Personal control
  • Cloud data storage


  • Higher price
  • Short 3-year contract
  • An activation fee is also charged, but your safety is worth it.

Professional Security

The plan is highly recommended for owners of large houses. The price includes cloud storage, in which records are stored for 2 months. Also, the volume of available data storage is increased.


  • The best equipment
  • The increased volume of data storage
  • Possibility of independent monitoring
  • Useful additional sensors


  • The highest price

The Easiest System to Use Ever

The system is complemented by a simple, intuitive interface and the ability to choose between DIY and professional installation. Self-installation takes up to 60 minutes, and you need a Wi-Fi network to connect. The process is extremely simple and understandable thanks to tips and detailed instructions. For those who are not ready to do it on their own, we offer the help of our company specialists (an additional fee is going to be charged for this). If your budget is limited, do not worry — you can do it following our lead (and tips on the app).

Client-Oriented Services

The service is at a good enough level. When workloads, delays may occur with a response to calls, but users are provided with access to the information database, and the settings are necessary for quick independent resolution of any problems.

Guaranties, Terms & Conditions

LifeShield guarantees new customers a refund within 1 month after connecting. During this time, users can try out all aspects of using the system and decide for themselves how convenient, reliable, and safe it is. If the user leaves a negative impression, a full refund is possible. To get a refund, it is enough to cancel the plan within the specified period, but remember that the cost of delivery of the equipment will not be refunded. Note that all elements of the system are guaranteed for 12 months. The manufacturer is not responsible for goods that have been damaged or lost by the user. To protect against these risks, it is better to buy insurance.

24/7 technical support

You can contact managers at any time by phone or the Internet. It is enough to dial 1 (855) 894-1737 or email to support@liveshield.com. Online help is also available on the official website (a special feedback form has been created). But the fastest and most convenient way is still to make a phone call.


Customers leave different reviews about the operation of the system and the company in general. Most people who left some feedback were happy with the products, technical support, and other stuff. These people recommend LifeSchield to others and would have been using it for years. But some would like to make several changes to the system because the installation was not as simple for them as expected, and the support service did not respond immediately.

Anyhow, it often turned out that users could not configure the system due to the lack of a Wi-Fi connection. Someone simply did not know how to relate to tech support, while others received answers quite fast, yet not so fast as they expected. The experience is different but remains mostly positive.

The best solution to find out whether it fits not is a free testing period!


What does LifeShield do?

We are ADT-company created to provide protection and assurance. Our offers include a variety of safety equipment in your home, be it cameras, sensors, fire alarms, etc. Customers are offered 3 types of plans to choose from. The choice of package and plan depends on the goals and problems that the owner of the property may potentially face.

What do I need to know about LifeShield STM?

LifeShield STM is a short-term med plan, available in two versions (Flex and Advantage). They last for 30 up to 120 days and protect in case of damage and injury.

  • Products recommended for those who are:
  • In case of the registration gap
  • College graduates
  • People working part-time
  • Do not have health insurance
  • Unemployed or in search of work
  • Hired but not yet set to work

What does the installation process consist of?

The wireless system is as simple as possible to install and does not require drilling holes, wiring, etc. Elements of the system can be installed anywhere in the house, and you can configure the system yourself or with the help of professionals.

The first step is to connect the base (it is connected if the LED lamp is constantly on yellow or flashing green). After that, you need to follow online instructions to connect and configure other elements, and then check their performance.

How do I cancel a LifeShield Security plan?

Fast and easy as it is. There is no annual contract, so customers pay monthly. To cancel, contact the manager at toll-free number 1-877-632-7657. Tell us about your desire and reason for rejecting the plan, and the manager will consider the appeal and make a decision within a few minutes.

LifeShield Home Security System’s Advantages and Disadvantages

LifeShield is quite a unique product on the market. It has many features and functions that enhance its competitiveness. However, the system has some disadvantages that must be taken into account before buying a plan.


  • One of the best systems on the market
  • Mostly positive clients’ feedback
  • East setups without specific tools and instructions
  • Thoughtful plans with a monthly payment
  • The widest range of tools and sensors


  • Support responses are slower than expected
  • Installation difficulties for a small percentage of users

Now, who is the potential buyer?

LifeShield’s advanced home security system is one of the best systems of 2019. The system is ideal for those who want to protect their home from intruders and spend a minimum amount of money.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.4/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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