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Guardzilla Cameras Review: Monitor Your Home Like a Pro

Guardzilla Cameras Review: Monitor Your Home Like a Pro

The essential element of any home security system is the set of cameras. How to choose a cam, and what specs one should consider? There is plenty to be taken into consideration. The points to consider would include the quality of the footage, accessibility,  wi-fi connection, opportunity to look at the footage from any point, and many more. In the following review, we will delve into popular security cameras made by Guardzilla and see how it stands on the market.


Total Score 8.3/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • User-friendly apps
  • High-quality cameras
  • Easy, DIY setup
  • Very few plans

Guardzilla Security Cameras Comprehensive Review

Guardzilla’s security cameras have been tailored to users who spend a lot of time with their smartphones. Though the DIY installation process is easily done, these cameras are convenient and handy. Let us look at the specs of the cameras.

Key Features

  • High-quality cameras
  • Easy, D-I-Y set up
  • Good resolution
  • User-friendly applications
  • Responsive support
  • Would work for homeowners and those who rent

Company Background Information

Guardzilla was founded back in 2014 and has grown to be one of the leaders on the market of security cameras. The company prides itself on producing one of the smallest camera units available on the American market. The company hires only 14 regular employees, keeping their help center outsourced. This is the source of the major criticism the company receives, as most of the leading security systems providers offer support from the in-house staff team. The company has developed a solid reputation for making cameras both indoors and outdoors affordable for any household. The company offers its products all across the United States of America.

Security Features

Each manufacturer has its approach to developing security features. The major point to consider when looking at security surveillance systems is how security footage is stored. We will discuss Guardzilla’s security features below.

Wireless Connection

The company is utilizing the wifi connection available at the household. Therefore, the cameras are powered by wi-fi and are operated through a wireless connection. Wifi connection complies with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) in most of the houses, and the third party would not be able to intercept the footage that comes in or out.

Cloud Storage

The system is utilizing cloud storages to keep the footage captured in cameras for a user to look at afterward. There is one downside to this cloud storage feature: the storage has the capacity for only 8 seconds of streaming video, and that without audio. The larger version of storage that allows for 30 seconds of video to be stored is provided by the company but must be paid for additionally.

Guardzilla Application

Guardzilla application is well-manufactured and ranks among the best apps for security. However, some of the reviewers complain about the slow responsiveness of the app. The complete control through the application of all cameras is implemented and works just fine.

High Definition Video

The cameras used by the company can capture video in high definition. While there is no full HD (1080p), 720p high definition is available. 720p provides a very detailed, clear footage, so the owner can see all the fine details.

Third-party Integration 

There are integration options available for cameras that a user can choose. They include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Nest, Samsung, and many more.

360 Degree Angle

The full observation of 360 degrees is implemented in all cameras and is ranked at the top of the industry standards. The bigger the angle is — the more observant and safe the user will be


A user has the option of building a fence around his property, both inside and outside, keeping potential perpetrators away.

Mobile Alerting

The camera system is equipped with flexible alert functions. These are adjustable by a user, who can opt for sending alerts to any smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch he might own.

Equipment & Installation

Guardzilla cameras are made to be installed easily. A user with average tech skills can handle the installation process on their own. Cameras come in several variations, and we are discussing them below.

360 Outdoor High Definition Camera

The ablest of the cameras of the company is its 360 degrees outdoor camera:

  • The camera sends an alarm if it notices something in its field of view.
  • The sound is very loud, at 90 dB, so everybody will hear it, for sure.

360 Indoor High Definition Camera

Equally good,  a 360 degrees indoor camera is just what it promises to be: it covers all the insides of the house. What is good:

  • The alarm is as loud as 100 dB.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Special buttons for the case of an emergency.

180 Indoor High Definition Camera

Less capable than its 360 degrees counterpart,  a 180 degrees camera is a more affordable option, that provides:

  • Availability of push notifications.
  • Has a better viewing angle than standard 130 degrees cameras.
  • Does not comprise night vision functionality.

Outdoor High Definition Camera

This is the basic camera option that the company offers to its consumers. The camera is still able to provide a decent high definition picture, and a consumer would be able to see most of the events captured:

  • Captures just fine, except for remote areas.
  • Magnetic stands are available for mounting a camera.

Indoor High Definition Camera

The basic indoor camera for a relatively low budget set up:

  • 100 dB alarm will be heard everywhere indoors.
  • 720p video recording.
  • Storing footage in the Cloud service for 5 days.

Installation Process

The installation and set up have been made to be done by any user without any help from the company. D-I-Y, which is the industry standard, now means that there are no special tools or skills needed from a consumer to set cameras up.

Guardzilla Security Cameras Packages & Prices


Essentially, there are two types of plans Guardzilla offers to its customers. One plan pertains to storing the video in the cloud while another one is for enhanced surveillance of the house.

Video Cloud Storage Plans

Video cloud storage is one of the key features the company offers to its customers. Providing reliable, uninterrupted storage requires a lot of investments from the company. That is why a user will have to subscribe to different cloud storage plans to have immediate access to the footage. However, pricing is more than generous. A user pays $5 a month for all video and sound to be kept at the storage at the cloud. The videos can be played back at the application on a mobile phone or a tablet.


  • Discounts for annual plans
  • History tracking through the app
  • 8 seconds of video free storage
  • 30 seconds of the video comes down at $10 a month


  • The free plan is of relatively poor quality
  • Limited options for payment

24/7 Professional Security Monitoring

A client can pick the option of calling the emergency unit in case something happens that requires immediate intervention. A user can opt for a top sign up with the law enforcement agency, or private security agency, or simply notify a family member. The moment the alarm goes off, it will send the notification to the emergency unit the client has picked, which will react instantly.


  • Immediate action
  • Low cost
  • Billed monthly
  • Premium insurance costs lowered


  • There is no free trial
  • Upfront payments


The equipment is essentially cameras, pods, and sensors connected to the alarm system. The equipment is broke down by the type of camera. Below is the pricing for different types of cameras the company offers.

  1. 360 Outdoor High Def Camera at $229.99
  2. 360 Indoor High Def Camera at $199.99
  3. 180 Indoor High Def Camera at $99.99
  4. Outdoor High Def Camera at $99.99
  5. Indoor High Def Camera at $99.99

Ease Of Use

The camera systems offered by the company are, all-in-all, very easy to use. The installation is do-it-yourself and can be performed by the user alone without any external help. The mobile application is easy to install and is very handy, All controls on the app are intuitively understood, while there are no redundant buttons there. The videos are easily accessed through the app and can be viewed instantly once you click on the playback button on the application. The amount of videos stored varies depending on a plan, but all the plans would include one-week-long video footage, the timing sufficient for most security purposes. The quality of video footage is great thanks to high definition cameras that capture it and quality compression algorithms.

Customer Experience

Guardzilla is striving to please its customers, offering 24/7 support through email and keeping its specialists at hand when the customers need them. Overall, the products have received positive ratings from consumers. There are some negative reviews found on the internet, targetting mostly unresponsive customer service. Some reviewers say that company reps are slow in responding to their emails, while others say that specialists did not answer their concerns. The analysis of our consumer reviews that are available on the internet revealed that there are many concerns and issues with the cameras` connection to wi-fi. The mobile app, which was the key point of sale of the company, has received from average to good reviews. If we look at Android, it scores at 3.5/5, taking into consideration more than 3500 reviews while iOS users of the company’s security system scored an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 with more than a thousand reviews available.

Terms And Guarantees

The company offers easy-to-understand terms and conditions. The documents about the terms can be found on the official website of the company. The company guarantees privacy protection and adheres to the strict non-disclosure policy. The privacy of a client can only be disclosed in the case of the official federal investigation order provided by the law enforcement agency. The contracts are month-to-month, which is the hindrance for some customers, but for the majority, it is the advantage.

Customer Support

There are two major ways a customer has to contact the customer service support team. The company offers a live chat available both on the official website and through the mobile application. The agents’ talkback within a minute on average and are usually responsive and understanding. The only downside of the live chat support is that they offer their help only Monday through Saturday. The live chat is closed on Sundays, and it may defy some of the customers from using this option. The second, a more reliable option is email. The support team usually answers within 24 hours and offers a quick and reliable solution. The support team that is in charge of email communication works around the clock. There is no support team phone found on the website.


The product has received mostly positive reviews from the customers, who underline the convenience of using security systems and very easy setup. Security systems offered by the manufacture are of high quality and, in terms of their reputation, are on the top of home security devices and services. Some reviewers argue that there is a lack of motion detectors that could complement the security system with network cameras. The night vision availability is highlighted in most reviews.


How Are Guardzilla Cameras Connected?

The whole set-up of the cameras is very easy and is intuitive. The cameras need to be connected through a visible port. Another thing, one needs to connect the cameras with the application. Depending on the system you have on your phone, you can choose iOS in case of iPhone, Android app in case of Android, which is easily found in Google play store or Apple store.

Are Cameras Compatible With Alexa?

Yes, they are. The surveillance security system provided by the manufacturer is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and other similar products. You have to go to the hub provided by Amazon or connect your cameras through wifi to the virtual private network your system is connected to.

Are The Cameras Compatible With Google Home?

Yes, they are. The security systems provided by the manufacturer are fully integrated with Google Nest hub and are easily connected to Google Home. Depending on the type of the Google Home system you have, you can fully operate your cameras from your Google Home hub.

What Is The Cancellation Fee?

The way the payment process is organized with the provider is very convenient for the user as there are no long-term obligations that would infer cancellation fees. The contracts are month-to-month, and a user, in the case he or she wants to terminate the contract, should simply stop paying the monthly bill, and the provider will seize to provide its services immediately. A customer should be aware that one of the main features of the company, which is the cloud storage, is offered for an additional price depending on the amount of time it is stored for.

Do Cameras Capture Audio?

Yes, they do. Besides providing high-quality video footage for a customer, Guardzilla’s cameras are provided with audio recording capabilities. Tech experts say in their review that audio quality provided by cameras is top-notch.

Guardzilla Cameras Pros & Cons

How do Guardzilla cameras stand in the line of other security systems available on the market? We are providing a summary of the product’s advantages and disadvantages below:


  • Up to 100 dB loudness of the alarm system. Sufficient to alert law enforcementю
  • Excellent monitoring capabilities
  • Responsive customer service
  • Affordability


  • Inflexible In terms of options they offer
  • A small variety of plans for a customer to choose from


To summarize our review, Guardzilla cameras security systems are designed to serve any household regardless of how many units there are and what is the overall set-up of the property. The camera units can cover anything: from a small garage to a large private property with multiple houses and territories. The quality of high definition footage captured at 720 p is sufficient to see the perpetrator and to figure out even a small detail of what was happening. The cloud storage for the video footage, offered by the company can take some time to get accustomed to, as it seems the time the footage is stored is very limited for any purpose. However, a user will soon make sure that the cloud storage plans are flexible and easily understood. The customer support is quick to reach, though the live chat was found to be available only Monday to Saturday while being unresponsive on Sundays. The quick phone support available 24/7 will enhance the quality of support from the company.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.3/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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