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Deep Sentinel Review: Full Protection Against Intruders

Deep Sentinel Review: Full Protection Against Intruders

Living in an area exposed to the danger of intrusions or burglary? Deep Sentinel can offer you a security system where every detail designed to provide you peace of mind. Read this review from the Epsysecurity team and learn the provider’s pros and cons.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • No false alarms
  • Quick response
  • Live agents work 24/7
  • High-end price

Deep Sentinel Security System Review: In-Depth

Deep Sentinel is a relatively new provider on the U.S market of security solutions. It was founded in 2016 by David Selinger. The main headquarter of the company is located in Pleasanton, CA, but the provider also services across the Western part of the United States.

The story behind the introduction of Deep Sentinel to the industry seems to be lacking a “profit purpose”. David Selinger first thought about starting the business after he experienced a break-in event in his own home. Compared to other providers that focus their interest on fast responses to intrusions and burglary, the Deep Sentinel security system is aimed to prevent any type of danger and crime.

Deep Sentinel is widely well-known for providing pro monitoring built on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. The devices come with DIY installation and share great usability.

Key Perks

  • Wireless monitoring
  • Advanced cameras
  • Human Intervention
  • AI Technology
  • No False Alarm Guarantee
  • DIY
  • Designed by Police Department

Features Of Deep Sentinel Security System

Together with AI technology, the Deep Sentinel security system can promise a lot. Their features are innovative and advanced,  and designed to satisfy any taste of clients. Read below and learn which of them can fit your home security the most.

24/7 AI Video Surveillance

With the help of a pro-on-site processor and AI, their security camera records every single detail most precisely. AI conducts an assessment of the video and alerts about potential danger or threat. After receiving info about the recordings, the monitoring center verifies the danger and takes immediate measures to prevent any type of crime. Beyond that, this AI technology allows homeowners to avoid false alarms. Such surveillance and measures take only a few seconds. The promises of the security system`s provider correspond to reality in full.

Human Intervention

This feature bears resemblance to the police actions, as the security system itself does everything to prevent crime without any false alerts. Whenever there are suspicious trespassing, auto tempering, vandalism, and the like, Deep Sentinel’s guards turn on the surveillance and follow visitors to your territory coming in and leaving it. Upon the need, they call the police automatically.

Immediate Response

Their security system is one of the most renowned in the market and, it is safe to say, smart. There is a few-steps prompt response to a potential threat. First off, guards assess the situation at your house and only then alert the police in case of anything out-of-the-way happening. It helps to prevent any false visits. Secondly, the provider offers live-stream surveillance and two-way audio that can be used to talk to intruders and inform of the urgency of leaving your territory.

Indoor Privacy

The policy of the Deep Sentinel company dictates that people can only request outdoor security cameras that are aimed to notice any strange activities within one’s living area. They do not offer a security system with indoor cameras. Some claim it to be a good thing, as they want to keep their privacy intact, while it cannot be considered a FULL security system because indoor events may also be exposed to certain dangers.

Entire Housing Security

The cameras with this security system are equipped with a wide range of coverage. No detail will slip unnoticed during the surveillance, as well as the spots where intruders may hide.

Police Designated System

Sounds great? Yes, Deep Sentinel used to be employed by over 50 police departments, which required very different features for the highest protection. So potential clients should feel safe assured that this security system works well and guarantees peace of mind as if they were protected by the police.

Mobile Application

Their security system is offered with a mobile app that helps to access and control the devices throughout the house. It perfectly fits those who always at work and want to know what is going on with their property whenever they are away. The app is fitted with a lot of convenient functions and fits both iOS and Android device users.

Storage of Multimedia

Their storage allows keeping audio and image files without any danger of leaking these data to the Internet. Beyond that, Deep Sentinel won’t charge a fee for accessing the Cloud. You need it - you use it. No restrictions!

Equipment & Installation

As for the equipment of their security systems, it is excellent, practical, and durable. Below, we reviewed the most popular solutions you can find relevant for your home security.

Surveillance Cameras

Security systems of Deep Sentinel are equipped with premium quality waterproof surveillance cameras that can withstand any temperature or weather conditions. They come with a flashing LED red ring which is activated whenever there are movements and a VERY loud siren that can frighten possible intruders literally to death.

AI Device

Considering the AI technology, they offer Intelligent Hub, which is, basically, the core of their security system. It stores the recordings in the 4GB of RAM. Beyond that, they provide flashcards with 64GB. This device works by avoiding false alerts as well.

Rechargeable Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries can come in handy every user because they have a durable life-cycle, which helps to control the security for over 2 months straight without additional charging. Every package comprises 4 batteries.

Wall Mounts

Another waterproof device made from hard plastic. They will firmly hold other devices. As for the installation, it is still DIY, but you will need only one screw to make it work perfectly. Even no tech-savvy people will find it easy to set up the.

Yard Signs And Stickers

Want to warn evil-doers that your property is under surveillance? These additional details will show intruders that they had better leave the territory until the police come after them.

Equipment In-Detail

Find below the list where we cover Deep Sentinel products in detail.

10-Second Verification of Potential Threat

One of the fastest responses to threat is the main feature of Deep Sentinel. Prevent crime or burglary.

Real-time Guards’ Check

Whenever there is a potential threat, Deep Sentinel’s guards take measures by involving speakers with two-way audio and a loud siren.

Prompt Police Answer

Sometimes, speakers and siren do not work, so the guards are in close contact with the police to send for help. Potential crime is the trigger rather than occurred one, so the provider ensures there is the right prevention of it.

1080p Quality

The security systems provide HD quality of images and video which users can check using their mobile apps.

Fast Recordings

AI cameras are fast in switching from standby mode to record  relevant events within milliseconds whenever there is strange activity on your territory.

Night Vision

Night vision has a wide range of coverage approximately 35feet. During the night time, the cameras turn on infrared LED lights to provide you with the clarity of images. Beyond that, their cameras will cover every single angle, so intruders won’t be invisible.

Durable life-cycle of Batteries

There are 4 batteries in the package, and they are rechargeable. One battery can endure for 2 months without any charge. So, you can be calm because the security system is working.

Weatherproof Design

Rain, snow, strong wind, or scorching temperature? The devices can withstand it all.

Smart Storage

There is 64 GB of flash memory, as well as 4 GB of RAM.

Pro-on-Site Processor

Up to 10 frame recordings per second.

AI Technology

The security system can differentiate potential danger from regular activities. Thus, it helps to avoid false alarms.


There exist a helpful tutorial video of the setup process that users should download. It will help them minimize the time spent on DIY installation, and enjoy the devices promptly. The camera should be connected to the router with the ethernet cable. Only after, they can power the security system. When you see a green LED light on the video, it means everything is working.

All in all, it takes around 30 seconds to set it up all. To finish the installation, place cameras on wall mounts.

Available Plans And Their Prices

Deep Sentinel, unlike other providers, including ADT, Vivint, etc., offers only one plan that costs $49.99, which is also obviously higher in cost, compared to its competitors. However, there are many features available for this price, which, as you could see, great ones: their AI technology, disaster protection, human intervention, night vision, and many more. Beyond that, it is the price for the whole package.

The plan includes:

  • 3 video surveillance cameras
  • 1 smart hub
  • 4 batteries
  • 3 wall mounts
  • 1-yard sign and stickers

Package In-Detail

There is one package of equipment and 1 plan. Find below what comes with their package, and decide whether it is worth your security and, of course, money.

Comparison of Plan Pricing & Perks

Monthly fee


Package name

Surveillance Package

Activation fee


Upfront fees






This pack is most well-know for AI technology which minimizes false alarms. Beyond that, the provider has a great tech support team that is always there for you in case of any issues. Cameras are extremely easy to use.


  • Integrations
  • A wide assortment of features
  • Advanced sensors
  • Excellent Feedback


  • No indoor cameras
  • 4 cameras won’t fit the big territory
  • No Alexa or Google Assistant Compatibility

Overall Usability

Overall usability is great, users claim to make the whole security system happen within minutes. The provider offers tutorials if you require help for DIY installation, however, help is very unnecessary and you won’t need it. Clients should allocate wall mounts and set their cameras there. Beyond that, additional info on installation comes with their mobile application. So, you are most likely to experience no problems.

Customers’ Feedback On Use

The customer feedback regarding the security systems is excellent. The same concerns their tech support which can help you deal with any issue. Users are satisfied with AI technology and report a minimized rate of false alarms. The total experience is smooth and worth the money they charge for package and plan. The clients only lack voice commands, available with other providers.

General Terms Of Use Of Deep Sentinel Security System

The whole security system costs $499 plus $49.99/monthly. The provider works with contracts; however, not so lengthy ones — 1-year only. Beyond that, the provider offers a free trial with a money-back guarantee that fits those who only seek the devices for their home security. If after the end of the contract you want to stop the subscription, you should do it manually because there is auto-renewal.

Customer Support

The customer support team is reachable by email, phone, and online. Otherwise, you can always refer to your inquiry through the mobile app. The experts of the company work 24/7. Yet, the physical office has working hours Mon–Fri 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. On the weekends, the working hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

 In general, the reviews are only positive. If you still have any inquiries, feel free to contact the provider directly, and the agents will kindly guide you through all the features and devices.


In our search for unbiased reviews, we have come across mostly positive feedback, as the provider offers security systems at justified prices, with decent equipment and exclusive features. Their guards are always there to prevent false alarms or send the police to help you avoid intrusion and/or burglary.

Clients like most cameras that provide excellent quality of images and videos even at night, and of course, they are easy to set up. Some clients warn about the Wi-Fi network, as the devices should be always reachable within the home network. Otherwise, there will be bugs.

FAQs On Deep Sentinel Security System

Is Deep Sentinel Security Worth It?

Yes, if you are tired of standard security systems, it can offer you a lot, including AI technology, human intervention, and more. The provider will help you avoid false alarms and protect your property regardless of the time of the day, weather, connectivity, etc. The price seems at first high but it is justified, and the system is worth it.

Can A Potential Client Buy the Only Camera Rather Than Security System?

No, as it will not make any sense. Their cameras are connected to the monitoring center that, in its turn, works by preventing any crime within your territory. The guards monitor real-time recordings and send alerts to the police. If you need just cameras, refer to other providers.

How To Cancel Your Subscription To Deep Sentinel Security?

You can do it anytime, and the company, unlike other providers, will not make you tired of excessive persuasions. Furthermore, you will be eligible for a full refund. Yet, the shipping fees are fully on your shoulders. To cancel it, we recommend you to directly contact them by phone rather than online.

What Are The Perks That Differ Them From Other Security Systems?

Once again, there is AI technology in work, trained guards, human intervention option, no false alarm, and many more. This provider carries the mission to prevent crime within your property and it does this work perfectly. You won’t find the same features at such a price.

Deep Sentinel Security System Pros&Cons

Like any other security system, it has pros and cons. We’ve tried to discover them and help you with your choice. Let’s take a look at their summarized version.


  • 24/7 experts help
  • Immediate help
  • No False alarm Guarantee
  • AI technology
  • Privacy is the Priority


  • Pricey
  • No indoor cameras as well as door/window motion sensors
  • No Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Compatibility

The Bottom Line

It is high time we summed up whether their brand security systems are worth it or not. Frankly speaking, when comparing Deep Sentinel to Vivint, ADT, SimpliSafe, etc, we acknowledged that this security system is exclusive. You get such features that are not available within other providers, and they come at affordable prices. Yes, the price may seem higher than with standard systems, especially the starting fee but you get what you paid for. Alongside this, there is a decent customer support team, and guards who daily monitor what is going on at your home. As was said above, clients can only be frustrated that there is no Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration available; however, all the rest important features are there for your peace of mind.

The company promises to prevent crimes or at least minimize them with their security system, and the review showed that such statements are real. So, you will not deal with the consequences of crime, — you won’t have them. And, your money will be spent on the right solution for your family. It is WORTH IT.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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