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Canary Home Security Review: The Small Startup That Flew to Nationwide Coverage

Canary Home Security Review: The Small Startup That Flew to Nationwide Coverage

Jeremy Porter 
July 21, 2020

The abundance of home security systems and high-tech cameras in the surveillance market is so confusing, especially if you are an elderly homeowner who has never been used to technologies like these. Burglary and home disasters can ruin the lives of millions. Canary Home Security can save you from a ton of trouble. The key characteristics and the description based on the opinion of the public are presented below.


The overall score is 7.1/10





Payment Issues






  • You do not have to sign a contract.
  • There is a power cut protection system.
  • Remote control.
  • Professional monitoring is not available yet.

Detailed Canary Home Security Review: In-Depth View On The Functions & Specs

 There is nothing wrong with the start-up programs. You should go through the intelligent analysis before buying a smart home surveillance solution. At present, the Canary surveillance system is highly popular among the people of the younger generation. The only drawback is insufficient communication of the servicing center due to the lack of specialists, which will not be a problem in the nearest future.

The Canary home security system started as an individual project. The company rapidly developed for about a year and keeps on improving to win further respect from their customers. Some of the features are included in the majority of home security companies that are still absent here, but they will be added over time. Unfortunately, the insufficient number of staff members, combined with only partial coverage over the country, slows down the development. But Better Business Bureau considers that the company has great potential.

Basic Specs

The owners of the company are prospective young specialists. They are creating new features and testing them on different homeowners, trying to find the best configuration suitable for the majority of the Americans. Have a look at the existing specs:

  • Battery backup option
  • Integration with Amazon and Google home products
  • Video streaming in live mode
  • Compatibility with Android & iOS tablets and phones
  • Wide range of surveillance camera functions

Canary Home Security In-Depth Review: A Bit Of History 

It all started with a small crowdfunding project in 2013 when none of the homeowners thought it would be successful. However, they managed to collect more than $2 million in crowdfunding. Potential customers were interested in new technologies and convenient solutions, including synchronization with all smartphone devices and a single cloud service. The project is already developed enough to join the race with the competitors. Now you can purchase the Canary home security system at Verizon, Best Buy, Amazon, and Target.

Features & What Made Canary Home Security System Popular

Canary can boast numerous tech features packed in convenient smart devices based on Windows 10, iOS, Android, and more. It offers a range of essential functions provided by the majority smart home security systems, like night vision, HD video quality, live surveillance, stylish and functional design, etc.

Round-the-Clock Surveillance

This all-in-one solution with smart sensors and high-quality cameras allows the users to access any security camera installed within the household and watch a live video stream from home. You can also save the clips and screenshots to the cloud storage to look at them later.

Live HD streaming is a premium subscription option!

Motion-Activated Recording

Regardless of the severity of the situation, you will always manage to respond to any emergency. The motion control camera with sensors will notify you about the suspicious activity and send you clips from the places where it is happening. The app will help you understand whether the case is urgent or not. You should not leave your workplace if you have a nasty cat who has just dropped the vase on the floor.

The full clips are only available with the premium subscription!

Personalized Modes

There are three ready modes that you can use, or customize them the way you want. The modes are called “Home,” “Night,” and “Away.” Your home will stay secure, thanks to the built-in night vision option and movement sensors. The technicians also promise that the customer will be safe from false alarms — the motion detector is pet-friendly.

Two-Way Audio

When parents are at work, children and pets still need control. A two-way talk option will help you interact with your children to make them feel your presence and care. A caring parent can also integrate some smart home devices and appliances in the system and connect them with the mobile app. It is nice when you can control the washing machine or heat the dinner by only a couple of simple operations through the phone app.

Emergency Button

The safety button is a tiny surveillance tool that can become a savior when a person feels the pending danger. The button is protected to avoid false alarms. You will have to enter a PIN code before the system starts sending notifications to the police and emergency centers.

Advanced Detection

This feature is also Premium. It is an automated function to turn on and turn off the system. Privacy mode can be activated, according to the schedule.

Incident Support Servicing

If you have no idea what to do and how to behave in case of an emergency, contact the incident support. The knowledgeable team of operators is here for you 24/7. They will consult you on the right self-protection steps and contact the authorities when needed.

Desktop Streaming

All clips, video files, and screenshots will be stored in the cloud storage, and the home video footage can be watched via a control panel in your browser.

Video History

Even if you are an owner of the Canary home security system's basic plan, you will still have access to the timeline of events filmed for the last period. The standard period is only 24 hours, while the premium option is 30 days. It's a very convenient option if you're away on holiday. You will always know who was sneaking around your household while you were not at home.

Hardware & Installation

Canary smart home security can be confusing for the users not used to the abundance of smart devices at home. This system was designed by the young generation of talented technicians. Furthermore, the equipment is provided with detailed instructions. Each security camera comes with all the necessary accessories, and connecting your phone with Echo, Nest, and Amazon Alexa will be no fuss.

View Camera

If you are only interested in essential surveillance without any additional tools, you will appreciate the quality of this device and the low price. it is a regular, but high-quality HD camera with 1080p resolution. It provides the users with the night-vision option, but keep in mind that this camera is not destined to work on the outside. It does not have temperature control, air quality sensors, or anything specific. You will pay only $99 for one camera. If you decide to take a large package, you will get a discount.


This system will cost you $199, offering some of the first Canary highlights. It provides both indoor and outdoor video camera surveillance because the hardware is water-resistant and reliable when it comes to any environmental changes. There are wireless options, as well as the regular wired. You also get such opportunities as desktop streaming, two-way talk system, and a spacious cloud video storage. The videos can be kept up to thirty days.


Owners of more sizeable properties will find this plan and a set of equipment sufficient to protect the whole household from both inside and outside. The Canary Pro hardware will cost you $338. Properly installed and tuned up equipment will provide you with temperature control, humidity air quality control, sound detection, motion detection, and more. Night vision and HD microphone quality are built-in as default features for all plans. This plan also includes a siren. The brand recommends this plan because It is the most financially-efficient.

Additional Equipment

The Canary home surveillance system comes with numerous accessories, the choice of which is regularly updated. The first and the most traditional accessory is a mount that will help you fix the camera to the wall. For example, there is a mount with a rotating head to change its angle via his Android app. There is also a special fixture to help you hide the camera in a flowerpot or the garden soil.


The manufacturer tried hard to make the installation process as automated as ever. Unfortunately, the professional setup is still unavailable regardless of the plan. A customer gets a parcel with the hardware and the instructions and does everything himself. The only thing you have to take care of is a stable internet connection and a strong Wi-Fi signal. The smartphone app is also designed in a very intuitive way. Your iOS and Android devices will perfectly coordinate the work of the system.

Canary Home Security System: Plans & Pricing

There are only three plans and two types of price coverage (12 or 24 months). There is no fee for the standard option, but there are, for the other two plans.

Basic Experience

What the company calls "basic experience" means getting access to the day-and-night video surveillance and a motion detector. The basic plan also includes the history of clips. However, it's available only for 24 hours for the clip. You pay for the plan, pick out the desired products (Pro, Flex, or View series), and all is done!

1-Year Premium

A year fee is $99. By paying for the one-year Premium, you get full clips and recoding history kept in the cloud storage and available via the control panel or a smartphone app. The safety modes finally become customizable, and you also get the Incident Support service.

2-Year Premium

Two years of premium use will cost you $178, which is $89 a year. The list of features is the same as with the yearly subscription. it is just that you pay $20 less.


There are three sets of home surveillance products offered by Canary. We've already mentioned them before. They are View, Pro, and Flex. The prices on the equipment sets are $99, $169, and $199 accordingly. There are also customizable multipacks.

Basic Experience Vs. Premium Packages

We cannot say that the premium options of all home surveillance systems are better than the standard ones. Everything depends on what you’re expecting from the system. There is no need to pay for such things as touch ID function, synchronization with Fire TV or CCTV, or smoke detection if all you need is a tripod with an outside night vision surveillance cam for the garage door. The apps for Premium and Basic surveillance usually have the same functionality. Have a look at the fundamental differences between these two plans.

Canary Pro

it is a universal and most versatile solution with HD 1080p camera for complete home security. If you purchase a monthly bundle, you'll get a wide range of additional options that we've already mentioned above (desktop streaming, 30 days’ storage for the clips, two-way audio, etc.).


  • Environmental and motion detector
  • Can tether to all mobile systems
  • Demonstrates stable wireless and wired connectivity


  • You will have to buy additional protection for the whole house

Canary View

This system is not less intelligent. It offers numerous AI options and can send notifications even to the apple watch owners. The quality of the camera is the same as with the premium quality plan. If you choose a premium servicing bundle, you'll manage to keep your video recordings in the cloud for up to 30 days. Two-way talk and streaming will also be available.


  • HD video quality with 1080p resolution
  • Affordable prices
  • System of prompt notifications for all types of mobile devices


  • Lacks some features, in comparison to the Pro version

Canary Flex

A simple and yet versatile security system with basic options. You can enlarge the functionality by subscribing to a premium bundle.


  • Works for indoor and outdoor video surveillance
  • Waterproof
  • Has motion detection sensors
  • Calls the police when detects suspicious activity


  • The connectivity is limited

Canary Multipacks

It is one of the best options for big tech-savvy families: a very efficient solution with high-end HD cameras and numerous highlights, including the wall mounts and other accessories. The prices for the kits range from $338 to $597. Besides, you can tune up the system and customize it by combining several payment plans.


  • Full coverage
  • Customization
  • More extensive range of equipment and accessories


  • High price

Ease Of Use

The majority of the customers agree that you will not experience any trouble fixing the equipment and integrating smart home devices into the system. Most operations are carried out in the automated mode. Even if you have never been through a DIY experience, you’ll spend no more than 10 minutes studying the instructions that come together with every package. Besides, you can always make a call to the Canary security contact center for more profound information. If you already have Google or Amazon smart home sensors and hardware, you will be glad to know that all of them are compatible with the system.

Customer Experience

The reviews are mostly praising. The customers appreciate the support service and a wide range of payment options. The opportunity to combine the subscriptions with different packages makes Canary more versatile: you can always improve the functionality and boost up the surveillance process by merely turning to another payment plan.

Terms & Guarantees

The hardware was mostly tested in the USA, and that is the reason why some customers from over-the-border are afraid of ordering it. It looks like they are worried about the compatibility. The cool thing is that you can get your money back in 60 days if you do not find the equipment useful. All the disputes and complaints should be officially addressed to the primary office located in New York.

Customer Support

There is no professional surveillance, but customer support is always there for you if you have any questions concerning the guaranty, installation, prices, and compatibility. Pay attention that the brand has accounts in social networks. You can contact the personnel there as well as via the official website.

Positive & Negative Feedback

Customers sharing positive feedback appreciate the integration options. The list of devices able to interact with this AI system is vast. The phone app is so easy to use that even a child will deal with it. The emergency button is protected with the PIN code so that your child couldn't use it without your permission.

The only drawback of the system, judging by the negative reviews, is the support system that is not prompt enough. The trouble is that it's a new security system, and the team needs time to find the skilled technicians able to get in touch with the owners of the system 24/7. Besides, the systems offering the best bundles are too pricey for some families. Nevertheless, the owners of the system provide numerous improvements, since the system itself works flawlessly.


Is the Canary security system worth the money paid?

The functionality and the security options can be compared with the majority of the other security systems available in the market. The only drawback is that it is a young company that has trouble with servicing and several trained technicians. The equipment is worth the money.

How does it work?

It is a self-monitoring system with several payment plans: from regular notifications and sending short video clips as notifications to your mobile phone to a month of video and screenshots storage.

Can someone hack the Canary security system?

All systems can be hacked, and the only thing you can do is take precautions. Make sure you keep the PIN-codes from the system secret from your kids and change the password when you feel like something suspicious is happening.

Is there a live surveillance option with Canary?

Just log in to the mobile app or into your Canary home surveillance account and get notifications with video clips 24/7. Remember that you can only store the clips for the last 24 hours until you get a premium subscription. Live video surveillance is available.

Do I have to get a Canary membership to use it?

You can use the system without the membership, but you will be limited in terms of options and tools. Remote control, downloads of the clips, and incident support are not available without the membership.

Is there a sound recording option with the Canary Home Security system?

Yes, of course. Besides, there is a two-way communication feature helping you to interact with the residents of your household.

Pros & Cons of Canary Smart Home Security System

it is evident that the number of advantages is prevailing if the project managed to get more than two million dollars of money through the Kickstart project. Of course, the project is in a state of constant development and improvement. Nevertheless, it has great potential for the competitive market.


  • No contract
  • Transparent pricing
  • Remote control
  • DIY solution
  • Customization
  • Power cut protection


  • Additional equipment is limited
  • Professional surveillance is unavailable

Should Clients Risk & Try?

There is nothing wrong with the start-up programs. You should go through the intelligent analysis before buying a smart home surveillance solution. At present, the Canary surveillance system is highly popular among the people of the younger generation. The only drawback is insufficient communication of the servicing center due to the lack of specialists, which will not be a problem in the nearest future.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 7.1/10





Payment Issues






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