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Brinks Home Security System Review: How This Industry Leader Compares Today

Brinks Home Security System Review: How This Industry Leader Compares Today

Kyle Hobb 
August 3, 2020

Brinks is one of the most recognized brands on the market of high-end home security systems. Today we are going to look at the crucial characteristics of the system, warranty, and customer reviews on the internet. The study will be useful for those who have never dealt with surveillance cameras and smart home security systems.


The overall score is 7.9/10





Payment Issues






  • You can get your money back within 30 days after the system's purchase is not suitable for your needs
  • It is highly convenient, offering intuitive touchscreen control via an application from Google Play store
  • It is a reliable video surveillance home security system with 24/7 support of the trained technicians
  • You will have to sign a contract with many obligations first

Best Brinks Home Security Review In 2020 & In-Depth Analysis

It is one of the most renowned brands demonstrating high professionalism and skills of the technical staff. The company promotes smart home monitoring with top-notch surveillance cameras, flawless integration, and additional high-tech equipment. That is why they compel the customers to sign a contract — they are aware that their service is among the superior such a competitive market.

Basic Specs

There is a sufficient choice of packages and monthly subscription options, but the essential features are always the same.

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Automation functions
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Mobile control panel
  • Identity theft protection

Brinks Home Security In-Depth Review: A Bit Of History 

Brinks started releasing its cutting-edge tech products long ago. The company was established in 1859 when nothing was available in the American market of home monitoring systems. The owners of the company started their business, servicing the jewelers and storefront producers. They invested significant sums of money into international trade, which accounted for about 82% of income.

At present days, you might have already heard about Broadview. It happened when Brinks decided to try rebranding, but in a couple of years, the owners decided to back to the old name Brinks after several tries to merge with the other home security companies, such as ADT, for instance. Nowadays, the Brinks Home Security trademark is associated with impeccable home security hardware and flawless customer service. Their main office is situated in Dallas, Texas. Brinks is also often branded as Monitronics. Earlier it was also known as Pittston Company.

What Are The Essential Brinks Security Features?

The present owners of the company proudly say that one of their best achievements no one cannot beat is tech support. Their trained staff members do a great job, according to the reviews. They offer DIY installation, as well as the professional one. Besides, Brinks can be integrated with Google Nest, and this partnership makes the whole system even more intuitive, stable, and secure.

Home Automation

It is one of the top options for smart integration and automation. According to the customers' feedback and information from the Better Business Bureau, the Brinks control panel easily controls numerous wireless home security equipment items, including smart doorbells and locks for the doors and windows. Each camera easily syncs with Google products and Amazon Alexa.

Round-the-Clock Surveillance

Brinks home security will contact the emergency center at any time of the day and night. There is a burglar alarm that will identify the intruder and call the emergency even if you are sleeping. If you have an Alexa or Siri device, you will manage to control the whole home security with voice commands.


It is an optional function. When the sensors and the cameras detect something unpredictable and unusual for your household, the system sends a notification to the emergency or the police. If you have elderly members, you can tune up the system and make it contact medical help in an urgent situation. Firstly, the signals are sent to the support center where Brinks specialists identify the situation as dangerous or not before you even know about it.

Notifications & Reminders

If you are a user of Google Nest, you will enjoy the system of convenient notifications. You will never forget to lock the front door or turn off the heating, doing it all remotely.

Mobile App Control

Nothing is surprising in the opportunity to control the system via the phone as it is possible with the majority of reliable home security systems. Vivint, Tyco International, ADT home security, and other reliable and reputable “monsters” of smart home surveillance have released convenient apps to make it easy for you to access a live feed from home and get instant alerts about everything happening in the household with screenshots.

Cloud Storage

Video files and audio recordings will be kept safely until you might want to delete them yourself. You will never have to worry about the capacity of the micro SD card.


Unfortunately, long contracts scare away inexperienced customers. You will have to sign it for three years. However, you should understand that a contract is a mutually protective system both for the brand and for the customer. Besides, you can always get your money back within thirty days of usage if the system turns out to be unsatisfying for your needs.

Control Panel Protection

The touch control hub is a real miracle — even a child will be able to work with it and assist you with the control of your smart home security system. Locking the doors, calling the authorities, arming and disarming the living space are now effortless things to deal with.

On-Call Assistance

Entrust yourself and your living space into the caring hands of the skilled Brinks professionals. Someone will ALWAYS be online to help you face the emergency cases.

Hardware & Installation

Of course, the touchscreen control hub is not the only pride of the brand. There are numerous sensors, additional equipment items, and a wide range of cameras.


If you have a large family and a large household with pets and a spacious outdoor area, you will have to consider buying not only indoor but outdoor surveillance cameras as well. Each Brinks package comes with a camera,  plus a bit of additional equipment.

Indoor Surveillance Cameras

If you opt for a basic package (as the majority of the new customers do), you will get a nice HD cam with a 1080p resolution. It films in low light, and the night vision is also available. The filming distance is 20ft. The device can be connected to your phone via an app so that you could see what's going on in your rooms and hallways. There is a wide field of view (100° vertical and 113° horizontal).

IMPORTANT! The Basic plan includes a camera that can only be placed indoors!

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor cameras produced by Brinks are more powerful, with a greater number of add-ons. They are wireless and you will have no trouble placing them secretly, so an intruder could not deactivate them anyhow. The filming distance is twice as much as in the basic camera model, but the resolution is the same. Unfortunately, the outdoor camera's field of view is not as significant as you might expect (88°).

Doorbell Video Surveillance

The doorbell camera by Brinks comes with the same HD resolution as the previous models mentioned above. The field of view is 180°, and the filming distance is 15ft. It's enough to see anyone close to your front door. There is a two-way audio option available.

Anti-Intrusion System

It is a complex system of monitoring devices with sensors and automation equipment that is recommended to be installed by professionals. These accessories collect the information about the activity in the doorways and near the windows, detect the indoor and outdoor motion at night to protect your home from locksmiths, and give you a sense of safety.

  • Windows and doors sensors
  • Garage door sensors
  • Glass break notifications
  • Indoor and outdoor motion sensors

Surveillance Options

In addition to the powerful motion detection system, there are types of equipment able to record what is happening in the darkest corners of the living space. The most reliable services and tools are

  • Doorbell cameras
  • Tilt & pan outdoor and indoor wireless video surveillance
  • Online assistance
  • Live footage

Natural Disasters Alerts

Burglars are not the only threat you should protect your relatives from: natural disasters cannot be controlled and properly predicted. If you have kids and elderly relatives at home, or pets, you should be aware of all potential threats because one push of a button can save the lives of several people at once. Brinks home security will react to:

  • Floods and excessive wetness in the rooms and outside the house
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Unreasonable temperature changes

Medical Assistance & Life Safety

If you have elderly members of the family alone at home or if one of your relatives needs medical assistance because of the health condition, it is more than reasonable to install several medical alert buttons within the living space. A panic button immediately signals to the support center and saves many lives.


You might have already decided that the Brinks security system is too complicated. Nope. Many customers agree that it is user-friendly and quite easy to install even if you are not a handyman. Of course, hiring a technician is always an option, but remember that it will cost you extra money.

Brinks Home Security System: Packages & Surveillance Options

There are several plans with different functionality. The pricing policy for the security system packages is transparent. However, some clients might find it a bit expensive. There are upfront costs and a fee you will have to pay every month for online assistance.

Home Complete 

This is a universal kit with almost full coverage. It comes with an indoor camera (you can purchase extra cameras if needed), a touchscreen control hub, a couple of motion detectors, three sensors for the doors, and the yard signs that can scare away the intruders on the way to your home.


  • Round-the-clock control via the phone app
  • Five sensors
  • Night vision option


  • Skilled installation is not included
  • Additional equipment is pricy

Home Complete & Video

This is an improved version of the plan described above. The functions and specs are the same, but there is also a SkyBell Slim Line doorbell included. The camera becomes universal, and you can install it both indoors and outdoors.


  • Professional installation
  • Doorbell surveillance
  • The camera can be placed outdoors


  • High prices
  • Contract obligations

Home Complete With Financing

It’s a more profound payment plan. In addition to the price reduction possibility, the buyer gets more hardware items and better servicing. There are five sensors, as in the previous plan, sleek design of the equipment, and a pet-friendly alarm designed not to scare the pets in the area.


  • The payment procedure is simpler and more profitable
  • Identity theft and hacking protection
  • Smart integration


  • 36-month contract
  • A video doorbell alarm is not included

Home Complete with Video & Financing

It is a top package for financially stable families, so if you are a wealthy person able to maintain a significant household with a couple of cars, it will be reasonable to invest in a plan that includes ALL equipment items and accessories. The system can be tuned up to your needs, from emergency buttons in the shower and up to a dress code option so that the system could understand you are in danger.


  • Lower costs for maximum packages
  • HD resolution video
  • Two-say audio interaction


  • Too pricy for some of the consumers

Ease Of Use

It is one of the priciest security systems in the market, but the manufacturer has done their best to provide the clients with maximum simplicity and intuitive installation of all elements. You will not have to pay for the technician’s assistance if you simply read the instructions coming with every package. There is Nest compatibility, as well as numerous other highlights, from automated installation and up to the stylish and intuitively simple touchscreen control hub.

Customer Support & Online Assistance

The staff is working 24/7, and someone will always be online to assist you in case of an emergency.

Terms & Guarantees

You cannot avoid difficulties when it comes to complex security systems. The first one appearing with Brinks is the pricing. Yes, it is absolutely transparent but still too high for many homeowners. You will also have to sign an agreement with a long list of obligations. The good news is that you can always return your money if the system does not satisfy you within thirty days. Besides, you will get a two-year warranty on the hardware.

Credibility Based On BBB.org And Trustpilot

Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot are reputable platforms collecting customer reviews and checking whether they are real or not. Judging by the prevailing number of reviews, the Brinks website is one of the safest ones. Virtual assistance is high-end. Better Business Bureau Gives an A+ rating to the company, and Trustpilot gives it five stars.


Some of the negative reviews refer to the unstable work of online staff members. Nevertheless, it is not the issue of the whole company — it is about individual cases in rural areas or small towns. Problems like these are promptly resolved by addressing the main offices of the company. Most clients agree that the equipment is trustworthy, stylish, and convenient, and the installation is simple.

It is an old home security system used in many business spheres of American life. The only thing that still makes some customers hesitate about the purchase is the long-lasting contract. Nevertheless, a contract might mean that a company is sure it can provide its clients with top servicing for years ahead. Two years of warranty also come in handy is you have problems with batteries in your wireless home surveillance equipment.


What About The ATD And Brinks Partnership?

It was a very fruitful partnership that started in 2010 when Brinks positioned itself as Broadview. In 2018 Brinks decided to get back to its initial name and restore the business under the name Brinks Home Security.

Is Brinks A Trustworthy Company?

It is a very competitive organization with a flawless reputation. It has everything that the other companies boast to offer. Possibly, this explains the high price tags.

Does The System Control Credit Cards?

Indeed, Brinks can provide users with identity theft protection, as well as the protection of credit card information.

Does The Company Plan Quit Business?

No. As long as the company is separated from ATD, it is getting higher income with over 200,000 satisfied customers, the number growing annually.

Is The System Compatible With Amazon Alexa?

Yes. It is compatible with the majority of home security control systems, including Google products and Z-Wave. Brinks is known as one of the most versatile systems in terms of compatibility.

How Can I Refrain From Brinks Servicing?

Terminating the contract is always an option. The refund possibility depends on how you followed the conditions of the contract. The contact number is present on the main page of the official website. An agent will consult you on everything.

Pros & Cons Of Brinks Home Surveillance System

One of the most striking things about Brinks is that you’ll have to sign an agreement for three years. Nevertheless, it is one advanced product that will serve you faithfully for years.


  • Day-and-night monitoring
  • 30-days refund policy
  • Integration with the smart household equipment
  • Reliable hardware
  • Convenient mobile app


  • Obligatory contract agreement
  • High prices

Brinks Home Surveillance Bottom Line

The reputation of the company is mostly positive, judging by the information from the customers` review platforms. It looks like the pricing is the only drawback because all users agree that the functionality is flawless. Partnership with the other brands has made Brinks a trustworthy and experienced company.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 7.9/10





Payment Issues






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