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Blink Security Camera Review: A Cheap & Easy Way To Protect Your Home

Blink Security Camera Review: A Cheap & Easy Way To Protect Your Home

A full-fledged home security system can be a real burden for inexperienced users. Firstly, it is a complex system including cameras, cloud storage tune-up, synchronization with Wi-Fi video surveillance system, or integration into such software as Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo Show, when needed. Secondly, the installation of the wireless surveillance system can be costly, and you will not manage to resolve the issue without the help of the skilled technicians. A camera is the essential element of any security system.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The overall score is 4.4/10





Payment Issues






  • Convenient control via the smartphone
  • Absence of contracts and monthly payments
  • There is a wide range of features, including smart sensors, night vision, and motion detectors
  • The connectivity

In-Depth Blink Camera Review: Functionality, Automation & More

When someone is searching for a home security system, they find out about the high fees and tries hard to save on at least something. Well, saving on cameras is not the best option here. There is no need to pay for the cameras monthly — you simply install them once and enjoy the performance. Nevertheless, cameras produced by Brink can be called low-cost options. Additionally, their automation is top-notch.

Basic Specs

  • Night motion control notifications
  • Live HD surveillance
  • Night vision
  • Resistant to the environment
  • No monthly fees
  • 2-year battery life

Blink Home Security Camera In-Depth Review: A Bit Of History

The founders of the corporation are Peter Besen, Don Schlesinger, and Stephen Gordon. They established their business four years ago, and the plan has turned out to be successful. It all started with a Kickstarter campaign, as it is the case with many successful projects these days. In a year, the founders got enough money to provide the residents of their country with top-notch video surveillance equipment.

The creators put particular emphasis on battery life. They wanted to make their security cameras as sturdy and stable as they can be. Besides, they wanted their products to have reasonable price-tags. The setup and tune-up processes are fast.

You should understand that these security cameras are functional and efficient parts of Blink security systems, as they offer affordable fees and prices on the extra equipment.

What Are the Essential Blink Security Features?

One of the striking advantages is the simplicity. The choice of features is very complex, but the management, maintenance, and tune-up processes are very intuitive and plain. Have a look at the features below.


This security camera will help you find out what is going on in your household 24/7 thanks to the smart night vision motion control: any suspicious movement will be detected, and the owner of the camera will be promptly notified about the intrusions and accidents via one of the most convenient mobile apps. Each time something unconditional is happening, the camera starts recording and sends the clips to your phone.

Night Vision

You can keep on monitoring regardless of the lighting conditions. Firstly, these smart home cameras have very sensitive lenses with built-in sensors allowing the cameras to absorb more light. Secondly, the additional LED lighting improves the quality, whether it's pitch dark or not. You will always receive your HQ video or have it saved in the security camera cloud storage.


Instant notifications are obligatory for urgent situations, especially if you act as a caregiver for an elderly person or a family member with disabilities. You will not have to wait before the device reacts to the motion and sound — it will turn on and start recording the clips as soon as motion detection is activated.

Automated Arm & Disarm Functions

Not all people need cameras turned on 24/7. It’s not energy-efficient. One of the best options here is to make sure the cameras can turn on and off automatically when you are at home or stop being active in some of the rooms upon your entering them. Of course, you can do everything manually; but if you’re a busy or a simply forgetful person, automation will do you good.

Voice Control

Embrace comfort, urgency, and convenience with Amazon Alexa products and an opportunity to control the system and the cameras with your voice and without getting out of the shower. The Amazon Alexa app will help you switch on and switch off the system with voice commands, free of charge.

Privacy Control

You can always disarm a camera by a couple of simple signals or motions when you are already in the secured room and do not need surveillance. Protect your privacy in one of the simplest ways.

Long-Lasting Battery

The manufacturer offers two years of battery life without the need to recharge. These cameras will help you avoid all the fuss with the maintenance. XT2 camera model offers motion activation and two-way audio. Keep in mind that the XT2 camera model is an upgraded version. The basic version, known as XT, offers only one year of battery life.

Third-Party Integration

IFTT is one of the third-party applications offering numerous automation features. You can also integrate your security system with smart cameras into Alexa and Google Echo for more automated surveillance. Blink security cameras can integrate into numerous systems available on the market.

Timely Alerts

As soon as something suspicious happens within the walls of your home or outside of it, you will know everything about it on the spot. You will receive an alert with a short video clip or a screenshot of what the camera managed to record.

Installation & Tune-Up Simplicity

Blink security cameras offer high-end quality video monitoring, but you should not think it demands special knowledge. In addition to the reasonable price, each cam is crafted with the idea of maximum simplicity. There is no wiring, and the installation instructions are sufficient.

Products Included

You should understand that a regular video surveillance camera cannot deal with the security work on its own. A cam is a part of a complex system consisting of numerous elements.

Additional equipment for Brinks security systems include:

  • Blink indoor camera
  • Blink XT camera for the outdoor installation — it is resistant to the environment imperfections
  • An enhanced synchronization module that will help you connect all equipment items into one stably-working video surveillance system
  • A siren destined to scare the intruders
  • Sensors for the back and front doors
  • A keypad for the control of the cameras

Make sure that only trustworthy people get access to the control panel!

Blink Cameras Functionality

Of course, the base control center with the keypad is important, but the heart of the whole system is a network of cameras. The cameras are released in several versions; the basic one is XT, offering a set of essential functions plus one year of life for the batteries. This camera model is suitable for both the outdoors and indoors. All camera models offer the same level of functionality with smart sensors. They will control the motion regardless of the illumination intensity.

Video Doorbell Function

The doorbell function will help you keep an eye on the visitors and let your friends and family members without opening and closing the door manually. XT cameras are waterproof, with the night vision control and effective sensors aboard.

Additional Hardware

You can integrate as many cameras in your surveillance system as you want, depending on your needs and the size of the house. Remember that the more cameras you include in one package, the less you will pay for them.

Camera Boost Up Opportunities

Numerous accessories can significantly improve the existing functionality of your video surveillance system. Even such tiny things as stickers for windows and signs for a garden that can warn the intruders will come in handy. Convenient mounts are providing you with an opportunity to inspect each corner of the household. Besides, they will make the whole surveillance system look more stylish.

Installation of the Cameras

Just make sure you follow all instructions, and the installation will be as easy as pie. As soon as you deal with the installation of basic video surveillance elements, wireless tools, and make them work together, it is time for the additional devices. It will take minutes. You will also have to install virtual assistance and the apps listed in the instructions to make the whole system work under the control of the mobile device. There will not be any trouble with the storage, because there is always a cloud-based online solution.

Packages Offered With Blink Security Cameras 

The company is relatively young, but it does not imply that the number of home security camera options is too limited. Studying the reviews of the real customers on Amazon can be helpful. Right now, we are ready to provide you with the basic info on the packages available. Choosing the one that will be suitable for the needs of a certain customer is no trouble now.

Basic Set With One Surveillance Camera Included

It is one of the cheapest video surveillance systems with the price tags starting from $79.99. Note that the basic set is designed to be used only within the house walls. If you are interested in the outdoor video surveillance, you will have to invest in a waterproof camera and a special mount. You should also know that the indoor camera models have a stylish high-tech design, the reason why they will not be suitable for the street, there being too flashy. Outdoor cams from Brinks are perfectly designed to blend with the environment.

The basic set includes low-light, motion, and temperature sensors. The quality of the video in HD. If one camera is sufficient for your needs, this system will demonstrate flawless performance. There are no monthly fees for the basic package — you only pay once. Google Play stores several applications that will come in handy for remote control via Wi-Fi. If you are interested in additional functions like infrared sensors for gas detection (aka IR camera) or anything else suitable for your specific needs, you will need to buy additional tools.

Pro Model With One Surveillance Camera

It will cost you about $100, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor control, too. The set comes with only one camera, but it is more versatile, in comparison with the previous option. A two-way audio system is available, which makes the camera convenient for the front door surveillance.

The manufacturer takes great pride in the battery life: they promised it to work for at least two years before you need to replace it. It is an advanced, energy-efficient option, as the camera is ready to face environmental changes. There is also cloud storage to keep the most important clips and screenshots for as long as you need it.


The best performance of the majority of the security systems is provided via accessories and additional surveillance kits that simplify and enhance the process. A PIR sensor, signs, and stickers for the backyard, sync options, and many more can turn a regular home security system with cameras into a professional tracking system.

Make your surveillance system complete with the following accessories and tools:

  • Yard signs and stickers for the windows so that it could scare the intruders and prevent them from breaking into your home
  • White covers for the cameras
  • Synchronization module activating the whole surveillance system
  • Convenient mounts for the cameras

Product Comparison Table

Being through with the review of all camera models, it is time to present this info in an abridged form, so that you could finally decide whether these surveillance elements will do for you or not.







HD Video



Motion Detection



Low-Light Illumination



Temperature Sensor



Live View Video



Live View Recording



2-Way Audio



Extended Battery Life



Customizable Motion Zones



Simplicity of Use 

You will never be stressed out while using the equipment. You will have no trouble setting it up. Just place the cameras where you would like them to operate and connect all elements of the system to the central unit. Studying the Terms of Use and instructions is obligatory if you want to prevent any potential trouble. To get access to the phone app, you will need to scan the code and start using the system. Just touch the icon of the app and start controlling your smart home system employing your smartphone. The equipment is marked with the IP65 code notifying the user that it is dust-proof.

Experience of the Customers

One of the most sensible things to do is research on social media and the customer review platforms. Nothing could speak better for the functionality of the security system than the comments of the customers. The iconic companies producing home surveillance systems with cameras embrace negative reviews — they use them to improve the service. If the company of your choice has only positive reviews, it is a red flag, because security systems are not universal and it is impossible to satisfy the needs of all customers equally.


According to the Terms of Use, you will have thirty days to test the system and understand whether it is suitable for you or not. If everything is in perfect condition, you will get your money back in no time at all. The cameras have a 1-year warranty, and you will not have any trouble having a faulty device fixed by pros.

Blink Customer Support

Help is always on the way, and blink online staff members are ready to contact you in all ways available. If you are the one controlled by the caregiver, you will have the chance to get in touch with the staff members 24/7. If you have requests or complaints, you should contact them on working days. The exact Blink schedule is mentioned on the website.

Reviews of the Blink Camera

All users of Blink cameras and their security systems agree that it is one of the simplest technologies any homeowner could afford and install without professional help. Besides, there are no subscription or contract obligations needed. You pay once and enjoy the functionality.

It is a wireless system that does not require any specific equipment to make it work. The hardware will not need much room within your household, and the software is intuitive.


Are Blink Cameras Worth The Price?

Of course! The video quality and the straightforwardness of use are among the most common reviews. Even in conditions of low illumination, the equipment manages to provide the users with HD video quality and prompt high-end performance.

Can Someone Hack My Camera?

Blink management managed to do all there is to protect their security systems from breaches and hacking. The servers are thoroughly protected, and the personal information of the users is kept under strict control.

What Is The Filming Range Of Blink Cameras?

Make sure that the cameras are no farther than 100ft away from the main synchronization module. The stronger the Wi-Fi signal, the more stable the hardware will be.

Is It Possible To Steal The Blink Camera?

It only depends on where one places the mounts. You should make sure your outside home surveillance is properly hidden from the eyes of strangers. Pay attention to the fact that not all Blink cameras are suitable for outside video monitoring. It is not connected with the quality of filming — it is related to the design of the cameras. Inner surveillance cameras are more stylish and visually appealing. Outer surveillance options are more disguised.

Do I Need An Internet Connection For The Blink Cameras?

Of course. You will have to make sure the connection is stable for the recording of HD videos and prompt notifications with the screenshots. It is suggested to have a strong Wi-Fi connection for a sufficient streaming speed when needed.

Pros & Cons of Blink Cameras

As long as there are no universal solutions for everyone, the surveillance products have pros and cons, as well as the Blink cameras.


  • Two-year battery life
  • No wiring
  • Convenient app
  • No monthly payment
  • Abundance of features


  • Only Wi-Fi
  • Complicated for newbies

Who Needs Blink Cameras?

They are perfect for people who know how to deal with technology. If you are a newcomer into the world of home protection systems, these cameras might seem too complicated for you. If you are a purposeful homeowner, you will understand how to integrate these tools into the surveillance system.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 4.4/10





Payment Issues






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