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Bay Alarm Medical Review: Protect the Elderly

Bay Alarm Medical Review: Protect the Elderly

Bay Alarm Medical is among the top home security options for a customer interested in the protection of the elderly or partially disabled people. You cannot control the state of someone dear to you only through the phone — you will need a full-fledged automated system with convenient customer service. We have made up a comprehensive guide, based on the Bay Alarm Medical reviews.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The overall score is 8.6/10





Payment Issues






  • Prompt interaction and communication
  • GPS tracking
  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • It cannot be activated by voice

Bay Alarm Medical Review: Profound Guide & Info

Bay Alarm Medical belongs to the class of personal emergency response systems. It is one of the most affordable nowadays, which makes it even more beneficial, let alone the absence of contracts. It is a convenient medical alarm sending and receiving audio through wireless devices and offering one-button control. Your elderly mom or partially disabled grandparents will appreciate it.

Essential Features

  • The security system is compatible both with the landline and cellular network.
  • In comparison with the AT&T security system, the pricing policy is transparent.
  • There’s no need to sign a contract with the majority of security systems.
  • GPS tracking function available.
  • Fall detection function.
  • Indoor and outdoor home security protection via an iOS or an android mobile app.

Additional Facts the System & Background

It is one of the oldest home security and emergency systems with a professionally equipped alarm monitoring center and a personal emergency response system. The company was established in 1946 and serves more than 100,000 clients at present. Bay Alarm is a family-run business, and they work independently. They provide customers with independent, professional, and prompt medical monitoring because there is no need to collaborate with governmental organizations.

Note that while some people chose to have both Bay Medical Alarm and Medical Alarm, they can work separately if you are only interested in medical monitoring.

Basic Medical Functions 

Bay Alarm company has had enough time to turn their medical product into perfection. They have got numerous features to make your grumpy granddad satisfied. The features added to the system let your elderly relatives be independent and protected at the same time.

Round-The-Clock Monitoring

The emergency button is ready to be activated any time something happens within the household. If the system detects an unpredictable fall, it will automatically send a notification to your smartphone and make an alert via a personal emergency response system. You should only feed the security system with the emergency number. The system sends notifications to your telephone and can also contact the ambulance or the police.

Fall Detection

This function is not obligatory; nevertheless, you will find it useful if you have elderly relatives or partially disabled members of the family who experience difficulty walking. Some people with severe health conditions may need a helping hand when they trip over something and fall. The alert to the emergency system will be automatically sent via the personal emergency response system.


The name of the function speaks for itself. You will always know if your child or an elderly relative leaves the household.

Online and Mobile Phone Dashboards

These are convenient touch screen dashboards or personal control panels that you can access through the browser, helping the caregivers control their relatives' activity.

Impressive Compatibility

The system is compatible with VoIP solutions, plain old telephone service, and the landline connection. The cellular connection is also an option.


The coolest feature is that it is one of the rare security systems assisting the users in 170 languages. Pick out the one you feel comfortable speaking.

VOIP Solutions Compatibility

Customers will be provided with the latest tech solutions and all types of connectivity. If the landline is not your option, you can always turn to VOIP, DSL, and good old telephone service. Remember that you will have to invest in the extra equipment should you be interested in the DSL solution.

5-Year Battery Life

Yes, you will forget about the necessity of charging. Your security pendant tools will not have to be checked every day, which is very convenient for those who do not have regular access to the home security equipment. Besides, the battery is not too bulky, regardless of its power.

Water Resistance

You can install the security cameras in such humid premises as bathrooms and shower cabins. Besides, you can leave the camera outside the front door without being afraid that it will be damaged environmentally.

Lifetime Warranty

All packages provided by the Bay Medical Security imply a lifetime warranty, which means you won't have much trouble replacing, repairing, and tuning up the equipment pieces.

Refund Guaranty

You can try it before you buy it. You will have to find out about numerous security systems before you make up your mind and buy one. A security system for the elderly should be versatile enough to fit your needs and be protective at the same time because there are emergency cases that you cannot plan or predict. You will have 30 days to test the system and understand whether you need it or not. You will get a full refund, regardless of the bundle.

Equipment & Functionality

The Bay Alarm Medical Home Security system offers numerous packages of variable functionality depending on the customer`s needs. You will always manage to find the bundle with the appropriate price and customization you might need.

All-Inclusive Personal Emergency Alert System

It is one of the crucial elements of the security system. It has a special button that will help your relative get in touch with one of the specialists in the support center in no time. Besides, this unit has a powerful battery that will keep the system working for 32 hours if something causes a power cut.

Medical Alert Button

It is a portable tool that can be used in any area of your household. There is a 4G LTE GPS emergency button that a person recovering from surgery, or an elderly relative, can keep in his pocket and press it if they need urgent help. You should just make sure the button is not more than 1,000 ft away from the base station. The device is water-resistant and keeps on working for five years without the need to change the battery.

Prompt In-Home Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical security system offers different bundles with in-home and in-car medical alert functions. They will not cost you too much, and the pricing policy is very simple. The cheapest plan will cost no more than $20. This basic plan will provide a free base station and essential monitoring without any extras. If you pay a bit more than $25, you will also get four emergency buttons that you can place all over the house, and a fall-detection system. If you pay a $30 fee, you will also get GPS tracking and a lockbox tool.

Mobile Medical Alert Button

It is a convenient tool for those who spend a lot of time outside the house. If your old granny is a keen gardener, she might be growing her flowers most of the day. She will be in and out of the house, fetching the garden tools, seeds, changing clothes, and watering the flowerbeds. It is a very handy button that you can take anywhere outside the household, but not farther than 1000 ft from the base. It works via 4G and has a GPS tracking option. The battery will last for 72 hours undisturbed.

In-Car Medical Alert

If your parent or a sick relative has to leave the house and drive to the local stores or pharmacies, nothing can be better than an in-car medical alert in case if the driver has unpredictable heart problems. Besides, it will notify you via your mobile device about a car accident, even if it is insignificant. You will have to pay an extra fee for GPS functionality.

Fall Detection

It is perfect for your elderly relatives — it is a helpful system that can protect and save your ill children, weak family members after surgery, and all your home inhabitants that can trip over and fall. It adds a $10 fee to the initial plan and does not require a contract.

Note that Fall Detection is an extra feature, and you should pay an additional fee for it.

360 Degree Protection

It is the best bundle offered by the Bay Alarm Medical Protection system. The price range here is from $39.95 to $59.95 per month. It includes all advantages together with an in-car, in-home, and mobile alerts via GPS.

Wall Buttons

There are places where a necklace with an emergency button pendant cannot be used (in the shower and the bathroom, for example). It means that you can equip the shower cabin with a convenient in-wall emergency button. You can also place these buttons on the stairs. One button will cost you $2.95, and the set including four buttons will cost you $10 a month. The installation is entirely DIY and does not require any assistance.


 It is a special safe for the most important items within your household. Use the lockbox to store keys, specific medications, money, credit cards, and anything you don’t mind protecting from your kids.

How It Works

The functionality and installation are as straightforward as possible. It is a simple, user-friendly, DIY solution. The base security station and the wireless emergency button are the chief elements of this home security system. The button should be no farther than 1000ft from the base station.

IMPORTANT! Remember about the 1000ft distance if you are not willing to face a challenging emergency case!

Nevertheless, if you do not want to be limited in the distance, you can invest in a mobile version that works via landline connection and promotes further user-friendliness and reliability.

  • The only thing a user has to do in an emergency case is to press the button.
  • If your senior relatives cannot get in touch with you for some reason, they can contact the operator in an emergency center.
  • The representative of the emergency center will help to deal with the situation of any severity as fast as possible.


The installation process is fully DIY. You will not face any trouble installing the system and tuning it up because the company has spent years making it user-friendly and intuitive for anyone. Just turn on the hub by plugging it into the socket, makes sure it's connected with the phone jack, and arrange the connection with your Android mobile phone or iPhone. The system turns on and sets everything up in split seconds.

Bay Alarm Medical Bundles & Prices

The company offers numerous bundles depending on the finances and needs of the customers. We have decided to make short descriptions of all bundles so that you could analyze what your particular situation is and what instruments will be handy for you and your relatives.

There are three types of packages: standard, preferred, and premium options. All of them offer ease-of-use and trial versions. You have to figure out what devices you need and in what number. You might not need the fall detection option, but you are probably interested in a greater number of in-wall emergency buttons.



Mobile GPS


360° Bundle

Price for basic plans





Cellular connection





GPS tracker





Two-way audio





Crash detection





24/7 monitoring





Mobile app










Wall button





Fall protection





 In-Home Medical Alert

It is one of the most convenient medical security systems for those who spend time mostly within the household. It is more for indoor use, but it includes portable devices that can be taken outside. The batteries on the portable devices last up to 32 hours, and the emergency button will promptly connect you to the operator ready to help you resolve any problem.


  • 32-hour battery life
  • Not bulky
  • Two-way audio option
  • Ease-of-use
  • Prompt communication with the operators


  • There is no 4G backup
  • You will have to pay for the additional fall detection option

Mobile GPS Emergency Help Button

It is a stable device relying on a 4G connection. There is also a built-in GPS tracking option so that the operators of the emergency center could help your relative if he or she falls because of a health condition or after tripping over something. If you have elderly relatives that have difficulties walking, this functional tool will be a must.

IMPORTANT! You will not make this system work if you do not have a stable 4G signal.


  • Prompt and stable connection
  • Fast setup and tuning
  • Prompt interaction with the personal emergency operators
  • GPS location tracking function
  • 4G LTE connection


  • The remote buttons can be lost easily
  • Fall detection is an optional issue

In-Car Medical Alert

The package will work for the seniors who do not spend all day at home, driving to the local stores, pharmacies, and other organizations from time to time. The in-car alert will notify you about the emergency cases connected with the health problems of the driver and car-involving incidents.


  • GPS tracking function
  • Additional power outlet
  • Crash detection option
  • Two-way audio
  • Ease-of-use


  • The voice commands are unavailable
  • The device can distract the driver

360° Protection Bundle

It is one of the universal packages available; It involves all types of alerts, from regular in-home notifications to the outside alerts and notifications from the car. If you are interested in purchasing all the options at once, plus add-ons, you can get a significant discount.


It is one of the most common problems when we speak about the elderly who are going to use modern technologies. This exact system is straightforward in all matters, from the installation and up to its maintenance. The only thing a user should do is to press a button when something happens and explain everything to the representative of the emergency center.

Customer Experience

The reviews posted on social media, as well as on the customer review platforms, only prove the mentioned above. Bay Alarm Medical alert system performs flawlessly, offering a wide range of options with affordable price tags.

Terms & Guarantees

One of the crucial positive aspects is the opportunity of refund within 30 days if you understand you do not need the system, or if it does not work properly. Besides, judging by the Terms and Conditions, the company tries hard to protect your identity, as well as the personal information of your relatives, from stealing.

Your data are always protected with the Bay Alarm Medical security system.

Customer Support

The skilled professionals of Bay Alarm Medical system work 24/7. However, the gaps are possible in governmental celebrations like Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Day, and Christmas. They are ready to receive complaints and suggestions from the customers from Monday to Friday. Observe the working hours of the personnel on the official website of the company.

The representatives of the call center do not work on official public holidays!

Credibility Based On BBB.org & Trustpilot

Most customers say that Bay Alarm works in line with their promises. Both BBB.org and Trustpilot reviews say that automation is notch-carving. However, the users say there is still room for improvement. The equipment wears off faster, in comparison with the competitors.


Does Bay Medical Alarm deserve the money paid?

The experience varies depending on the needs of the users. We can only say that the system is functional and reliable. The installation and maintenance are effortless, and the online support is great. Study the functions to understand whether you need them or not.

Do I own This Equipment?

According to the contract obligations, the equipment is the property of the company. The cancellation of the contract means returning the hardware to the proprietor.

Is there a chance to cancel the service?

Contact the support center, using the information from the official website whenever you want to cancel the service or get rid of some elements of the system.

How do I know if it is active or not?

Once a month you can simply press the emergency button and say that it is a test of the system. The company recommends doing it no more than once a month not to prevent the Bay Medical Security system from the emergency issues.

Pros & Cons of Bay Alarm Medical Security System

The system offers numerous features, and some of them can be useless for you. All systems have their weaknesses, and there is no perfect one-for-all solution. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget about the customization options.


  • Prompt online interaction
  • GPS monitoring option
  • Water-resistant
  • Landline and cellular connections
  • Day and night pro monitoring


  • No voice activation

Who Needs Bay Alarm Medical Security?

Anyone who has elderly relatives or family members with medical conditions preventing them from leading a full healthy life. The number of replacement in the market is huge but Bay Alarm is among the most reputable companies in terms of medical assistance.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.6/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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