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AT&T Digital Life Home Security Review: How a Telecommunication Company Does Home Security

AT&T Digital Life Home Security Review: How a Telecommunication Company Does Home Security

It is one of the most competitive home security companies offering affordable and effective surveillance systems for the protection of your household or business premises. The needs of almost any customer will be satisfied, and the automation tools will always have something to surprise you. We have decided to make up a detailed guide to help the potential buyers understand what they are going to pay for. We have also graded the qualities to figure out whether this automation system will work for you, and whether there can be any difference between ADT, Vivint, and other security systems.

Of course, the system is not deprived of the drawbacks. Take a closer look at it.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The overall score is 4.4/10





Payment Issues






  • The installation is free of charge
  • The contracts are straightforward
  • The monitoring is 24/7
  • The fees might be too high

AT&T Digital Life Review & Profound Analysis

This security system can have many users. Some of them are entirely unsatisfied with it, while some of them find it flawless. It offers direct TV sync, wireless connection, as well as regular cable connectivity. There is also an in-depth customization option and peculiar features some clients would appreciate.

Essential Features

The control of the system is intuitive and straightforward, and any family member can get access to it via a smartphone or a tablet. The key options include:

  • Automation
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Professional servicing
  • Assistance with the installation and surveillance process
  • Remote administration
  • Smart control of lighting and locks
  • 24/7 support with a large number of community members ready to help you with any issue

It is a smart home security system controlled by employing intelligent online tools and properly arranged surveillance technologies. The app is very convenient.

Additional Facts The System & Background

It is quite an old system, and the majority of people know that AT&T is a brand dealing with telecommunication and phone services. The system started working in 2012 and was popular among homeowners willing to protect their property from burglars and environmental disasters. The office is situated in Dallas, Texas.

This home security provider is ready to consult potential clients and continuously support the current ones.

Essential Functions & A More Profound Look

Services like these usually seamlessly integrate into numerous smart systems to promote better automation and functionality to fit the needs of any user.

The pricing can be confusing, and the fee for the list of the essential services might be too large.

Round-The-Clock Monitoring

Regardless of the subscription plan, 24/7 monitoring is a must, especially if you have kids to control while you are away. Of course, video recording is not always an option, because it demands financial investment in the stably working hardware and additional recording equipment. Nevertheless, regular online video surveillance will allow you to monitor your living space any time you want.

High-End Video Monitoring

Mind that high-quality live streaming is only available if you pay for the more expensive Digital Life packages. More costly plans also give a chance to record everything happening at home and save it to the cloud where you can watch it afterward.

Door Remote Control & Sensors

You can quickly arm and disarm the system when needed through front door lock control. The system also has smart sensors that will help you monitor the visitors and notify you of strangers` visits.

Automation & Energy-Efficient Living Space

You can easily make your home more safe and comfortable and cut on your bill expenses by installing such environment monitoring tools as auto thermostats, smoke and heat detectors, and temperature control. Even if there is a leak somewhere in your living space, the AT&T security system will send a notification.

Remote lighting Control

This option is a part of the energy-efficient home that will help you save on your monthly bills. Save up on electricity, directly controlling the lighting within your living space, using the smartphone application. There is no need to get out of the warm and cozy bed if you have forgotten to turn off the lighting in the bathroom – your convenient android application will do it for you.

Water Detection System

One of the worst nightmares for the homeowners is excessive water  and unpredictable leakages that can spoil the fresh renovation and cause crashes of the electronic devices and equipment in your living room and kitchen. Smart sensors will detect the leakage and notify you about it at once. You will have enough time to save your dwelling from the disaster.

Installation & Settings

Now let us pass on to the hardware and additional appliances. Some offerings are genuinely the best, while others can be questionable. Let us analyze what you get with an AT&T security system.

Doorbell Active Device

It is a smart doorbell ring providing the client with regular notifications about anyone touching it. Sync it with the smart camera and with the system hub as well.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The name speaks for itself: It is a very sensitive device that will not cost you more than $40.

Contact Sensors

You can install them wherever you want, even on the cabinet`s doors and drawers, to make sure your kid does not have access to hazardous chemicals. It is cheap and will cost you about $10.

Glass Break

All intrusions and burglaries will be detected and in no time. Glass breakages will be noticed at once. Anyone having an application will get a prompt alert.

High-Temperature Detector

It is one of the most straightforward devices for the basements and attics. It is a DIY installation home security tool that is very sensitive to the heat. Notifications start coming as soon as the temperature starts rising in the premises that you cannot observe regularly.


They are installed indoors and have batteries. They will get activated even in case of a power cut or problems with electricity.

AT&T Remote For Keychain

It is just a convenient remote device that will let you get in and out of your house with hands-free technology. Keep it together with the keys to use conveniently.

Smart Window Sensor

It is a DIY installation device notifying the users about the opening and closure of the window. Combine it with the smart cameras and audio devices to make sure whether it is your child, pet, burglar, or a gust of wind.


A DIY option is open for anyone who has enough patience to deal with the instructions and spend some time to understand what areas of your home need surveillance. Of course, for further convenience, these security systems should be tuned up by trained technicians. AT&T hardware and software can sync not only with the original devices but with the tools manufactured by the other security systems.

AT&T Digital Life Home Security System Packages

The packages vary drastically: there are starter kits and more advanced options for those who need peculiar functions and automation tools.

We want to mention that the majority of the customers find the starting fee quite unsettling. It is about $600, which is pricey for the households owned by single homeowners, as well as for the large living spaces.

Three Options Available

The packages offered by the supplier are

  • Basic Smart Security Package
  • Smart Security Package With Automation
  • Premium Security With Automation

Have a closer look at the three main AT&T packages.


Smart Security

Smart Security + Automation

Premium Security + Automation

Equipment Fee




Monthly Cost




24/7 Monitors




Motion Sensor




Entry Sensors




Indoor Siren




Outdoor Camera








Smart Locks




Glass Break




Basic Smart Security Package

In addition to the costly hardware and extra equipment  (which costs more than $500), there is also a $40 monthly fee. The essential features comprise smartphone and tablet remote control, battery backup, expert setup and installation, and round-the-clock monitoring. Video and camera recordings are unavailable in this package.


  • Backup battery option
  • Expert setup
  • Optional remote control


  • High price
  • No video recording option

Smart Security with Automation

If you pay an additional $15 fee a month, you will get an advanced basic package including live video footage. It means that you will get a chance to record all the activities within your household while you are away. There is also a smart lock tool helping to control the front and interior doors.


  • Conveniently synchronizing hardware
  • Video recording possible
  • Smart locks


  • High price
  • High setup and hardware fees

Premium Security With Automation

It is a universal package including all features of the previous packages plus some more. They comprise thermostat control, sensors destined to control the leakages, glass break notifications, and many more.


  • Twelve sensors
  • Alerts about environmental changes
  • Expanded range of tools and options


  • High price
  • The add-ons come separately

Additional Options & Tools

Several separate tools can make your package more functional. In a way, separately sold devices are convenient because you can tune up your security system following your needs.


Locking and unlocking get easier with remote-controlled devices. Many customers are fond of having the opportunity to open the garage door, as well as the front door, without keys. 


For about $5 a month, you can get an energy efficiency controlling system. You will be notified about the lighted that you have forgotten to turn off and devices working when no one is in the house. It also includes thermostat control and smart plugs that you can operate via the mobile app. 


Video recording will also cost you about $10 extra for the package and about $200 more for the startup equipment. In any case, the system will help you keep an eye on your kids, as well as on the unwanted intruders.


Water detection comes together with the additional $100 payment for the basic equipment, plus a $5 monthly fee. There will be three more sensors that will detect leakages or excessive humidity at home. Your mobile application will notify you about anything concerning environmental disasters happening both inside and outside.


Customer reviews say that getting used to the system does not take much effort. Of course, studying the instructions and consulting with the trained technicians is a must if you are a first-time user. However, even a child will manage to deal with this partially automated home security system. Of course, there are also some concerns to consider first.

One of the concerns is connected with the functionality of the mobile application. It is partially limited and not very intuitive at first sight.

Unfortunately, Better Business Bureau says the system is not perfect, and negative reviews on the customers' experience prove it. However, it is not because of the unstable functionality of the system – it is about difficulties with DIY installation and management. Besides, the pricing is not as transparent as a regular client would like.

Terms & Guarantees

You will have to sign a contract for two years, which is not that much, compared to the other home security companies. Besides, most products and tools have a 14-days trial, you can use it before you sign anything. The drawback is that the cancellation procedure is very complex.

A technician's assistance with the installation is a must because the system is too complex for the newbies. Of course, you can try to install everything on your own, but it is highly likely that you will spoil everything, and your home security system will not work the way it should. No one will refund you if the inconvenience has been caused by your unreasonable behavior and improper installation.

Customer Support

You can find the FAQ section on the official website of the company.  Besides, there is 24/7 assistance online via the phone or email. The company is also popular in social media, and there are large communities in the social networks where you can ask questions, share impressions, and discuss your problems with the other members.

Credibility Analyses Based On Trustpilot & BBB.org

Unfortunately, this security system, as well as the mobile app, is not available in some countries. Make sure your zip code is in the list before trying to order anything. The support portal seems to be a glitch. The thing is that the company is not interested in outsourcing as well as in the team members who can work from home remotely. They connect with the clients from one certain office, which sometimes makes the customer support slow and ineffective.

The application is also questionable in some issues. Nevertheless, the app is the least of troubles here, as well as the functionality of the equipment. The system itself works fine. You just have to invest a bit of your time and patience in it. Do note that the prices are confusing since every single tool is sold separately.


What about AT&T's potential development?

Some people say that the company is about to shut down. That is not true. The company is getting more competitive daily. They can be threatening to some home security systems because of their versatility. It has got a Google play application and is compatible with the Google Nest, as well as with Amazon Echo. It has got high-end cameras that will make your household a safe nest for all family members. The DIY installation option is among the most competitive ones.

What about the Digital Life App?

It is a regular smartphone application compatible with iOS and Android devices and helping the clients to deal with the surveillance and smart home remote control on their own. As well as Vivint and Xfinity home security systems, AT&T provides a smart app that will help you control the utilities at home, keep track of the environmental disasters, and control the temperature changes. 

What about the contract?

Two-year contracts are obligatory. If something goes wrong with the satisfaction of the conditions, you have the right to a refund. Importantly, make sure you study the contract thoroughly before signing anything. Home security systems are complicated products that have to be installed, tuned up, and maintained properly. If you do not manage to follow the basic instruction coming with the hardware, you will lose your money.

What about the internet connection?

Wi-Fi connection is obligatory, as well as a stable internet connection. Both your mobile app and your home security system should work without lags to make sure your Google Assistant and Amazon Echo Show are stable and do not miss a single tiny detail.

What does the cancellation policy imply?

Visit the official website and find the contacts of the online representatives to consult you on how to deal with the cancellation procedure and refund policy.

Pros & Cons of AT&T Digital Life Security

There is no installation fee, as well as no need to sign a contract with countless obligations. Nevertheless, drawbacks are inevitable. Consider studying them before you pay for anything. Surveillance systems are designed for different needs, and you will always be able to find the one that will be suitable in matters of monthly fees, equipment choice, guaranty, and the cancellation policy.


  • Compatibility with numerous automated smart home devices
  • No payment for the installation
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Transparent pricing policy and short contract obligations
  • Smart sensors


  • Cancellation policy problems
  • Expensive equipment

AT7T: Bottom Line

It is one of the most expensive solutions on the market, but it offers stability and incredibly sturdy equipment. The automation features are flawless, as well as the work of the servicing center with skilled technicians.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 4.4/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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