Arlo Pro Cameras Review: Small Devices but Great Service

Arlo Pro Cameras Review: Small Devices but Great Service

Adam Peston 
September 17, 2020

Today, the overwhelming majority of homeowners choose to secure their houses by installing a network of security cameras. But, since the assortment of such cameras is truly immense, it can be difficult to make a choice. If you are searching for basic and simple items, this provider is one of the best options.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The overall score is 8.4/10





Payment Issues






  • Embedded loud siren
  • Very easy to install
  • Upgrades available
  • Too many products make it hard to choose

Basic Info about Cameras from this Brand

Surveillance cameras from this provider can boast excellent functionality and stylish wireless design, which ensures high popularity among users.

Major characteristics:

  • simple and quick installation and setup
  • a full range of essential features
  • compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • easy integration due to IFTTT
  • a powerful alarm siren
  • upgrade options
  • transparent prices

Background Facts

Arlo Pro is a division of Netgear. This company has been operating independently for about 2 years so far. And, as of now, their US client base includes more than 2 million consumers. One can purchase a surveillance camera from this brand both on their official website and at popular online stores.

Main Characteristics

A camera from this manufacturer is a perfect choice for those who do not need extra trendy features. Still, their gadgets have a lot of handy and exciting characteristics to offer.

Wireless connections

Hardwired devices are things of the past: they are difficult to install since one needs to drill holes. When there is a large number of wires and mini-USB cables hanging around the room, that is likely to spoil the interior. Also, one can trip over cables and fall. Besides, pets like chewing them. Certainly, when a cable is damaged, one needs to call in a technician and to pay for repairs.

Subscriptions covering up to 60 cams

A subscription from this company is a beneficial choice for those who need to monitor large houses or commercial properties.

High-quality videos around the clock

The cameras offered are complemented with a night vision feature which allows monitoring the situation in the house and outside during hours of darkness without turning on lights. By the way, there is a facial recognition function.

Motion detection

This company has provided their items with a motion-detecting function so that they can notify users when there is a suspicious movement around. The only drawback of this feature is that it can send false alarms if it is was not set up correctly.

Voice control

Safety devices from this brand can be operated via the Echo from Amazon and Google Home items. That allows one to activate, deactivate, and adjust varied safety functions within a couple of minutes with the help of simple voice commands. Besides, thanks to this feature, one can send an alert and take other safety precautions without wasting time searching for remote control in case of an emergency, for example, when a stranger is walking around the adjacent territory.

Compatibility with a wide range of digital platforms

A customer can choose from a good selection of control options: mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Echo Show, Apple TV, Fire TV, and even an Apple Watch. The brand`s mobile app can be used to manage up to 45 cameras.

Integration with third-party smart home products

Managers of this company understand that the use of such smart equipment can make their security systems much more user-friendly and effective. So, in addition to the devices mentioned above, Arlo users can connect cameras to products from Wink and other brands.

Two-way audio

A security camera from this brand provides videos with sound, which makes live streams and recordings much more informative. Also, thanks to a microphone and a speaker, a user can talk to people near the cam.

Available Devices

 In the assortment of this provider, every client can easily find the cameras that will fully meet his needs and budget


It is an old model, but it is still reliable enough. Besides, it is available at an attractive price:

  • resistance to unfavorable weather conditions
  • 720p videos
  • a satisfying field of view ― 110°

Pro 2

Compared to the previous item, this one is significantly upgraded, but the difference in their prices is small:

  • local storage via USB
  • 1080p videos
  • a wider field of view ― 130°

Pro 3

If the quality of the image is the key choice factor for you, be sure to have a close look at this product:

  • 2k resolution
  • a 160° field of vision
  • handy add-ons ― a spotlight feature and a loud siren


This camcorder provides the ultimate image both during daylight hours and in dark conditions. More to the point, one can even see colors in nighttime recordings and live streams. The biggest drawback ― it is the most expensive model in the assortment:

  • 4k resolution
  • an extensive field of vision ― 180°
  • the premium quality of videos recorded in darkness

Security Light

This smart floodlight turns on when there is a motion detected. That contributes to the quality of videos recorded by cams and scares away potential intruders:

  • a movement sensor
  • a photosensor
  • IP65 certification
  • 400 lm


This security camera is the optimal choice for parents looking for a reliable device for monitoring kids from another room. Its key advantages are high resolution and energy efficiency:

  • live streams
  • 1080p videos
  • a night vision function

Arlo Q

This piece can operate without a base and provides clear and detailed videos:

  • AC power
  • 1080p videos
  • a mic and a speaker
  • weather resistant

Arlo Q Plus

This camcorder with a high resolution of videos and a connection to a cloud is designed for monitoring commercial properties in the first place:

  • 1080p HD videos
  • a wide-angle lens that provides a 130° field of vision
  • a two-way audio connection
  • local storage
  • a battery

Arlo Camera

This basic item does not have an audio function, but it can be installed both inside the house and outdoors:

  • a night vision feature
  • compatibility with smart home products
  • resistance to weather

Base Station

This piece performs multiple tasks within a home security system, for example, it can raise an alarm when there is danger detected. The product has been upgraded in 2020:

  • a loud automated siren
  • a connection to the Internet
  • local storage
  • a durable battery

Arlo Go

This camera for outdoor video monitoring is connected to a cellular line, which ensures the stability of operation. Also, it is equipped with a slot for SD cards, which is a convenient storage solution:

  • IP65 certification
  • an audio connection
  • an SD storage option
  • cellular connection

Audio Doorbell

It is connected to cameras. So, when there is someone near the door, cams turn on to provide a video image:

  • connection with cams
  • compatibility with Hub from Amazon
  • a two-way audio feature

Installation Guidances

Since safety products from this provider are wireless, the installation process is both quick and easy. First of all, the client needs to download an app. Then, they should open it and tap on “Add new device”. They will be provided with detailed instructions. The first step is to connect all the items to the Wi-Fi router: when the hub is activated, a customer should tap on “Add cameras” and select all the gadgets installed in the house. By the way, the provider has a channel on Youtube where they publish informative setup videos.

Camera Bundles and Pricing

Packs on offer have multiple features in common and are provided at reasonable and relatively affordable prices. Also, one should note that signing a contract is not a must to use cameras from this provider.

Smart Premier

This bundle is considered to be basic, but it still includes multiple handy features, like filtering alarm notifications or ignoring pets and flying objects in case they are passing by. Its price is $9.99.


  • 2k videos
  • live streams
  • free access to a cloud
  • 30-day storage
  • smart activity areas


  • only one cam from a system provides high-resolution videos
  • low quality of audio

Smart Elite

It is more expensive, compared to the previous offer; its price is $14.99, but it is significantly upgraded as well. The risk of false alarms is minimal, due to a premium-quality motion sensor. Also, the storage period is prolonged to 60 days.


  • 4k videos
  • push notifications
  • connection with the police
  • sorting out animals and vehicles
  • the system can include a variety of cams


  • relatively high price for outdoor devices
  • to view a video, one needs to be patient, due to delays

Hardware Pricing

They offer a huge selection of both basic and advanced devices, so, let us discuss them in detail.



Pro 2

Pro 3







Vision in darkness

25 ft

25 ft

25 ft

25 ft + color

Resistance to weather










2-way audio










Video resolution





Number of cameras






It is the most affordable option on offer, but it does not differ dramatically from premium kits.


  • an excellent quality-to-price ratio
  • fast USB
  • users’ support
  • a good-quality audio connection
  • resistance to severe weather, including strong winds


  • no movement detection alarms
  • no add-on options

Pro 2

It is very similar to the previous kit, but there are additional perks included, for example, an activity zone feature, which means that a user can choose motion detection zones.


  • fast USB
  • 24/7 CVR
  • resistance to extreme temperatures ― up to 113°C
  • a 'look back' feature ― 3 seconds
  • multiple plugin options


  • a narrow range
  • siren is quiet

Pro 3

This product looks similar to the previous models, but it is heavier. Also, it is better protected against unfavorable weather factors and is equipped with a magnet for easy and quick fixing on metal surfaces.


  • 720p resolution
  • 130° field of vision
  • powerful zoom
  • LED
  • a night vision function with a range of 25 ft
  • a magnet


  • a sophisticated keypad
  • too limited recording period ― 30 days


At first glance, it may seem to be very similar to previous bundles, but it provides much better quality of surveillance.


  • 4k videos
  • color night videos
  • detection of people, pets, and vehicles
  • a durable battery
  • resistance to a temperature of up to 140°C


  • rather pricey
  • a limited number of cams


Besides key components, described above, a safety system from this brand can include varied accessories:

  • a baby table (or a wall stand) ― $39.99
  • rechargeable batteries and a charger ― $49.99
  • a power adapter for outdoors ― $24.99
  • a power adapter for indoors ― $14.99
  • cam skins ― from $9.99
  • a solar panel ― $79.99
  • a charging station ― $59.99
  • wall mount ― $14.99
  • ceiling and table mount ― $24.99
  • outdoor mount ― $24.99


This manufacturer offers products that can be easily installed on any surfaces without professional assistance. Devices are reliable enough; bug fixes and patches are introduced swiftly. One more advantageous feature worth mentioning ― a system can be controlled with a base station. That will appeal to elderly clients for whom it may be easier to deal with traditional buttons instead of icons on a screen of a smartphone or a tablet.

Clients’ Experience

This provider is known to provide ultimate users’ support. Clients can always rely on assistance from tech specialists. Also, sales managers openly inform customers about the rights and obligations of both parties before they subscribe to any services.

Usage terms and warranties

This company guarantees to every client that they will provide the best quality of service within the compass of their capabilities, and customers, in their turn, guarantee that they will use devices within the law.

Besides, the provider guarantees that they will use all the data gathered about a client for ensuring his safety only. They do not share customers’ data with any third-party companies.

Users’ support

The customer service team of the provider works 24/7. One can call them to get tech guidance or use a warranty.

If a user needs to deal with some other issues, he can contact the support team via phone from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Clients’ Score

Most clients are quite satisfied with the quality of products and services from this provider. Installation is easy and quick. Also, the company offers cloud storage for free. Besides, all the cams are highly resistant to rain and other weather factors. Meanwhile, some users are disappointed about the fact that the basic cam has no audio function and is pretty pricey, compared to similar models from other producers.


Are cameras from Arlo worth trying?

Yes. This company has established a reputation as a trustworthy producer. Their cameras are manufactured from durable and strong materials and can resist the most severe weather conditions. Also, they provide a quality image around the clock. And the service is excellent.

Which cam from this manufacturer is the best?

That depends on the needs and budget of a particular client. In their assortment, there are both budget-friendly items with a minimal set of features and premium advanced models. So, before buying any cam, one should scrutinize its description and analyze all the features offered.

What is the service life of batteries provided with their cameras?

As a rule, they last 2-3 months; that depends on the peculiarities of the use. Also, the manufacturer offers cams with chargers instead of batteries.

Can I use their cameras without subscribing to a monitoring plan?

Yes. But in such a case you will get access to a limited range of features only. For example, your cams will not record any videos, and only live streams will be available. Sure, no pro surveillance will be provided.

Key Pros and Cons

Like any other provider, this company has both strong points and weaknesses. Cameras on offer are easy to mount and set up. Also, they can be controlled via an app. Besides, clients can count on professional assistance 24/7.


  • both live streams and recordings are available
  • installation is intuitive and simple
  • no wires
  • resistance to rain, snow, heat, dust, wind, and other severe weather conditions
  • a premium-quality image and a wide field of view
  • integration with Amazon Echo Show and other third-party smart devices
  • proper users’ support service


  • a too wide selection of models, so it can be difficult to make a choice

The Summary

Products and services from this provider are as reliable as those from other well-known companies, like SimpliSafe, Nest, Vivint, and others. After installing a video surveillance system from this brand and subscribing to their pro monitoring services, you can be sure that your home is effectively protected. But you should pay enough attention to selecting suitable devices and placing them around the house. Hopefully, this review will help you make the right choice.

Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.4/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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