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Ackerman Security Review: Atlanta-Based Home Surveillance

Ackerman Security Review: Atlanta-Based Home Surveillance

Although the services of this provider are available in certain regions only, it is worth taking into consideration. 

They boast an impressive selection of high-tech items, top-quality pro surveillance services, and a personalized approach to every client.


This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

Total Score 7.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • 24/7 expert monitoring
  • Guarantee
  • Automated controls
  • Limited availability

Basic Information about the Home Security Provider

This company offers security systems for both private homes and commercial properties, as well as pro surveillance services at reasonable prices.

Major characteristics:

  • 24/7 pro monitoring
  • protection from environmental dangers
  • automatic systems
  • distant control
  • live streams
  • wireless items
  • a doorbell with a cam
  • a mobile app

Key Background Facts

The mission of this corporation is to prevent break-ins and similar crimes. The point is that the founder of the brand faced such a situation himself in the 1960s. As a result, he decided to establish a business that would help homeowners protect their property. Back in the day when the sphere was not so developed, he achieved great success.

As of today, the company serves clients in 48 US states, although their coverage is limited. Customers choose them for reliable and up-to-date security systems, excellent users’ support, and reasonable pricing.

Security Features

Security systems from this provider include top-quality cameras and a set of varied sensors. By the way, a customer can also link the existing devices if they are compatible.

24/7 pro surveillance

Dispatchers working in the surveillance center help clients deal with both crimes and environmental dangers. A client has a dress code. When needed, a dispatcher gets in touch with the police, firefighters, or medics.

Certainly, a user should regularly check the state of the security system, since a false alarm sent to the police can lead to an extra charge.

Home automation

Their security systems are equipped with the latest high-tech features like smart home integration. A user can control the operation of appliances remotely. They are connected via Wi-Fi. Also, there is an opportunity to integrate them with Alexa.

High-tech cameras

This home security provider offers cameras that can be installed both inside the premises and outside, as well as can be controlled via an app, connected to the Internet. A client can check the situation in their home at any moment in live mode.

Pro installation

Qualified technicians will come to the house or other property and make sure that each device is installed in the right spot and works flawlessly. There is nothing to worry about.

Protection against environmental dangers

Security systems from this company ensure solid protection of a property, which includes detection of water leakages, smoke, fire, CO. Certainly, notifications about such risk factors can be sent to a phone.

Medical Safety

The company offers special emergency pendants for elderly users, as well as clients with serious health problems. In case of an emergency, one needs to push just one button. A dispatcher from a surveillance center will get in touch with the police, medics, or other local authorities if necessary.

Smart garage locks

With the help of remote control, a user can open and close a garage door from a distance, for example, from a car. First, that provides extra convenience. Secondly, such a system contributes to the safety of a house. By the way, if a customer leaves a garage open for a long time, they will get a notification.

Backup options

Choosing a security system from this brand, one can be sure that it will work uninterruptedly. Clients are provided with a cellular connection and a battery that can be used when there are problems with an energy supply.

Mobile notifications

A user can set up a system so that it sends safety alerts directly to the phone. In such a case, a client stays informed about all the dangers 24/7, regardless of the location. Their brand app is available both on Google Play and at Apple Store. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Blackberry gadgets.

Safety Devices and Setup

All the hardware offered by this provider is produced by the world-famous company Honeywell. In the assortment of Ackerman, one can find everything for ensuring the safety of his property: surveillance cameras, control panels, sirens, movement detectors, smoke sensors, and more. When a homeowner chooses a security system from this brand, he gets pro setup services as well.

100% compensation of losses

Clients are provided with a guarantee that they will be compensated for their financial losses in case of a burglary.

Automatic systems

Using a security system from this brand, one can take advantage of all the innovations available, including home automation. Thanks to this feature, one can operate appliances remotely and receive alerts about all the safety risks.

A cellular connection

A user can complement a security system with a cellular connection to have a backup option. Also, devices are equipped with batteries, so that they can function properly in the case of a failure of an electrical supply network.

Environmental safety

A client can extend the security system with sensors that detect heat, smoke, and CO,  which will protect the property from fires and CO leakages. Such devices can be installed both inside the house and in the adjacent territory. Sensors on offer are small, so they will easily fit into any interior.

Interactive integrations

At first glance, the range of automation options offered by this provider may seem limited. Still, their security systems are interactive enough: one can benefit from using smart locks, lights, thermostats, as well as Z-Wave.

Detection of intruders

A security system from this company provides comprehensive protection from break-ins: it can include entrance sensors for doors and windows, movement detectors, as well as glass break sensors. In case there is an intruder detected, a homeowner receives a burglar alarm without delays.

Life and health protection

In addition to cameras and sensors, a customer can order an emergency pendant ― an accessory with a button to get in touch with a surveillance center.

Surveillance cameras

A security system from this company can include both interior cams and models for outdoor monitoring. They can be used both for protection and for other purposes, for example, a camera installed near the front door allows viewing every visitor from a safe distance. Indoor cameras on offer are equipped with a 2-way audio connection that can be used to communicate with people nearby or give commands to pets. Also, there are pan and tilt features, so a user can examine an image in detail.


If a home-owners want to install a security system from this brand, they should be ready to pay for pro installation, as the DIY option is unavailable. Such an approach has both pros and cons. No doubt, pro installation guarantees that every item will operate flawlessly, which means that a property will be reliably protected. But for many customers, letting a stranger in the house is uncomfortable. Also, an additional fee is charged.

When a technician comes to a house, he walks everywhere around it to find vulnerable spots and to provide a client with expert recommendations on how to protect them. That is a beneficial service. But there is also a risk that a representative of the provider will try to push a customer into buying excessive equipment. So, it is advisable to keep one's eyes peeled.

Available Bundles and Prices

This provider gives preference to a personalized approach. That is why they do not offer any packages. Instead, a client can choose the most suitable devices from their wide assortment and pay for them separately. Certainly, a customer is provided with the assistance of a sales specialist who comes to the house and tells about all the products on offer.

As for the price of a system, it is difficult to discuss that issue, since there is no information on the official website. Potential users are informed about that aspect on an individual basis when they get in touch with a sales manager.

But according to reviews, an activation fee totals $99, and monthly fees start from $19.95.

Standard Home Safety Plan

They do not publish any information about available plans on the official website, but customers note that the cheapest option is $19.95 per month. That is an attractive price, but one should take into account that there are also additional fees, for example, a $99 fee for pro installation, which is obligatory.

Also, in 2020, the company offers a free indoor camera as a bonus to every security system.


  • 24/7 surveillance by specialists from a dispatcher center
  • affordable monthly plans
  • customization


  • start-up fees
  • cameras are not always included in basic kits


Their systems require professional setup, but they are intuitive and easy to use. In any case, since there is no DIY installation option available, customers do not have to deal with that on their own. Sure, if there are any technical problems, a user can rely on qualified support.

A security system can be managed via a smartphone or other mobile gadget, which contributes to positive user experience. Also, safety products can be integrated with home automation solutions.

One more significant advantage of systems from this provider is the guarantee that they will fully compensate for all the financial losses in case the home under surveillance is robbed.

Clients’ Experience

Customers’ safety and satisfaction are the key priorities of this company. Their monitor center works 24/7, and, in the case of an emergency alert, a user is connected with a dispatcher in no more than 45 seconds.

As for drawbacks, their coverage is limited.

Usage terms and warranties

To use their safety solutions, clients have to sign a 3-year contract. There are extra fees for cancellation and moving.

As for the pricing policy, this provider offers devices from Honeywell, and prices for their clients can differ from those set by the manufacturer. They can be both higher and lower; that depends on the number of products purchased.

They guarantee that they will fully cover the user's deductible insurance in case the house is robbed. They promise to compensate up to $25 000 for losses. Besides, they guarantee that they will respond to emergency alerts in 45 seconds as a maximum.

This provider operates in strict compliance with the current laws and the rules set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Users’ support

There is a free number 800-552-1111 for getting in touch with the provider, but there is no contact email address. One more contact option is to send a request on the help page on their website. Also, there are no guides or FAQs on the website, which is a drawback.

Customers’ Feedback

On Trustpilot, there are more than 1400 reviews about this brand as of now. On average, clients give them 4 stars out of 5. As for the rating from the Better Business Bureau, the provider has an A-.

Having a close look at the customers’ reviews, one can see that most negative reviews refer to the quality of service, the work of technicians, and other staff. Some of them turn out to be not so competent. As for the quality of hardware and software, there are no serious problems. Most users are fully satisfied with the operation of the safety systems they installed.

Besides, one should note that this company is recognized by The Monitoring Association, which means that they meet the following requirements: they are a TMA member, they provide special education, random inspections are conducted, the false dispatch level is being decreased, the quality of customer support and service is ultimate.


Which safety devices does this provider offer?

In their assortment, one can find interior and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, alarm monitors, control panels, as well as high-tech automated items like lights, locks, or thermostats. There are also appliances for distant and voice control.

Can their systems work without a landline?

Yes. All the components are wireless and can be connected to Wi-Fi; still, a cellular line can also be provided as a backup option. Also, the items are equipped with batteries. If there is stable access to the Internet, there is no need to connect a system to a landline. But it is crucial to highlight that devices from this provider should be installed by their technicians; it is a must. The process can take several hours.

What regions do they serve?

As of today, their services are available in 48 states, but coverage areas are scattered. The biggest popularity they enjoy in Georgia, Philadelphia, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Is there a trial period available?

On the website, there is no information about that. Consequently, the return and refund can be problematic.

Do they have monitoring centers?

Yes. They have pro surveillance centers in the regions where they operate. These centers meet the highest standards: they work 24/7, and users can count on their emergency alerts, the alarms sent with the help of special pendants, as they will be responded to within 45 seconds.

Major Pros and Cons

This company has been operating in the industry for an impressive period, but their client base and coverage are not so extensive, and they do not seem to take any decisive steps to change that situation. The probable reason for that ― they strive to provide their current clients with the best quality of service. And that is one of their strong points: technicians and support specialists have an opportunity to pay enough attention to every client, and there are no long waiting periods. Also, the company offers a large assortment of items, and all of them are manufactured in the territory of the USA. Also, they are known to strictly follow the laws and the rules prescribed by the Federal Trade Commission.

At the same time, one should acknowledge that some users complain about the unsatisfying quality of service.


  • 24/7 pro surveillance
  • users’ support
  • warranties and compensation
  • customization
  • automation options


  • the pricing policy
  • coverage limits

The Summary

In general, despite the limited coverage area, this company is worth considering. Their offers are as good as those from other leading security providers, like ADT or Vivint. In their assortment, there is a good selection of high-tech wireless devices that can be integrated with smart systems and operated by voice commands. Although the pricing information is not so easy to access, their rates can be safely called reasonable. Still, there are certain problems with the quality of customer support in some regions.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 7.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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