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Abode Home Security System Review: A Humble, DIY, Contract-Free System

Abode Home Security System Review: A Humble, DIY, Contract-Free System

Joshua Hilsberg 
September 1, 2020

This provider offers advanced technology and add-on options for residential home protection and commercial surveillance. With ADT Home Security integrations, mobile app, and a variety of hardwired and wireless products, this 145-year-old enterprise serves millions of properties each year.

The safety of your home is certainly something that you should never take lightly. While most modern companies offer a relatively high level of service, some are better than others in specific areas, such as providing remote video monitoring or more integration options when it comes to making a residence smarter.

In our Abode Security review, we will try to describe why this particular company is better for those who want to save money and get a multifunctional product that covers many safety aspects without compromising in other areas.


Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


  • WiFi connection with battery backup
  • No contracts
  • Owned by a previous ADT employee
  • Confusing equipment packages

The kit is DIY, it allows you to seamlessly connect it to other household management systems, and offers a variety of surveillance and management features that will certainly make your life both safer and easier. It is a practical toolkit that suits a typical middle-class family perfectly.

Technological progress leaps forward in terms of developing better security products; and it made the competition fiercer. Abode wants to stand out with its strong focus on going fully wireless and offering a wide selection of features.

Main characteristics:

  • 4G connection for emergencies
  • high-volume siren
  • door, window, and motion sensors
  • integration with smartphones and tablets
  • pro- or self-monitoring
  • several HD cameras for advanced control
  • can be automated and integrated with smart homes

The History of the Brand

The company was founded in 2014. While it is not as mature as some other companies, one must remember that the whole idea of complex contemporary safety and protection systems is relatively novel. Most modern companies were built upon a strong foundation yet implemented a lot of high-tech solutions to offer a contemporary level of service.

Currently, the HQ of the company is in San Francisco, with multiple subdivisions distributed throughout the US. Just two years ago, the company expanded further after receiving a huge financial and technological boost from Nice S.p.A., a dynamically developing Italian tech company.

Notable Features of Abode

Our review will focus on the technical aspects of this solution that outperforms many other products on the market.

Automated and Compatible with “Trends”

This provider is a perfect choice for geeks and tech-savvy people who want to get a product that will seamlessly connect to other innovative systems and devices. Here is an incomplete list of third-party products that can be integrated with software and hardware from this brand:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Z-Wave protocol
  • Hue Lighting lamps
  • Google’s Nest

Not only will you have an integrated technological solution for your home safety considerations, but also a multifunctional residence management add-on. To top it all off, you will get large media storage and an ability to control the components remotely, using your smartphone.

Monitoring around the clock

While self-monitoring does not require paying any monthly fees, it is often more practical and convenient to order pro surveillance of property that will ensure its safety 24/7.

Customize communication between yourself and your residence

A modern property management kit can have a multitude of ways to complete specific tasks; however, remote control options are among the most important ones. Any surveillance is as valuable as it is useful when you are away. The hub will send an SMS notification to warn you about anything “fishy” happening at your property, and these messages can be personalized.

Compatibility with trendy tech-house products

Many cannot live without the convenience of the Echo and innovative functions of Nest. If you align yourself with such individuals, you will be happy to learn about a plethora of integration options.

Reliable functionality

What happens when you leave your house for a couple of days and suddenly electricity goes off? In many cases, all electronics will be rendered useless immediately, including your network of gadgets providing surveillance and protection. A backup battery will keep everything running even in case of a power shutdown.

Wireless design for extra reliability

Cords are quite reliable and have been around for ages. However, you can take advantage of the modern trend toward wireless communications. One of the most important benefits is that such communications are resistant to cord-cutting and occupy less space in your household.

Voice control

Thanks to the ability to integrate with varied smart house solutions, safety products from this brand can be easily controlled via voice inputs, the simplest way to control various features of the system. The voice recognition feature is resistant to unauthorized access.

Automate everything

There are many scenarios when you need your household safety protocols to work on their own without external inputs. Automation options usually help with making mundane tasks trivial: turning on components of the surveillance network, locking or unlocking doors at certain times of the day. Plan in advance to save time.

Visual verification of suspects

It is never amusing when something unwanted happens at your property. However, if something did happen, Abode’s solution will not let the perpetrator get away with it: if someone starts wandering in the visible vicinity, the digital eyes of the cams will capture their faces, and you will have strong evidence at hand.

CUE: a powerful tool

We live in the era of the IoT. So many various “things”, including washing machines, fridges, multimedia gadgets, and others, are interconnected and can be accessed remotely when needed. If you want to control them seamlessly and without any issues, choose this platform.

Stay protected from natural disasters

Any homeowner knows that environmental dangers can inflict serious damage. The residence can be equipped with a plethora of detectors of hazards and conditional sensors to vigilantly observe the environment and automatically react to threats from it. You can also set it up to send you notifications if something out of the ordinary occurs. 

Choose whether to display cameras or not

One more benefit of the wireless design is that you can hide all the hardware parts if needed. But you can also install them in visible places, so they would scare off potential intruders.

Distant control via a smartphone

The vast majority of people do not imagine their lives without their trusty smartphones. These gadgets hold so much power over our lives that excluding them from our home security systems is never a good idea. The kit can be fully controlled from your personal phone, minimizing the chance of unauthorized access.

Devices and Installation

In addition to a comprehensive selection of separate products, this provider offers packaged solutions. Let us delve into the details.

Gen 2

So far, our Abode Security review has focused on discussing all possible aspects of their innovative offers and touched upon features, regardless of whether they come with the base kit or not. It consists of a modern-looking doorbell; the tiny keyfob is included, as well as a simple yet efficient motion scanner. The package costs $199 and is DIY. You can easily set it up without any professional help.


This package will make you a user of a multifunctional app, an HD wireless camera that can be controlled remotely, and the main hardware hub that will make every single aspect easier to manage. The package costs $329. Considering the list of features and robust devices coming with it, the price is rather generous.

Additional equipment

If you want an unmatched level of reliability, you will have to open up your wallet and get ready for some additional expenses. The good thing is that you can customize your package however you like, using hardware from the list of additional equipment that can be seamlessly implemented in the security network. Below is an incomplete list of such add-ons:

  • gadgets that warn you if the glass is broken
  • motion and sound detectors
  • exclusive cameras
  • remote key-fobs
  • high-volume sirens
  • smoke, water, humidity, light, and temperature sensors
  • advanced wide-angle camera
  • automation options

You can use these instruments in combination to make every single aspect of the surveillance and protection network more robust and reliable. The more — the merrier, as they say.

How to install

Tech-savvy persons will most certainly love using the easy-to-setup DIY kit. Everything is quite easy to set up and use without any specific tools (aside from those found in most homes). In terms of connecting devices, the Iota hub is plug-and-play and will quickly find cams and sensors and give you access to all of them.

Available Packages

Clients can choose from a selection of packages designed for varied needs and budgets. Let us discuss them in detail.

Surveillance plans

There are three options available: from a basic bundle to an advanced one. Another great thing is that you do not have to sign a contract that will bind you to taxing obligations. Although the prices are indicated for a month, one should be ready to pay for a year.

Comparing plans




Monthly fee




Mobile app




Pro surveillance




Unlimited accounts








4G mobile backup




Premium support





12 months

12 months

12 months


This kit is provided to every client who has bought hardware from the company. It is similar to fee-based plans, but there are certain limitations; for one, it does not include pro surveillance services. Also, the file storage period is 3 days only. Besides, the warranty covers only 1 year.


Compared to the previous one, this bundle is more advanced: the file storage period is extended to 14 days. Also, a 4G backup connection is added. Also, clients have an opportunity to use pro monitoring services for an extra fee.


It is the most considerable package. It provides access to pro monitoring and premium support. Besides, the storage period is prolonged to 90 days.

Equipment prices

This provider offers a huge range of varied devices and accessories for residence safety. Any customer will easily find a piece for every vulnerable spot in the house.

Equipment pricing chart

Glass break sensor


Sensor for entries


Audio glass break detector


Mini door sensor


Secret door sensor


Strip sensor


Movement detector




Activity/ temperature sensor


Remote key fob


System status


Wireless keypad


Power outlet/ extender


Interior siren


Outdoor siren


Smoke alarm monitor


Environmental change sensor (temperature, humidity, light)


Water leakage detector


Wide-angle camera




Status indicator


Power switch



Many modern home security systems are complex and require users to be somewhat technically educated. However, Abode decided to focus on user experience and interface making the whole network incredibly easy-to-use and intuitive in terms of the interface. It is virtually impossible to get lost in the menu. All you need is one tap away.

 Since all the devices are wireless, the installation process is very easy as well. You can place devices wherever you like and still conveniently manage them without any problems. The smartphone app, that controls all gadgets, is also very useful and simple, which means that even total tech newbies will be able to use the system properly.

Users’ Experience

Although this company has been introduced to customers not so long ago, they have already managed to establish a good reputation. And one should acknowledge that most clients rate their products and services high.

Terms of use

If you are in the US, you are eligible for a standard refund procedure in case you need it. If you want to prematurely terminate the contract, you will be charged a $35 fee. Users who do not opt for professional monitoring and a subscription plan do not have to worry about this particular issue.

Clients’ support

Customer support is something that any modern company must keep at the highest level possible. Judging by reviews and testimonials, the brand holds a very robust position in the market.

The customer support team is ready to answer 24/7. You can use any of the contacts listed on the website to get in touch with the employees of the company. Since there are separate subdivisions in various parts of the country, the level and quickness of the response may differ greatly. Nonetheless, the long list of communication channels (including social media platforms, corporate website, phone, and e-mail) allows clients to easily receive assistance.

Users’ Score

When preparing for this Abode Security review, we researched the information from both BBB.org and Trustpilot to assess how the brand is perceived in terms of the quality of services.

Trustpilot gives Abode 4.5 stars out of 5 which places it above companies like Ring and Simplisafe. It is a highly reliable company and offers a wide range of high-quality services and devices. Many independent reviewing websites are giving Abode high ratings as well.


Is the security system from this brand worth trying?

Abode Smart Home is certainly a good choice for those people who want to get a reliable product with robust devices that are wirelessly interconnected and can easily integrate with other systems and home security protocols. It is a great product that comes in three different packages. The whole complex is DIY meaning that you don’t need specialized knowledge or professional assistance to set up everything correctly.

Are components from this provider compatible with Nest?

Yes, Abode works well with various services, including highly popular Google Nest. You can also easily integrate it with other similar smart household solutions. For example, you can connect it to Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, or IFTTT. In terms of integration opportunities, it is hard to find something that works better than Abode.

Can Abode be integrated with HomeKit?

As of now, the option is unavailable. Still, it was announced that the team of this provider has started working on it, so it is highly likely the feature will be added in the nearest future.

Can you connect Alexa and Amazon Echo to Abode?

Yes. These two systems are fully compatible. That will contribute to both convenience and safety since there is a voice recognition function.

How to integrate them?

You need to go to the section “Integrations” on the website of this home safety provider and add a new skill. In the new menu, you will find Amazon and, then, Alexa. You can add as many skills as you need and seamlessly integrate your security system with other similar products.

Overall Pros and Cons

While this system is an excellent choice for both wealthy clients and those on a constricted budget, it is still a product that has its downsides that may feel significant to some buyers. The customer experience and support from employees are reliable and responsive.


  • You don’t have to commit to a contract
  • The starter kit is relatively cheap and comes with all the necessary devices
  • You can purchase all sorts of sensors and detectors to improve the level of vigilance
  • Fully wireless connection and remote control via an iOS or Android smartphone
  • Power and connection backups to ensure that your “castle” is always under the protection
  • A wide range of integration options and compatibility with all popular security protocols


  • You will most likely need to purchase add-ons to tailor the network of components to your needs
  • The warranty is relatively short (1 year)
  • Complicated for newbies

The Main Takeaway

Many experts favor Abode. In our Abode Security review, we touched upon all aspects of the product, including customer experience, packages, prices, and features. We also think this is a great choice for people with a tight budget. It is a sustainable compromise of quality and price.
Best Inclusive Home Security

Total Score 8.5/10







Ease of Use


Trust Score


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