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Quickly Find Your Home Security Provider

Joshua Hilsberg
August 8, 2020

A few months to 2021, and still no ideas about the best home security system provider? It is a common practice people come across annually, as the choice is immense and it is hard to decide on a trusted company for your house protection. To help you figure out the factors you should pay attention to when choosing a security system, read this article on.

How Does Our Advisory Algorithm Help Find the Best Security Systems Provider?

With the help of the Epsysecurity Advisory Algorithm, you are freed from the taxing search for the ideal security systems. It operates by scanning the Internet reviews, BBB rates, customer service feedback, and key metrics of security systems one or another provider offers. This way, you win by saving your time.

To start with, you should first specify whether you are a homeowner or renter. After that, indicate what features, equipment, and services you seek, including cameras, monitoring, and smart integrations among others. Find the top picks of security systems that meet your requirements and preferences and match your paying capacity.

1. Be Precise with the Selection of Services You Need

The algorithm will not bother you with tiresome questions, as they all appear to make your choice relevant. To see the best security system provider, specify every detail, including installation type, devices, and smart home options. If you want to sync your current devices with a new security system, specify that as well.

2. Overview Of Suggested Picks

When approaching the last pages, you will find top picks selected for you, based on your answers. You should check the providers in detail, including their policies, terms, and contact information. You can see both local and national providers of security systems that are perfect for your budget, and property.

Key Metrics to Consider When Choosing Home Security Provider

Once you are done with the research of our algorithm, there is still some work that should be done on your own. Before getting in touch with the preferred security system provider, consider the following tips to ensure you get the best product.

1. Learn Devices

Each home security provider differs in its packages, plans, and choice of devices. Therefore, you should clearly understand what can fit your property. If it is large, there should be many sensors, smoke detectors, outdoor cameras; if small, indoor cameras, entry point, or door sensors may be enough. If you have children, there should be smart childproof latch locks.

2. Pro or Self-Monitored Security Systems

Decide on the type of monitoring. Again, if you live in the areas with high rates of burglarized events or crime, pro monitoring will come in handy. Pro security systems are directly connected to monitoring offices of the providers, from where technicians may alert the respective authorities about the danger. On the contrary, DIY systems are usually self-monitored, so the customer solely deals with the installation and monitoring.

3. Hardwired Vs. Over the Air Connections

The Epsysecurity advisory algorithm will find both options for you. Note, the hardwired solution takes much time to install although it is very strong in connection. Over the Air or Wireless solutions are more into comfort and considered the best for indoor monitoring.

4. Smart Home and Integrations

In 2020, hardly every person looks for integrations when it comes to the IoT (internet of things) security system or home automation. It is no surprise, as smart home and integrations offer much practicability. For example, you should learn whether the system is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant among others.

5. Mobile App for Remote Control

The best home security providers, including ADT, Vivint, Xfinity, ensured to offer designated mobile apps for remote control. You may check what is going on at home whenever you away, overview what your kids are doing in the backyard, prevent false alarms, etc.

6. Free Trials and Money-Back Guarantee

If you want to play safe, ask the company about the free trial of at least 1 month and a money-back guarantee that will refund you money in case you do not like the security system. Beyond that, ensure to know about hidden early cancellation fees if you are no longer interested in one provider.

7. Pricing Policy

The budget is definitely one of the most important things to consider. With the Epsysecurity advisory algorithm, you will see the top security systems, based on your indicated budget; however, you should contact the provider to learn the total cost, as some may hide such information.

8. Terms and Conditions

It is basically a contract that you should read through to acknowledge the commitment, upfront fees, cancellation fees. Do not skip reading every detail, as you may then come across unknown charges.


How to Secure Your Property?

First, decide on the security system. Then, choose the Internet of things add-ons for your total peace of mind, including sensors, detectors, cameras for safes, or doors/windows. With the Epsysecurity advisory algorithm, you will see the top picks recommended for you.

What Are the Main Types of Security?

Preventative, detective, and responsive. Some security systems involve only preventative signs, such as logos and yard signs, while the detective includes carbon monoxide sensors and motion detectors that are aimed to trigger the security system or avoid false alarm. The last one, responsive, is all about pro monitoring connected to the respective authorities.

What Is the Best Anti-Burglary Protection?

It is a surveillance system that may include video cameras, motion sensors, dress code solutions, detectors. To ensure the highest protection, check whether a system has a cellular backup, live-streaming, and wireless security connection or preferred one for your home network. You will be protected from any burglar.

What Are the Pillars of Security?

First off, it is the confidentiality and privacy of users. Secondly, the security system should work smoothly without any glitches, especially with home alarm. Finally, accessibility to the security system whenever the user wants.

The Bottom Line

Our advisory algorithm will make your choice of security systems faster and easier. Specify your needs and budget and find the best security system in 2020 that fits your property. You will save your time and nerves with us.

About the author 

Joshua Hilsberg

Joshua Hilsberg is at the forefront of our editorial team. Being a sensitive and thoughtful leader, Joshua has learned management and planning while working in the management team of one of the leading security providers in the country. Joshua is the chief strategist of Espysecurity, responsible for building the overall content strategy of the platform.