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Xfinity Stores & Offices by Comcast Near Me Locator

Kyle Hobb
August 8, 2020

Xfinity is a well-known B2C provider that offers a comprehensive range of telecom services, including cable and satellite television, high-speed Internet, mobile connection, home phone connection with protection from unwanted robocalls (realized in the collaboration with Sprint), as well as home monitoring. Below, you can see a smart online map t can be used to easily and quickly find the closest brand retail store. This is the up-to-date replacement of the yellow pages. Keep on reading to learn more about this tool.

Xfinity Stores That Are Located Closest to You


Top Online Stores Offering Products from Xfinity and Other Brands


How Does This Xfinity Stores Near Me Searching Tool Work?

Thanks to this easy-to-use locator, you can see all the Xfinity retail stores located within a distance of several miles from you. You can go to one of those shops to buy brand security equipment or to learn about the most advantageous offers that are currently available. So, make sure that the settings of your browser allow tracking your location, and start the search.

Here is step-by-step guidance on how to use the tool.

  1. Enter the address or the zip code

Click on the logo “Xfinity stores near me” to open the map. On the left, you will see the box where you can indicate your location (for example, “Maryland” or “Littleton, CO”) or zip code. If the program asks for permission to track your location, enable that function.

  1. Look through the list of available shops

You can either choose the retail shop that is the closest to your location or look through all the stores situated in your town or city. To see more information, you can click on the name of the most suitable store.

  1. Select the most convenient shop and see the contact details

Using this map, you can get all the contact information about the shop chosen, including the address and the phone number. Also, you can click on the map to learn the distance from your location to the outlet.

Keep in mind that the schedule of stores can be changed, due to COVID-19.

Xfinity Home Safety Services

In addition to the Internet, television, and phone services, this company offers home surveillance systems. Today, dealing with intruders on one’s own is an unnecessary act of bravado. Using pro monitoring services is a much better solution. Home security systems from this company are equipped with a full range of features, including smart sensors, high-tech remotes, comfortable distant control, and easy integration.

The basic facts about this provider:

  • Their advertisers claim that the highest priority of the company is to meet the needs of any user.
  • They offer customizable packages.
  • The number of clients using their home safety services is about 1 million.
  • According to CNET, their pro installation security systems are the best on the market.
  • Clients of this provider can choose between 2 subscription plans.

The main features of their systems:

  • HD live streams
  • remote activating/deactivating
  • smart controls
  • an app for mobile devices
  • batteries and a cellular connection as backup options
  • pro surveillance plans
  • integration with equipment from other brands

What Is the Difference between Xfinity and Comcast?

The brand Xfinity was introduced by Comcast around 10 years ago, with all rights reserved. Still, even now, many customers do not see any difference between these two companies. Frankly speaking, it seems that marketing specialists and advertisers, working for the corporation, do not pay much attention to explaining the situation to the public. There were no marketing campaigns or any other similar activities aimed at clarifying the business area of a new division.

In general, the main company works as the digital cable provider while the priorities of Xfinity are high-tech wireless devices and online services.


What is an Xfinity shop?

It is a place where consumers can come to subscribe to telecom services, such as Internet access, Xfinity mobile or home phone, Xfinity TV, as well as pro home monitoring. Also, one can buy everything for a home surveillance system and return unwanted equipment. Certainly, in such a retailer shop, one can pay for services or make changes to the subscription.

Are products from Xfinity worth trying?

That is a disputable issue. This Internet and cable TV provider serve the entire territory of the USA ― from Marysville, WA, to Noblesville, IN, and from Fargo, ND, to Houston, TX, and most consumers acknowledge that the Internet access is fast and stable. Prices offered are also reasonable and affordable enough. The biggest drawback is the requirement to sign a 1-year contract.

How can I return devices from this brand?

The first way is to visit the store near your house. The second is to contact the call-center at the 1-800 number to learn about the locations accepting unwanted devices. This call-center is open both on weekdays and weekends. And the third one is to use the locator from this page to quickly find all the return locations near your home. To check where the selected retailer store accepts returns, click on it.

What is the return period?

Sales managers and advertisers working for the provider do not put emphasis on that, but when customers do not return equipment on time, they are charged extra fees. As a rule, consumers should drop off devices at one of the retailer stores or warehouses of the network within 10 days after their contracts finish. Any delays may lead to extra fees.

Can I drop off devices from this brand via a UPS box?

Yes. But before doing that, you should go to the return page on the official website and fill out the form. Choose the option of a UPS box and get a shipping label. Then put all the devices into their original packaging and add a label. Afterward, you can bring them to any UPS location near your home.

The Summary

Sales promotion specialists market this telecom and home safety provider as a customer-centric business, which means that they make every effort to provide clients with ultimate user experience. And this locator will significantly contribute to that positive experience. Consumers can use it not only to search for brand shops but also to get their contact details, as well as the information about their schedules and assortments. Besides, clients can take advantage of other support options, including phone calls to the help desk, live chats, and forums.

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