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Best Smart Home Devices Guide & Reviews of 2020

Kyle Hobb
August 7, 2020

It is an ideal opportunity to bid farewell to 2019 and greet the most current rush of automated systems and arrangements. This survey of the best home gadgets is a decent update tall the latest developments in the security industry. Small surprise that most individuals tend to smooth and geared up systems for greater security and significant serenity.

Table of contents

  1. What We Did to Find the Best
  2. Best Smart Home Devices Guide & Reviews of 2020
  3. Best Home Automation Units 2020 (Cost & Features)
  4. Pro Tips For Choosing Smart Home Devices
  5. Features To Consider
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Last Words About Winners

What We Did to Find the Best

Home automation frameworks help to modernize a property and increase its security to provide feelings of serenity for families and people while eliminating wrongdoing in that area and make life simpler and safer.

For making this guide, it was critical to investigate the smart home gadgets on key measurements, such as functionality and gear, client assistance, cost, convenience, trust score (positive and negative surveys). From that point, every provider earned a score from 0 to 10 for every measurement.  Readers can confide in this audit since it scoured many customer reviews, counsels, blog entries, and articles.

Best Smart Home Devices Guide & Reviews of 2020

Remembering those five measurements, underneath is a manual for the top home gadgets accessible. Everything on the rundown will have its focal points and peculiarities, be it security hardware, estimating, or client service. As a matter of fact, this guide guarantees that there are options and arrangements for each family unit.

  1. Amazon Echo Dot: Best For Vocal Commands

This review alludes to the third-age Echo Dot. This brilliant home gadget brings new abilities, including more than 50 000 vocal orders and functions for the whole framework. It is good with Amazon Alexa and many other outsider applications. It additionally provides 360° sound thanks to an in-built receiver.


  • Built-in speakers
  • Advantageous size
  • Many mixes
  • Ease
  • Smoke/CO2 recognition
  • A huge number of vocal orders
  • Two-way correspondence


  • Does not have an optional force source
  • No cameras
  • Not as viable alone
  1. August Smart Lock: Your Keys Are Always At Hand

Nowadays, the best home security systems incorporate things like temperature sensors, glass break alarms, and light modules. This smart item is a good example of how automation can make life simpler. The security lock is installed in minutes and can go directly over the current deadbolt. With Android or iOS applications, clients can naturally monitor the system or grant access to a visitor. It is battery-worked and turns on when the entryway is open or shut. The advanced log lets guardians see when relatives entered or left the house, which can be a decent method to oversee youngsters` curfews.


  • Bluetooth-empowered security lock
  • Helpful, little size
  • Google Assistant perfect
  • Positive customer surveys
  • Solid protection settings
  • Speedy set-up
  • Voice acknowledgment


  • Network
  • Usability
  • Estimating
  1. Ring Video Doorbell 2: See Who’s There

This organization is a decent choice to discover many top savvy home gadgets, with its video doorbell a champion. It helpfully incorporates with Amazon Alexa for speedy updates and notices. Customers will think that it is simple to peruse programmed text-based notifications when somebody triggers the doorbell. With the internal mic, they can get to the two-way sound component and talk before getting to the entryway. Utilizing it in darkness is no issue because of the night vision option included.


  • 160° field of view cameras
  • Worked in mic
  • Designed or battery-controlled
  • Picture quality
  • Live-stream film
  • Versatile similarity
  • Fast set-up


  • Cost
  • DIY set-up only
  • Customer service
  1. Sonos One: Excellent Sound Every Time

This is one of the best choices for those who value the quality of the sound. Customers will have a great time using voice orders to alter the hi-fi speaker, or they can do it over the mobile application. It works with Amazon Alexa and Echo, just as with 30 other voice assistants, without manual operations. Besides, clients can match up various speakers up to make their all-house encompassing sound framework. This item is smooth and little and can be located even in a high-dampness place.


  • Alexa onboard
  • Minimized structure
  • Hi-Fi speakers
  • Humidity-resistible
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Voice commands
  • Works with 30 administrations


  • Cost
  • Limited options
  • No camera
  1. ADT Pulse: Well-Established Brand In Surveillance

ADT is a well-known company providing the best smart home gadgets. All things considered, its savvy home gadgets are still probably the best even in 2020. The Pulse plan accompanies day in and day out proficient checking and the capacity to survey the recorded footage whenever you wish. Clients can combine these with smart lights, doorbells, Alexa, Amazon Echo, and more. They can likewise get to the framework from their telephones for distant furnishing and incapacitating. Note that it requires a Premium arrangement ($52.99/month).


  • 24/7 screens
  • Pro installation
  • Occasion history
  • Picture/video footage accessible
  • Instant warnings via Wi-Fi
  • Versatile app
  • Outsider-compatible


  • Monitoring costs extra
  • Total price
  • Requires a contract
  1. Samsung Smart TV: More Than Just a TV Set

A TV probably will not be the principal thing individuals consider when they search for savvy home gadgets, yet this one is worth looking at. With this TV, people can channel-surf without interfering with their current program. They will generally get a crystal-clear picture in 4K on a 65 or 75-inch screen. The set-up is straightforward: plug it in and begin thanks to One Connect Box. Otherwise, home-owners and families can put it virtually anywhere around the house as it flawlessly blends in any interior.


  • 4K picture quality
  • Encompassing setting
  • Availability
  • Enormous presentation
  • No wires
  • Snappy introduce
  • Voice orders


  • High price
  • Faulty performance
  • Customer support
  1. Philips Hue White LED: Radiant and Comfy Lights

This smooth and high-tech bulb emits delicate white lighting, pleasant in any room.  ENERGY STAR-guaranteed, it will work for as long as 15,000 hours and is one extraordinary expansion to a home automation framework. Bluetooth application control and voice orders allow clients to choose light settings wherever they are. Likewise, Hue works with Google Assistant and Amazon items and compatible with different Philips items.


  • Reasonable choice
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Durability and economy
  • Wireless
  • Sets peace of mind
  • voice orders
  • 3-rd party compatible


  • Faulty operation
  • Complicated set-up
  • Works with Google Home, not with Assistant
  1. Nest Hello: Top Pick For Families

The Nest Hub Max is a brilliant home gadget that originates from the distribution centers of Google. It has a neat weatherproof cover and a 160-degree field of view. Combine that with the capacity of facial recognition, and its value is undisputed. Customers can grant access to guests through the portable application, as well as connect the device with Amazon Echo, IFTTT, which is only the tip of the iceberg. The speaker allows users to send pre-recorded messages to visitors when they are away. It is backed by a two-year guarantee, and customers can utilize it with the Nest Thermostat.


  • Consistent account
  • Expandable
  • Facial recognition
  • Night vision
  • Distant access
  • 3-rd party compatibility
  • Wide field of view


  • Costly
  • Challenging installation
  • Requires doorbell wiring
  1. Nest Smart Thermostat E: Self-Learning Mechanism Included

This is one of those brilliant gadgets boasting an official accreditation. The Google Nest indoor regulator is supported by ENERGY-STAR and uses the client’s telephone in their absence. That implies that individuals can change the Nest’s temperature any time, even while away. A set of sensors allow customers to monitor and adjust temperatures in each room of the house, as well as turn it off and on remotely, which is one function highly regarded by customers.


  • 1-month trial
  • Durable indoor regulator
  • Singular room sensors
  • Portability
  • Intuitive control
  • Distant observing
  • Smooth plan


  • 24V attachment
  • Costly
  • No manual mode
  1. Ecobee4: Save On Bills

Ecobee might be a generally secret brand, yet it stands out amongst other savvy home gadgets of 2020. This indoor regulator boasts its compatibility with Google Assistant, HomeKit, and IFTTT. Another element that individuals will like is that it has Amazon Alexa and a speaker built-in. The touchscreen is instinctive and consistent, allowing clients to get to many portable and web applications.


  • Compatible outsider applications
  • Vitality STAR-ensured indoor regulator
  • Instinctive interface
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Touchscreen
  • Voice commands


  • Plan
  • Costly
  • Bad BBB rating

Best Home Automation Units 2020 (Cost & Features)

To simplify your future choice of smart home devices, do consider the following comparison table, including the best solutions suitable to any client. Survey the highlights of each company and see the features of the leaders among the top providers of the security industry.

Pro Tips For Choosing Smart Home Devices

Making the perfect incorporated framework requires some investment, so make sure to use these tips to begin. Consider all the elements of the systems, compare their pros and cons to make an intelligent choice.

  1. Framework Preference

It is ideal to have an item that connects with an automated framework or main hub, instead of working on its own.

  1. Power outages

Power outages should not entail the breakdowns of the framework of smart home devices. Search for cell or battery reinforcement.

  1. Network and Security

It is literally impossible to protect any framework from hackers` attacks; however, some of them are better than the others in that respect.

  1. Ease of use

Innovation and notch-carving technology are not of any use unless they are easy to handle.

  1. Hardware and Other Costs

Carefully consider such side payments, such as those for installation or set-up, before you decide on a smart home framework.

Features To Consider

Since the essential thought is secured, here are the key advantages to search for in any mechanization framework. Things like having the option to kill the contraption on and with a solitary word or putting resources into an item for long haul investment funds. It improves things significantly.

  • Effectiveness (saves time, cuts bills, and more.)
  • Voice Commands (no manual labor, Alexa on board, and so forth.)
  • Versatile App Control (remote arm/disarm, access to video recordings, and so on.)
  • Gadget Syncing (outsider combinations, versatile compatibility, power center point)
  • Cut Energy Use (power-saving mode, programmed shut-off, and so forth.)
  • Snappy Connect (get to the framework while away, text-based notifications)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Smart Home Hub?

To begin with, define the classes of smart home devices. For example, there are cameras, lights, and total control boards. In addition, these alternatives are not universally suitable, so buyers should consider their essential needs before they choose a device: they can esteem video quality and buy particular movement sensors; others may incline toward the capacity to control their systems while they are away. This rundown is the best place to embark on the pursuit.

Are Smart Home Devices Safe?

Yes, as most of the highly-renown systems provide sets of individually adjustable features, it gives purchasers to exercise full control over their frameworks. Some devices require secret passwords, and others encode clients` information to forestall hacks. All things considered, it is consistently essential to keep the presence of mind and avoid giving out passwords and other delicate subtleties.

Do Smart Homes Require a Hub?

Not constantly. The absolutely best home automation units work without an essential force source or board. They can work along with different systems or on their own. The feature depends on the supplier or brand. However, some units require a central hub to allow users to communicate with each other.

Can Smart Home Devices Be Hacked?

They can, while is highly unlikely in 2020. Nowadays, the majority of smart home items have encoded passwords and propelled security insurance. Also, those monitoring 24/7can have additional supervision by the company specialists. To forestall hacks, families should keep their passwords secret and change the default settings once they get the unit.

What is the Benefit of a Smart Home Hub?

Some home automation gadgets operate independently, yet others require connectivity with a center or base station serving as a mastermind of all the automation framework, connected to each and every gadget of the system to create a superb security plan. All things considered, it is not generally important to buy a base; many gadgets can work separately.

Are Smart Homes a Good Idea?

Truly, particularly because more items are interconnected, and their management conducted through the smart system transforms your living space into a convenient and efficient space. Today, there are a lot of ways for individuals to make their properties work for them. For example, energy-saving light bulbs and other means of illumination provide both economy and eco-sustainability. Besides, observation cameras and movement identifiers assist in keeping little children safe. The accessibility over a mobile app makes the experience of using smart devices a futuristic adventure.

Last Words About Winners

These 10 smart home automation gadgets are definitely worth considering, particularly for the individuals who need to feel more secure in the new year. Not only can these machines make life simpler, but they also can help save up on bills and make repetitive tasks about the house more bearable. Regardless of whether a customer lives alone or together with a huge family, there is an ideal unit suitable for any of them.

About the author 

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