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Best Outdoor Security Cameras Guide & Reviews of 2020

Adam Peston
August 7, 2020

People who are looking for the utmost safety tend to equip their houses with an ultimate security system. These systems are stuffed with myriad basic and exclusive features; however, the outdoor security camera, especially a qualitative one, is hard to find. A team of Espysecurity carries out the mission to review the best solutions in the home security market. Today, we are pleased to share with you the best findings among outdoor cameras available.

Best For Night Vision Best For Basic Features Best For Environment Resistance
ADT Nest Lorex
Humidity-resistant Effective Warranty Environmental Protection
Easy to set up Top-Notch Service Support Easy to set up
Motion sensors An array of Add-on Features Extended Warranty

Table of Contents

  1. What We Did To Find The Best
  2. Top 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras In 2020
  3. Comparing The Outdoor Cameras
  4. Features Of Outdoor Cameras
  5. How To Choose An Outdoor Security Camera For Your Needs?
  6. FAQs On Outdoor Cameras
  7. Ensure The Security Of Your Home

What We Did To Find The Best

When compiling the list of the best outdoor cameras, we managed to speak to the specialists and refer to customers’ feedback as well as their experience of using these devices.


Features and Accessories Customer Support Pricing Usability Trust Ratings
Around-the-clock monitoring, fall/weather/disaster protection, etc


24/7 support, the time-frame of  answers, virtual help with installation, etc Starting price, reimbursement of money, etc


DIY or pro installation, easy to use cameras, etc


Customers’ feedback from BBB.org, Trustpilot, etc


Below, you will find outdoor cameras that have been reviewed following the evaluation of their metrics, such as accessories/features that come along as a default, quality of support from the service team, prices, and trust ratings. Beyond that, we gave each camera the total score. Please note, our review is independent and free from any biased statements about one or another provider. You can trust it and base your final choice on the article. Enjoy reading!

Top 10 Best Outdoor Security Cameras In 2020

The market of outdoor security cameras is really immense, and it is quite hard to understand which one will fit your particular needs the best of all. All the cameras have their pros and cons, and we would like to cover them all to prevent you from making the wrong choice.

ADT — Best For Night Vision


Total Score 9.1
Features and Accessories 9.5/10
Customer Support 9/10
Pricing 9/10 — Comes with a trial
Usability 10/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating A+ BBB


Comfort and smooth performance are the words to say about the ADT company. Their outdoor cameras can be accessed and controlled via an application from phones, tablets, and laptops. Whenever you are away from home, you can be cool and collected, knowing everything there is under control.


  • Good night vision
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Easy to set up
  • Motion sensors
  • Storage of videos
  • Compatibility with mobile gadgets
  • Alerts on outside movements, noises


  • 720HD
  • No dirt protection
  • A free trial is unavailable

Their product provides monitoring in two dimensions. First, a user can access real-time monitoring via a mobile application. Secondly, there is a storage of multimedia that keeps safe all that happened and got caught by the camera.

The starting price is $160.

Nest — Best For Basic Features


Total Score 9.0
Features and Accessories 9/10
Customer Support 9/10
Pricing 8/10 — Comes with a trial
Usability 9/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating A+ BBB


Nest offers a standard doorbell camera with add-on integrations on pay. Similarly to ADT, Nest has a high-quality night vision and really clear images of day-time recording. As for Nest`s drawbacks, the camera requires a wired doorbell to provide bug-free monitoring.


  • Smart integrations
  • Effective warranty
  • Top-notch service support
  • An array of add-on features
  • Multilingual support
  • HDR images


  • The battery is not in the basic package
  • No two-way audio
  • Fits only wired doorbells

A good thing about Google Nest products is that it is personalization-friendly. A mobile application can send alerts or pings whenever anyone is at the door. To use their cameras to the max, the company also provides an array of accessories including a cord and a transformer. They have an effective warranty for  2 years, and multilingual support for non-English customers. The over the top-notch service support is there for 12 months minimum. In case of any troubles, you can receive pro help.

The starting price is $199.

Lorex — Best For Environment Resistance


Total Score 8.9
Features and Accessories 9/10
Customer Support 8.5/10
Pricing 9/10 — Comes with a trial
Usability 8/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating A- BBB


Lorex offers a package of 4 cameras that all are protected from unwanted environmental or weather conditions. For example, in the case of heavy rain or snow, the cameras will not take any damage, so users can sleep soundly knowing their cameras` performance is all stable.


  • 4 cams in package
  • 1080p
  • Environmental protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Extended warranty
  • Great value


  • No DVR
  • Non-compatible with older versions
  • Pricey camera

Lorex has high video quality — 1080HD, and night vision. The cameras are all easy to set up with no need for third-party involvement. Yet, there is one considerable drawback: the official website does not reveal the terms of their warranty, so one should contact the provider directly to learn more.

The starting price is $118.

Blink XT2 — Best For Simplicity


Total Score 8.9
Features and Accessories 8/10
Customer Support 8.5/10
Pricing 10/10 — Comes with a trial
Usability 8/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating A BBB


Blink XT2 fits those who wish to get all the accessories in a basic pack. They have sensors, monitors, and two-way audio speakers, that are portable, easy to set up and come with a lithium battery, which is quite durable and provides the uppermost quality of the picture.


  • Cloud storage is free of charge
  • 1080p
  • Easy to set up
  • Contract-free
  • Plug-and-play
  • Fits indoors and outdoors


  • Ineffective warranty
  • A trial is paid

Infrared sensors from Blink XT2 help prevention of any falsely triggered alarms. The high resolution of video allows users to receive a stunning quality of videos and monitoring without missing a tiny detail. The prices are also surprisingly low, compared to other providers of outdoor cameras, so they are a great choice, considering features and equipment that come in one pack.

The starting price is $99.

Ring — Best For Prompt Alerts


Total Score 8.8
Features and Accessories 8/10
Customer Support 9/10
Pricing 8/10 — Comes with a trial
Usability 8/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating A BBB,


Ring Spotlight Camera can be set up without any wires or Wi-Fi extenders. So, it fits those who do not have smart wired doorbells and those whose cameras are always exposed to damage or unfavorable weather conditions. The company ensured the product will resist any potential threat. As for drawbacks, the Ring video doorbell camera is quite costly, while the pack does not come with other features or devices. And, it is hard to find many customers’ feedback on the company, which looks rather suspicious.


  • Compatibility with Alexa
  • Two-way communication
  • HD sensors/siren for emergency
  • Night vision with LED lights


  • Live view is optional
  • Cameras may perform with bugs
  • Pricey
  • Non-attractive design

Ring is compatible with Alexa, or Fire TV, so users are able to see what is going on at home anytime and from any place on Earth. Their cameras are waterproof. Beyond that, two-way communication allows users to speak to the one knocking on their door, without opening it. Still, you should think twice about their prices, as there are many other affordable options.

The starting price is $199.

Reolink Argus 2 — Best For “Any-Angle” View


Total Score 8.8
Features and Accessories 8/10
Customer Support 8/10
Pricing 10/10 — Comes with a trial
Usability 8/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating A+ BBB


Reolink company designated its cameras literally for a wide view. Most importantly, the records are not stored only on the Cloud but can easily be transferred to the SD card to watch later. Users can use outdoor cameras electrically-powered, as well as set up solar batteries.


  • Echo Spot
  • Integrations
  • HD quality of images, audio, and videos
  • Comes with standard USB port
  • Compatibility with solar batteries


  • May cause bugs
  • Fragile design

64 GB to store all recordings. Their SD sockets help to store more than standard cameras usually do. Beyond that, outdoor cameras provide high-quality images, videos, and audios. A user can check the situation at home through a mobile application.

The starting price is $94.98.

Arlo Pro 2 — Best For Two-Way Communication


Total Score 8.7
Features and Accessories 9/10
Customer Support 8.5/10
Pricing 9/10 — 7-days trial
Usability 8/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating B BBB


Arlo Pro 2 is wireless and comes with a mighty durable battery. Otherwise, clients can use it with electric power by plugging it in a socket. The latter option extends the time-frame of monitoring. The two-way communication option enables users to talk to the person standing at your doors, remotely. The speakers and microphone are of strikingly high quality.


  • Night vision
  • Qualitative audio and images — 1080p
  • Works without cords
  • Waterproof design
  • Fast-charging


  • The mic is not water-proof
  • Pricey

Arlo Pro 2 works with Echo and Alexa, which allows operating via voice commands. The Cloud is capable to fit large volumes of images and recording. To check how everything works, customers can use a 7-days trial, only after paying for the plan.

The starting price is $149.

TP-Link Kasa Cam Outdoor KC200 — Best For Low Prices


Total Score 8.6
Features and Accessories 8/10
Customer Support 8/10
Pricing 10/10 — No trial
Usability 8.5/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating B+ BBB


TP-Link is a real nightmare for intruders of all sorts. When it catches suspicious movements, it produces a very loud siren extending heard from a very long distance. And, it all comes at a cheap price, which makes them a real competitor on the market of outdoor cameras.


  • Motion sensors and detectors
  • HD quality of images and video
  • Rain and dust protection
  • Real-time alerts
  • 4 custom zones to choose


  • Users should use only a credit card
  • Limited cover range

Kasa cam is connected to a mobile phone, which allows users to get alerts and notifications whenever there is someone outside. To prevent false alarms, users are able to choose 4 custom zones in the home, mostly visited by them or their pets. After the verification of false events through the app, they can minimize the sirens reacting to regular movements.

The starting price is $44.99.

Logitech Circle 2 — Best For Daily Usage


Total Score 8.6
Features and Accessories 9/10
Customer Support 8/10
Pricing 9/10 — 10-days trial
Usability 8/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating B- BBB


Logitech cam works with WiFi that increases the quality. Beyond that, the outdoor cameras switch to 1080p only when there is movement or noises outside. It helps to find the required footage without spending ages watching the whole recordings. It can be used as a home or office network camera for surveillance. The camera is compatible with a variety of Google/Amazon applications.


  • Easy to set up
  • High-resolution quality
  • 15 feet coverage
  • Encryption of data/ 2fa — Two-step verification
  • Smart alerts
  • Built-in mic


  • Slow performance
  • Cloud is not free of charge
  • Buggy notifications

Their mic and speakers are of high-quality, which allows users to get the best experience. Furthermore, the system lets users access the recap of recordings of the most relevant events of the day.

The starting price is $179.99.

Zmodo — Best For Precise Footage


Total Score 8.6
Features and Accessories 8/10
Customer Support 8/10
Pricing 9/10 — 30-days trial
Usability 9/10 — DIY installation
Trust Rating B BBB


Zmodo camera is truly one of the best in terms of precise footage in the night time. 65 feet coverage and any field of view are already in the pack. The company provides a money-back guarantee and a 30-days trial to check out the performance of the system at work. If needed, any client can access tech support, regardless of their location.


  • 30-days trial
  • Money reimbursement
  • Available clips on smartphone
  • Anti-dust/dirt design
  • Cloud and reviews


  • Backup is not available for every footage
  • Cloud is a premium feature
  • Short cables

The body of the camera is waterproof, able to resist dust/dirt as well as extreme temperatures. The outdoor camera is compatible with voice commands. The company provides a trial, which allows potential clients to understand whether they should go for a subscription to a premium plan or not.

The starting price is $179.

Comparing The Outdoor Cameras

Check out the comparison table of the best outdoor security cameras.


Product Pricing DIY Installation Trial Period Night Vision Warranty Video Quality Compatibility with Alexa Fall/weather/disaster protection
ADT $160 + + + 1 year 720HD +
Nest $225 + + + 1 year 720HD +
Lorex $118 + + + 2 years 1080HD +
Blink XT2 $99 + + + 1 year 1080HD + +
Ring $199 + + 1 year 1080HD + +
Arlo Pro 2 $149 + + + 1 year 1080HD + +
Reolink Argus 2 $94.99 + + + 1 year 1080HD + +
TP-Link Kasa Cam $84 + + 2 years 1080HD + +
Logitech Circle 2 $179.99 + + + 2 years 1080HD + +
Zmodo $179 + + + 1 year 1080HD + +

Features Of Outdoor Cameras

The majority of outdoor cameras boast similar features that now come as must-haves; however, there are companies seeking to add something exclusive. Let us cover what one outdoor camera should have to provide you with peace of mind whenever you are: at home or far away.

  • Night Vision

Outdoor cameras should be fitted with night vision. Today, the most convenient option in that respect are infrared(IR) LED lights. It helps to receive a crystal-clear image without any blurred dark corners to it. Some providers also make colored night vision recordings; however, they are very expensive.

  • Motion Detectors

If you are always away from your home or want to feel safer at night, motion detectors/sensors are for you. They will alert you about suspicious movements and safeguard you from any burglary or other intruders. If available, there are customed zones where you could mark movements as normal ones, to avoid false alerts.

  • Speakers/Mics

Two-way audio and communication are helpful when you have children or pets. You can swiftly receive an alert about their activities and speak to the kids remotely.

  • Streamlined Video

The best providers of outdoor cameras add streamlined videos as one option. Furthermore, there is cloud storage or an SD card to store everything recorded to watch it later. It helps to see recaps (for example, with Chromecast) of the relevant events that happened during the day.

  • Weather Protection

There are both waterproof and water-resistant cameras; however, there are also perks like anti-dust/dirt protection. If you live in an area exposed to environmental danger, you can check how the cameras perform during a trial. Make sure your provider has such an option.

  • Mobile App

Smartphones are literally the hands` extension for a modern person, so it is vital to have the opportunity to receive alerts and watch the streamlined video via a mobile phone. Beyond that, users can access voice commands.

  • Angle/Resolution

The wider the angle is, the wider the footage will be. If you have a big territory, you should have a wide-angle surveillance camera with a wide range of coverage.

  • SD Storage

When you plan to buy a camera with sufficient storage capacity, it means you will make your choice between the Cloud and SD card. SD card helps to keep the images for a long time, but the footage is not streamlined in live mode.

  • Cloud Storage

Cloud is useful if you plan to be able to see live videos. Unfortunately, by many providers, Cloud is considered a premium option, so you will have to commit to substantial payments.

  • DIY Or Easy Setup

DIY outdoor security cameras are the best choice for people with no background tech-knowledge. Usually, it takes split minutes to locate the camera and put it to work. Otherwise, some providers tend to make online tutorials. Anyway, in case of any difficulty, you can contact the tech support.

How To Choose An Outdoor Security Camera For Your Needs?

Choosing the best outdoor security camera is a hard thing to do, as there are many, and for any taste, paying capacity, and needs. Still, you should always seek advantage and choose the cameras that will not hurt your budget. At times, some cheap products maybe even better than expensive and well-promoted ones.

Check the steps of choosing an outdoor security camera for your needs.

  • Understand What You Exactly Need

Do you live with a big family that needs to be monitored all the time? Or, you own a big territory that requires a wide-angle view?  Everything depends on what exactly you are looking for. Mind your budget, decide if you need a night vision function or odd additional accessories. If you do not know yet, contact the preferred provider, and ask them about any promotions that will cut the cost on the plan.

  • Go For Popular Providers

Brands and long-standing companies can assure you are protected with quality and good performance of the cameras. Yes, they are most of the time pricey but at least you know that the company will not go bankrupt tomorrow. Still, there are many brands, so you should refer to your budget again to buy a good-quality outdoor camera.

  • Think Of Vital Features

Surveillance cameras vary, and we introduced you to the most important features you should have provided for you. Yet, you can also find other exclusive specs, for example, those to fit big families or families with pets, features for monitoring the parking zone, office, or any other big territory. Then, understand what recording options you personally need, be it streamlined video or simple recaps which you can access, for example, with Google Chromecast app.

  • Remember About Extra Cost

Some providers sell products with hidden costs. It is a common practice and it is usually described in contracts, using a very small font size. For example, you may not be aware of tech service costs or additional equipment, that will be necessary to buy after months of usage. Learn the total cost by contacting the preferred provider.

  • Refer To Customers’ Feedback

Reading websites for reviews online is half of the way; another thing is referring to the real customers’ feedback. Look at what current users say about the outdoor camera you selected, and whether there are certain drawbacks in performance you would rather avoid. Be attentive, as some feedback may be fake aimed to spoil the reputation of the company. Trust BBB and TrustPilot opinions.

FAQs On Outdoor Cameras

  • What Is The Best Outdoor Security Camera Of 2020?

It is hard to define one, as there are many, but we have tried to review them for you above. Still, there are many other products you can choose from, for example, Foscam, Ip camera, and  Z-Wave among others. We recommend you to refer to customers’ feedback or professionals’ opinions.

  • What Is The Outdoor Security Camera That Works Without Wi-Fi?

Again, there are many of them, especially considering long-standing providers who introduced outdoor cameras to the security industry decades ago. Back in the day, they did not have the option to work with the Wi-Fi network.

  • Which Cameras Are Better — Wireless Or Wired Ones?

It greatly depends on what you look for in a camera. Experts believe that wireless cameras are better. Beyond that, they are cheaper and easier to set up. Wired cameras are exposed to danger, as intruders may cut the wires.

  • What About Weather Protection In Outdoor Cameras?

Many providers add this feature to guarantee the longevity of outdoor cameras. These cameras are capable to withstand rain, strong wind, snow as well as dirt and dust. Some can also handle extreme temperatures if you live in extremely hot weather conditions. Refer to IP ratings.

  • Which Resolution To Choose?

The best resolution for the best images in 1080p. Still, there are other providers that work with 780HD only, and it is quite satisfactory if you do not look for anything extraordinary.

  • Are Motion And Sound Sensors Necessary?

Not always, as it depends on the client’s needs. If you have babies or pets, these devices will come in handy, as you will receive swift alerts.

  • What About Storage Vf Video?

You can choose between Cloud and SD cards; some also have an iCloud backup. Note that Cloud comes as a premium feature and makes you spend much money, while the SD card helps to store more videos.

Ensure The Security Of Your Home

Now, you are armed with the best options to ensure your home security at a high level. Outdoor cameras will definitely come in handy if you have a big territory or your family consists of babies and pets who need daily supervision to prevent any injuries or other kinds of danger. Outdoor cameras may vary, so we reviewed affordable options, ones for low-paying capacities, with ultimate design, and night vision among others. Before deciding on one camera, please contact the preferred provider to learn the final cost of all the equipment they provide, as you may be easily hooked on unnecessary plans and expenses.

About the author 

Adam Peston

As a former sales manager, Adam has extensive experience in home safety solutions. He has been working in this sphere for 12 years. He is industrious, ambitious, and accurate. As of now, he has been writing home security articles for about 6 years and has already managed to present his materials in a range of influential periodicals, including The Washington Post.