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Debra Broxton
August 17, 2020

The people and the goal 

The place where we live is a reflection of our inner world: our views, preferences, and dreams. A home is hard obtained and maintained in a proper condition, and necessarily kept safe. We have made safety and security of homes our aim and specialty, and we help American homeowners and their dear relatives feel safe where they live. To ensure safety, one has to take it seriously in the first place. Second of all, one should take measures to reach top specialists in the realm, their police or security background being their advantage, and arm oneself with advanced and highly efficient equipment. It will be convenient and straightforward in use, professionally installed, set up, and regularly revised so that you could sleep soundly at your home.

The Aim

We are on a mission to raise awareness of our audience about how to live safely and securely. Warmed up by the news and stats, anxiety has become routine for those who cannot stop worrying about their lives, even on their territory. Here, we come into play by conducting research on the best solutions and offering our readers meaningful information to add confidence in their choice of security systems for ultimate home protection.

Sometimes, a decision to have a home secured can be forced by very objective negative factors and can be a life-and-death matter. We understand all the possible graveness of such a need, so we provide clear, insightful, and unbiased information.

Review Stages

We Analyse

Having gathered all the required data, we proceed to weighing it up and digesting it to convert it into comprehensive and understandable info we share with our readers. We have developed our own approach to rating strategy, which bases on five key categories. Once the data needed for research is considered, we carry out analysis and classification by various metrics.

We give scoring to every provider we monitor based on the metrics, and eventually, we come up to giving total marks that go into the final ranking with its winner, the running-up, and all the rest.


How we manage to discover the best

Finding the most suitable advanced products for home security requires some research on the part of property owners. It was necessary to scrutinize the home security frameworks and additional products to put make a list, considering such crucial factors as equipment and features, customer service, prices, usability, and trust score, including both positive and regretful reviews.


All frameworks and products receive from zero to ten points for every metric. After that, the median value is estimated, and the total calculations determine the place on the list.

Our team has looked through ample data, including a variety of customers’ testimonials, blog posts, and related articles, so the information provided is carefully assessed and trustworthy.

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About the author 

Debra Broxton

Debra is highly-competent, scrupulous, and hard-working. As a journalist, Jane relies both on the rich experience and deep researching. When working on new articles and reviews, she strives to scrutinize topics thoroughly and provide readers with all the crucial facts.