Wireless security cameras are the perfect solution for homes. The main benefit of the wireless security camera is one less cable to install. Customer who does not want to run an extra video cable around their home (location) or if installing a video cable is not an option, then the wireless video camera is your best choice. Let our wireless security cameras monitor your daily activities and be the third eye. All of our wireless surveillance camera includes receiver, av cable, power adapters and warranty.

How Wireless Video Camera Works?
Each wireless security camera comes with a built in transmitter and comes with a receiver, av cable and 2 power adapters. Simply mount the wireless camera to a location, plug in power adapter (or using your own power extension and power adapter), then take the receiver place it wherever as long as it is within a specify range, plug in power adapter to receiver and to wall outlet. Plug included a/v cable between receiver and your monitor or (dvr recorder).