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Counter surveillance device is used to preventing or defending against surveillance like audio counter surveillance equipments. Audio Covert surveillance has become easier and less expensive today due to the onslaught of easily obtainable technology that acts as bugs, taps, hidden cameras and other spy devices. The most popular method of audio counter surveillance is bug sweeping.

Types of Audio counter surveillance devices

RF detectors are one of the most commonly used device for audio counter surveillance equipments as they easily detect anything that is broadcasting an RF or radio signal. RF detectors detect radio frequency signals that come from wireless transmitting devices such as wireless cameras, GPS live trackers, and wireless microphones also called bugs.

A white noise generator is another popular device used in audio counter surveillance equipments. This device emits an audible noise that will disrupt and cancel out hidden microphones that may be recording or broadcasting your conversations. White noise generators do not actually jam any signals and should not to be confused as an actual radio signal jamming device. Audio Counter surveillance devices can provide you peace of mind.

GPS, Bug Detectors and Audio Counter Surveillance

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