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Hidden cameras are the ideal solution to guard the unusual activities when you're not around; unlike a regular security camera with purpose to let others know they're being watch, the hidden cameras such as the smoke detector is use to catch those in action. Hidden cameras such as the smoke detector hidden camera is the perfect to catch those activities one may suspect. It disguised as smoke detectors but inside is a mini camera that gives you the ability to monitor your home or office without anyone knowing. Espy Security offers a great selection of smoke detector hidden cameras that can ease your mind to watch your loved ones and valuable possessions when you're not around to guard yourself. gives you the best in spy camera smoke detector for your needs.

Make sure to get one of the best examples of a spy camera smoke detector for your office. Security is a matter which is being taken a lot more seriously than it has been before and this goes hand in hand with the advancements in technology. What a lot of people are looking for now is a small camera that can be hidden in places where they will not be seen so no suspicions can be raised. It would also allow you to monitor your office covertly when you are not there.

For something like this it is always better to seek the help and advice of a reliable company who are known to provide quality items. One of the most popular variations of a hidden camera is having one inside a spy camera smoke detector as this does not alert anybody no matter what room it is in. There are many different options on offer so it would be good to find one which matches the detectors in the other areas of your building and also fits your needs perfectly, allowing you to monitor your chosen space no matter where you are.

ESPY Security are known for having a wide variety of hidden smoke detector cameras on their website and will work with you to make sure that you get the right one for your needs. They understand the importance of needing to monitor your things while not physically present so strive to feature only items that will be able to do the job properly. Their previous customers will all back this up and should give you the confidence that you need to make your purchase through them. Also, they have some of the most competitive pricing which will cater to any budget.

Concerned For Your Safety At Home?

Keep Watch With A Security Camera System…Even When You're Away

Today, there are many reasons to be concerned for your safety. You don't have to be in a bad neighborhood to have a concern for personal safety.

Whether on the road, at work or at home, the concern for personal, family and property safety is higher than ever today. One of the most popular ways of providing a bit more comfort in personal safety is through a security camera system.

Businesses are not the only ones utilizing surveillance system configurations to keep watch and help ensure safety. Such systems are used by police to keep watch over problematic street corners, by traffic monitoring agencies to keep watch over busy highways and intersections, and by individuals to keep watch over their home and property. offers a wide variety of security camera system options perfect for home or business. If personal safety and security is a concern for you, a surveillance system might just give you the added comfort you're looking for.

Spy Camera Smoke Detector

All our home security cameras have infrared for night vision. In no light or low light conditions, you will be able to see clearly with the built in infrared. The basic night vision infrared will see out to about 100 feet. We provide long range infrared for longer night vision needs. Call today at 626-502-1233 for a free estimate on our spy camera smoke detector .


- 1/3 Sony Color CCD image sensor
- Built-in 3.7mm Cone Lens
- 0.1 lux for day  / 0.01 for lower light
- 620 High Resolution color video
- Real functional smoke detection
- Auto white balance
- DC 12 Volt Source (power adapter included)